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The Past

My name is Devin Jackson Randall or DJR and I am the editor/owner of this blog.

What is a Queer Fudanshi? Well, Queer is pretty self-explanitory. As for fudanshi… When translated from Japanese, the term “fudanshi” literally means “rotten boy.” The term is mostly used however to talk about guys who like yaoi or “boys love” manga. (And boy do I!)

Growing up gay, I had to search for gay representation. I read yaoi manga, watched shows like Greek for its Black, Gay frat boy character, and watched movies like Rent or Were the World Mine. I did this because absorbing gay content connected me with the LGBT community at times where I very much felt alone.

The Goal And Purpose

This blog started with the hope to share and spread LGBT media with any reader who passes by. I hope to make LGBT representation in movies, tv shows, web series, manga/comics, Yaoi/Boys’ Love stories, and more easily accessible. In addition, I hope to create a community where fans can come talk to each other about all of the above. Currently, this is done through sharing news, reviews, and good conversation.

Again, welcome to Queer Fudanshi, and remember:

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