2 Moons the Series Episode 2 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk! In this post, we’re going to talk about 2 Moons the Series Episode 1.

2 Moons the Series is a BL tv show from Thailand that was originally a novel. The story follows three romances on a college campus.

First, Wayo (or Yo) specifically chose this college because his high school crush who’s one year older than him is going there. But when Yo finally remeets his crush, the popular athlete Pha, he finds out that Pha’s a jerk. All of their angry back and forth doesn’t stop Yo from crushing on the handsome Pha. What will he do?

In addition, there are two other romances. One involving Yo’s best friend Ming and Pha’s friend Kit. The other is between Pha’s other friend Beam and an upperclassman named Forth.

My Thoughts Before Watching

I enjoyed watching Episode 1 of this series last week and thought of it as a simple but good enough start to the show. Because of that though, I don’t have much to say for this intro. So, let’s just get started.

This is 2 Moons the Series Episode 1.

Where to Watch (Legally):


The Talk (Non-Spoilers):

After watching 2 Moons the Series Episode 2, I understood the second half of the main couple more. In this episode we see more of Pha’s actions which help us to understand where he’s coming from and what his real thoughts/feelings are. That said, I still have some issues with the character based on his other actions.

In addition, this episode introduces the other three main characters in the story. It was nice to see some old faces from other Thai dramas, and also to see that not all of the upperclassmen at this school are jerks.

Mostly, what I’ve taken away from this episode is a better understanding of Pha, interest in how Beam and Kit’s relationships will flourish, and the belief that Yo’s actor Bass is a photogenic model.

The Talk (Spoilers):

Forth, Kit, and Beam

At the start of 2 Moons the Series Episode 2 I was like, “Forth. Go for Forth. Go forth with Forth and leave Pha behind. He’s a much better option.”

Then Kit came and I thought, “Or Kit! Kit’s good too!” Both they (and Beam, who’s played by Part Time the Series‘s Tee) are good and nice upperclassmen. Unlike Pha.

Then Kit said the line, “You look handsome today.” And I thought, “Is Kit interested in Yo?” I then created this scenerio in my head where Kit’ll catch second lead syndrome, lose to the popular jerk character, and then get a romance of his own (with Ming).

But it looks like I was just a character off as Forth will start off as the romantic foil for the main couple. Other than clearly recognizing this story plot, I don’t have much to say. But, maybe I’ll be wrong in the end.

Pha the Tsundere?

So guys, I get it. After watching 2 Moons the Series Episode 2 I understand that Pha is not a jerk, but a tsundere. If you guys don’t know, the term Tsundere is a Japanese term for someone who likes/loves/has a crush on someone else, but can only express it through being mean/harsh to the object of affection. We in America don’t have a one word term for this, but we have an idea of it and often relate it to those who are emotionally immature.

The thing is, even though I get now that he’s not a terrible person, doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s said terrible things. In episode 1 he said all those homophobic/misogynistic, comments like “Sissy and Labyboy.” Then, in this episode he made a literally suicide joke about Yo saying, “Jump off a building.” That’s not ok.

When I started episode 2 I was thinking that  what’s worse than knowing that the story will later redeem Pha is that I’ll undoubtedly fall for it. And I’ve already started to do it with the realization that the character is a tsundere. But, that’s sad because he really doesn’t deserve to be liked. He’s said some cruel things and needs to make up for it.

Even the talk between Forth and Yo saying, “Pha’s popular and tortured” (which, by the way, was just the writing’s way of trying to humanize Pha) doesn’t justify the mean words he’s said to Yo. In fact, I consider it a cheap way to humanize a character. I’d rather have the direct interaction with Pha and Yo that they’ve give me in other scenes. I understood through those scenes that Pha is a tsundere and not jerk. So, this scene was unnecessary.

Hopefully, the story will have Pha recognize that he’s said mean things,apologize for them, and make up for his mistakes.

Yo and Other Thoughts

What’s intersting though now that I realize Pha is a tsundere is that he and Yo are totally opposite about the way they express themselves. Yo is openly obvious about his feelings and Pha covers his up with cruel words.

On that note, maybe they both need to learn a little of each other’s approach. Because, Yo is SO romantic that it’s to his detriment. If someone was that mean to you you’d either leave or tell them to stop it. Yo just barks up a storm but doesn’t nothing to stop Pha and then runs in a corner to lick his wounds.

That said, I like that he’s a least not taking Pha’s verbal abuse without a fight.

Lastly, Yo’s actor Bass is very cute and photogenic. Most of my notes are actually about taking shots of him in multiple scenes because he just looked great in them. He could definitely go to do modeling work in the future (if he hasn’t already).

In Conclusion

In 2 Moons the Series Episode 2 I got to meet the rest of the main characters, and understand Pha more. That said, I still don’t feel like the obvious realization I had about the character can warrant me liking him. He needs to have a major realization of his own in order to make that happen.

While those two factors played as must of my watch for this episode, I enjoyed it in a simple and none dramatic way. I feel like this show will be a slow creeper into my heart. I’ll just passively enjoy it and then one day either I’ll realize I really like it alot, or the story will knock me out with a big romantic/dramatic story later on. We’ll see.

Extra Thoughts

  • Yo gets so many phone numbers (jealous).
  • He needs to get rid of that Pha alter though. Its stupid and creepy.
    • And he even go ice cream with the money like Pha told him too…
  • It’s funny to see Tee be emotional when his character in Part Time was so emotionless.
  • Btw, I only just now got the relavince of the show’s title. 2 Moons….