As We Are Episodes 3-4 // British Web Series Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about As We Are Episode 2.

As We Are is a 4 part web series from England. The official premise for the series goes:

Chloe comes to Brighton for a week, to look after her ex-girlfriend Robyn’s cat. While in Brighton, Chloe goes on dates with two very different women, and she also meets Blake, Robyn’s upstairs neighbor, whom Robyn is quick to out as trans. It’s the first time that Chloe has knowingly met a person with a trans experience, and she is forced to question her own identity and preconceptions.

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The Trailer

My Thoughts Before Watching:

I enjoyed reading the first two episodes of the show. They’re very simple, but also carried a very interesting, and rare, topic of a gay person falling in love with a trans person of a different gender. Because of that, I’m interested in seeing what kinds of conversations pop up in these two other episodes. So, let’s see.

This is As We Are Episodes 3-4.

Where to Watch:


The Talk (Non-Spoilers):

As We Are Episodes 3-4 (and the series as a whole) comes in like a goat and ends like a lion with simple & atmospheric storytelling that tells rare conversations about love and gender.

The story itself is very simplistic with a very easy point a to point b format. That said, that simplicity ends up helping the story because it gives way for rare conversations about sexuality and gender norms with easy delivery.

This series is definitely worth watching, and even better is that it goes by very fast. You’ll get swept up and feel like you’re there. So, go ahead and give As We Are a try.

The Talk (Spoilers):


Honestly, I don’t have a lot to say about these two episodes because they are so simple and they end so quickly. That said, As We Are Episodes 3-4’s strength is in its simplicity.

The show carries to nice and soft presentation. And on top of that, its incredibly atmospheric. This show has such a great use of music and montages. The start of episode 3 had a great piano song as ______ and Blake looked for the cat. That is the type of scene that makes people wish their lives had music playing in the background.

Interesting Conversation

That simplicity also adds to the story in that it this how delivers such an interesting topic with ease.

The interesting thing about this series is that it tackles a big, and rare, issue of a gay person falling in love with a trans person of a different gender. But, it tackles it in such a light and easy way.

That said, there wasn’t much drama in this story until the end. All I can think of are the conversation between Robyn and Chloe in Episode 1 and the talk between Chloe and Blake in Episode 4.

In fact, the argument in Episode 4 at first felt weirdly off from the rest of the show. The confrontation seemed sudden. Part of that is because we just jumped into it at the start of episode 4 and after skipping over the two characters getting to the studio.

That said, I ultimately thought that the conversation was interesting and earnest. Chloe has been struggling with this attraction she feels towards Blake. And honestly, when spoken out loud her thoughts sounded wrong.

But, I like that she did talk about her feelings and that the conversation (one that I’d never heard/seen before on a show) was so grounded in understanding and compassion. That’s also what I love about this show. It’s so atmospheric but it’s also grounded in truth and realness. It’s not a drama that makes these bigger than life stories, it’s just about everyday life and the growing relationship between these two people.

In Conclusion

As We Are Episodes 3-4 ended with a “To Be Continued” sign. And I’m happy to see it, because I would like to see more of Chloe & Blake.

This series will return if the production team can come up with enough money to make it, and I’d be happy to help it along.

I’d love to see more of this series that is based on atmospheric montages, grounded realism, and conversations based on the goal to understand others. Plus, I want to see what will become of Chloe and Blake’s relationship.