2016 Top Ten // My Best LGBTQ and BL Media List

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about my 2016 Top Ten list.

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So Let’s Get Talking.

Since it is the last Monday of the year of 2016, I thought I’d share with you all my 2016 Top Ten list. In it, I share my favorite LGBTQ and BL media that we’ve talked about here on QF in the year 2016. Keep in mind, that this is does not mean the media have to have released in 2016. In addition, if you want to learn the titles and premises of these media, you can do so by watching the youtube video.

My Pick for Number 10

I picked this movie because of the great creative choices it made. While watching the film I could truly understand that there were creative choices being made. From the panning of shots and the color palete. Honestly, this film screamed artist piece and I really enjoyed it because of that. In addition, the two main characters are lovable idiots who can’t stop being dumb and in love. This film is not only enjoyable, but rewatchable and for me that’s high praise.

My #9 Pick

This short film was written about many months ago on this site. In fact, it was one of this first things that I posted about. The film was created by rising star Amandla Stenberg and I have to give her major props. She wrote, directed, and edited the film (and probably more). And I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty well put together. Where one would expect student film quality, he instead finds a legitimately produced film.

In addition, I loved the dialogue and story in the film. The main character is personable and interesting to watch. Her struggle of deciding who she likes while also dealing with her circumstances as a foster child were compelling. This is a great short film to watch.

Number 8 Goes to…

This comic was a surprise hit. I will never forget the reaction I got at the plot twist in chapter 2. Simply, I didn’t see it coming. I felt just as shocked and betrayed as certain characters felt while the event was happening. Actually, no, I did not feel the same amount of weight that poor character felt.

Besides that wonderful (and terrible) plot twist, I also have to say that this story has interesting characters that pop off the page (particularly one Spooky Jones). She show also reads so much like a Marvel or DC comic. The superheroics and action is spot on as well as the beautiful art and comic formatting. This web comic is a must read.

Number 7?

Next on my 2016 Top Ten list is a film that’s getting a lot of attention her in the United States. The film is currently nominated for several Golden Globes and is being talked about for the Oscars. It is such a beautifully artistic film with lots of somber/classical music, interesting directing choices in terms of cinematography, and compelling acting.

In addition, the topic of the story is somewhat similar to my own perspective in life (with it focusing on Black, Gay life), but also talks about other things. The film depicts life in poverty, life around drugs, and life full of violence. Its true look into these worlds, and deserves recognition for being such.

But Why Number 6?

This yaoi manga is wonderful. It is a story about family and friends. Its about gay pride, and allowing yourself to be taken care of. Its about allowing yourself to fall in love and accepting the truths around you. I honestly think that while there are a lot of unique and interesting yaoi manga out there, this one is even more spectacular. In fact, I would even go so far to say that it is my new favorite Yaoi Manga (since Awkward Silence no longer holds that title).

And #5?

My number 5 pick on my 2016 Top Ten list is there because it is just full of greatness. The amount of action, the scenes of love and friendship, the BEAUTIFUL backgrounds, and the balance between fluffy fun and dark drama all makes this film great. At the center of this series is the concept of connection between human beings. Whether that connection may be between a parent and his or her son, lovers, best friends, or 8 random strangers from across the globe, all of it is meaningful. I love that message that the film carries, and I beleive this show is an underrated work of art that only gets better as it goes.

What About Number 4?

Well, my number 4 pick made me smile so much while reading that it should be illegal. Seriously, whenever I read this web comic I couldn’t stop smiling. I was just so happy reading about these characters and seeing them living their lives. NEVER has a comic brought me that much joy.


I love, love, LOVE this series. It’s full of great characterization, lots of drama that’s not overdramatic but still interesting, and its is incredibly LGBTQ friendly with several gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans characters. If you like a light drama with a lot of heart, you’ll like this one.


My pick for the number 2 slot in my 2016 Top Ten list was almost a given. This anime took the anime world by storm. It’s popularity is immeasurable. The show gained this huge following by containing fun moments, and endearing characters. Viewers got to know the two main characters specifically and watched as they (and their hair) grew. This made the moment when the two confirmed their love even more powerful. This show is not only a great anime, but it is great representation in a medium that often overlooks gay characters or make them out to be a joke.

That said, I do have to share that this anime almost got a lower rating. Honestly, that’s mostly because my coverage of this show got to be too taxing. It stopped being meaningful work when fandom got alittle too heated or when the pressure of quick (yet not crappy) coverage increased. Due to this, when season 2 comes (which I’m almost sure it will because it would be stupid not to), I will be covering this show at a much slower pace.

But Why’d You Pick Number 1?

My top pick for my 2016 Top Ten list was something that actually came at the start of the year. This web series was love and life to me, both when I watched it live and when I posted about it on QF. The series has two wonderful main characters and actors. In addition, I loved Gu Hai so much, he made it to my top pics for a fictional hubby. This is such a beautiful and dramatic love story that has touched my heart and also made it onto my top ten LGBT movies and web series of all time (sans two of my favorite movies that I forgot about while making the list).

In Conclusion

That is it for my 2016 Top Ten. Make sure to let me know down in the comments below what your thoughts are on my list. Do you like my list? Would you swap out a story or two? Or, would your 2016 list look completely different. Make sure to tell me and let me know why, and let’s get talking.