As We Are Episode 1 // English Web Series Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about As We Are Episode 1.

As We Are is a 4 part web series from England. The official premise for the series goes:

Chloe comes to Brighton for a week, to look after her ex-girlfriend Robyn’s cat. While in Brighton, Chloe goes on dates with two very different women, and she also meets Blake, Robyn’s upstairs neighbor, whom Robyn is quick to out as trans. It’s the first time that Chloe has knowingly met a person with a trans experience, and she is forced to question her own identity and preconceptions.

The Trailer

My Thoughts Before Watching

Like By the Bi, I found this series while looking up news reports for a Weekly Update. I read this CurveMag article about As We Are and thought it sounded interesting. Honestly, the series sounds a lot in concept and theme with Her Story, but that more a good thing than bad. If you readers end up liking the series, then you have another series to look into. In addition, it’s good to have this conversation a few times and get the perspectives of lesbian women and transpeople out there.

Plus, this series has some pretty high credentials as CurveMag expressed in their article.

“Written and directed by published novelist, playwright, and award-winning screen writer Deborah Espect, As We Are features a predominantly local, female, LGBT+ cast and crew. The web series features trans activist Fox Fisher and Helen Oakleigh, who recently was included in the DIVA 100 Powerlist 2016 at number 97.”

This is As We Are Episode 1.

Where to Watch:


The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Right before I clicked play I had another thought and that was, “why is it that these lesbian driven web series and storylines are so inclusive to trans life but not gay male stories?”  I guess I have to look harder to find stories with gay men interacting with transpeople. Right now, I can’t think of any such properties. If you know of any, make sure to write them in the comments below.

The Beginning and The Exs

I immediately loved the indie/folk music that played at the start of the series. I love indie rock and folk music, so I felt right at home. Plus, that and the seaside setting reminded me of Life is Strange. 

As for the first scenes, things were awkward yet polite and civil. Part of me, the American part, thinks this is because of British etiquette and the respect for manners. The other part, the less judge-y part, thinks its just because Chloe and Robyn were able to be mature about their breakup. Though, there was certainly some shade being thrown around (at Chloe).



After that, I realized that I was pretty into As We Are Episode 1. I was so wrapped up in this series that I forgot to take notes. Any medium that can do that is good in my book (or perhaps insanely bad).

Also, I really liked the chemistry between Chloe and Blake. Like with Chloe and Robyn they have a subtly to their interaction, but in an opposite fashion. While Chloe and Robyn were subtly repulsed by each other, Chloe and Blake were subtly a match. I liked that.

Also, I like that this series started off a dialogue within me. While Her Story focused on a lesbian woman falling for a transwoman, I assume that this story will be about a lesbian woman falling for a transman. This is a different conversation from the prior. What does dating a transperson who identifies as an opposite sex mean to someone who identifies as gay? Again, this then brought up a conversation in me where I thought, “What would I do in that situation? How would I act?” It’s an interesting thought that needs further thinking.

In Conclusion

I liked it. I’m interested in watching more, but I’m not totally sold on the series yet. What I really liked was the topic that got me thinking and the two different relationships that the series focused on. That was interesting enough to make me forget and just enjoy watching.

My rating for As We Are Episode 1 is 3 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?