2 Moons The Series Episode 1 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk! In this post, we’re going to talk about 2 Moons the Series Episode 1.

2 Moons the Series is a BL tv show from Thailand that was originally a novel. The story follows three romances on a college campus.

First, Wayo (or Yo) specifically chose this college because his high school crush who’s one year older than him is going there. But when Yo finally remeets his crush, the popular athlete Pha, he finds out that Pha’s a jerk. All of their angry back and forth doesn’t stop Yo from crushing on the handsome Pha. What will he do?

In addition, there are two other romances, like one involving Yo’s best friend Ming, but they haven’t been revealed to the story yet.

My Thoughts Before Watching

This show has been on my radar for a month now. It was brought to my attention by the QF reader Jay. Plus, Kimmon who played Hall in Part Time the Series, my favorite Thai drama yet, is playing Ming in this series. In addition, Tee who plays… Tee in Part Time will be a character in the third romance. I look forward to seeing all of them.

This is 2 Moons the Series Episode 1.

Where to Watch (Legally):


The Talk (Non-Spoilers):

With 2 Moons the Series Episode 1, this BL series is off to a simple but effective start.

The production quality is flawless from start to finish. The sound, the set, the props, the camerawork, all of it is great or solid enough not to distract. As such, most of my comments are based off of story.

As for the story, its pretty simple so far. It starts off the the main couple and a best friend (who’ll eventually get his own romance). Because of its basic storyline, the story reminds me a lot of other BL and Asian dramas. There’s a major Sotus and Hana Yori Dango/Playful Kiss vibe to it. The popular boy who’s really a jerk, and the hardworking person who loves him anyway.

In addition, this story adds to the ongoing culture of making efffeminate gay men and gender fluid people into jokes because they aren’t like normal men. Which honestly (after seeing that for only 3-4 shows), I’m already tired of it. But I understand that’s very much a part of Thai culture, so it’s something I’ll have to live with for some time now.

All that said, the story is ok. It’s not amazing, and its not terrible. 2 Moons the Series Episode 1 is all about introducing the story and characters, and at the least it left me wondering what’ll happen next.

The Talk (Spoilers):

Gender Fluid Characters

Before I talk about the story in 2 Moons the Series Episode 1, I want to talk about the gender fluid characters. I know that culturally, Thailand accepts gender fluid people as a third gender and that in pop culture they are often bold personalities that host reality/talk shows and such. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

In that way, they are much like drag queens in the US. Their colorfulness is celebrated, but at the same time that’s because we separate ourselves from them. Oh look at “them!” “They’re” so funny (’cause they’re so not normal)!

Its just that when watching shows like Love SickMake it Right, or 2 Moons, I just get disappointed. After all, this is a gay/BL story. It’s like the writing is saying, “Yeah, the main characters are gay, but they’re not THAT gay.”

Really, I just want to know, are they always made to be jokes? Do none of them get storylines where they aren’t just for comedic relief?” I haven’t seen that yet, and I would like to. If any of you readers know of such a show, please comment below or send me an email.

Sotus/Hana Yori Dango Vibes

Anyway, to actually talking about 2 Moons the Series Episode 1.

The first episode as a whole was simply “the hook.” It just set up the first “who’s who” and “what’s what.” We learn who Yo, Ming, and Pha are, what they’re relationship dynamics are like, and what their current life situations are like.

As for the general story, there’s a lot of stuff I recognize from other stories I’ve watched. In fact, I’m starting to think that I’ve watched too many BL/Asian dramas, because I’m seeing too many tropes repeated in these shows.

For instance, I’m getting lots of Hana Yori Dango and Sotus vibes from this 2 Moons. Part of that is because of the setting. A university freshman who’s put into the Moon of the School competition.

Part of that is the hype over hot men. The basketball scene with girls fawning all over the players had that feel. So too did that scene when Yo and Ming were waiting for Pha and in he walked with 4 friends to be fawned over by everyone. That scene gave me deep F4 vibes.


And the pièce de résistance, the popular jerk trope. We’ve seen it all over guys, even just recently as Make it Right the Series Season 2 Episode 1 (though I was totally into it at the time).


And I was trying to think, why did I like the jerk trope in Make it Right the Series Season 2, but not in this. Is it the popular part? Jerk romance yay! But, popular jerk romance nay? I might need to address that in my private time lol.

Whatever that’s about, Pha’s personality is not helping. This homophobic, hypermasculine jerk is not worth it Yo! He’s certainly not worth having alter of him (which is pretty creepy).

I mean, “stupid ladyboy?” “Sissy?” “Pussy?” And acting like he was going to beat up Yo? Really?

I was thinking, “Is this another Arthit situation?” When I’ll hate the guy and eventually, through the magic of long game writing, grow to like him. I don’t see how that will happen yet.

That said, when Pha gave Yo the pink drink I was like, “Oh, why are you being nice? Y-You’re just being a mean spirited but ultimately nice senior… I will not fall for this. I will not like you.”

And then it showed Pha bought drinks for everyone. Thank god for that, ’cause I almost liked the guy. I mean, its nice he treated everybody bit it shows he doesn’t care for Yo and it doesn’t erase his mean words for him.

I like that Yo isn’t taking it though. He’s fighting back like Kong in Sotus and Makino Tsugushi in Hana Yori Dango. And, unlike Shu Nian in Uncontrolled Love.



Like I said, this episode mostly just set up the main “couple” of Yo and Pha. That said, there’s going to be two more couples to appear.

Kimmon’s character Ming will be a part of one of those other couples, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that will blossom (and the same for Tee’s couple). During the intro I was like, “There’s Kimmon! There’s Tee!”… I’m a fanboy. Though, I’ll probably skip that intro from now on. It was a little long.

That said, Ming did get to be introduced in this episode and showed his relationship with Yo. I love how Kimmon’s character Ming is so supportive of Wayo’s romance. He’s both enjoying it as a joke and actively supporting him. WHile that’s not a lot to talk about, it is pleasant to watch.

In Conclusion

This episode was pretty simple in storytelling, but it also did get enough of a reaction from me that I said all this. 2 Moons the Series Episode 1 was not a sensation, but it piqued my interested enough to tune in for episode 2.

Extra Thoughts

  • I didn’t talk about the production because it’s simple and effective. No problems there.
    • Though, special props go to the camera quality.