AJ & Magnus // American Comic Signal Boost

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s talk. In this post, we’re going to talk about AJ & Magnus.

AJ & Magnus is an American comic strip that started in 2014. The series follows AJ and his pet dog Magnus as they go through funny situations. The story is also important because AJ is the son of two fathers. The comic strip shows the normal day to day life of a same-sex couple raising their son (and that’s pretty great).

This blog post is more an eco blast/signal boost than a review. This is because the comic strip has been going on since 2014 and there are SO MANY strips of it out that I couldn’t possible read them all. That said, this comic is so endearing and important in its goal that I had to share it.


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It’s Origin and Goal

When speaking to Advocate, Bryan and Simon Steel, the two creators, shared why they created AJ & Magnus and their goals for the comic. (Bare with me, it’s a pretty long quote).

“Our comic focuses on the Parker family: AJ, his English Mastiff best friend, Magnus, and his two dads, Alex and John, referred to as Dad and Pop. Simon and I came up with the idea for the strip a few years ago while on a camping trip with our nephew. We had recently been married, and watching our nephew pal around with our dog, Magnus, who was three times his size, got us talking about what we’d be like as parents. From there the idea of the comic was born.”

“We set out with a goal of creating a comic strip that would have fit right in with the ’80’s/’90’s comics we grew up with, but one that could resonate with LGBT youth, portraying a family that isn’t typically represented. The intention wasn’t only to reach LGBT youth, but also be a comic everyone could enjoy and get familiar with the concept of same-sex parents and maybe become something a generation could grow up with and say, ‘Yeah I knew a gay parent family and they were great!’ Well, that’s out goal.”

My (Quick) Thoughts

This comic strip reminds me of the old ones like Garfield and Marmaduke in its style. Its fun and harmless, but with it comes a great importance. I would say that this series has hit the mark on the Steels’ endeavors. The comic is a fun and welcoming strip about youth and a boy with his dog. The story does have a focus on the family and gives attention to the same-sex parents, but it’s not doing it in a way that’s forcing it down your throat. That’s good because that’ll protect it from potential haters.

Really, this comic is light and entertaining. If you are fans of light and simple stories than go ahead and check out this comic. There’s nothing for you to lose, so just try a few strips and see what you think.