Beast & Feast // Japanese Comic Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk! In this post, we’re going to be talking about Beast & Feast.

Beast and Feast is a Japanese comic book (or manga) in the genre of yaoi (Boys’ Love/Gay Romance). It was released in 2010 and written by Akira Norikazu. Then, Juné Manga later picked it up and official translated it for us English readers.

The official premise goes:

Hard-working detective Kazuha never expected to run into his old classmate Hyodo while investigating a case. But the biggest surprise of all? Hyodo is a yakuza (gang member) with a mysterious, dangerous life .. and a primal attraction to his old friend. Can these two men put aside their professional differences in the name of pure animal passion?

Beast & Feast roars to life with a tale of long-lost friendship.. and bran-new, sizzling romance! Can an officer and a gangster find a way to come together, or are they doomed to keep their relationship “off the record?” And how will trust grow if they’re forced to tame their wildest desires?

My Thoughts Before Reading

I bought this manga while at BishounenCon, but it actually isn’t my first time reading it. I’ve actually read this story a few times over the years (a few being maybe 2-3). That said, I haven’t read the story in at least a couple of months to a year or two, so I’ll still be going in pretty fresh for the reading. I’m looking forward to it.

In addition, I have to say that having the physically copy in my hands instead of reading a digital scanlation gave me a pretty excited feeling. I need to buy more physical copies of yaoi manga in the near future. This might be a new form of high for me.

This is Beast & Feast.

*Warning: This post is labeled as NSFW because the comic contains several uncensored sex scenes.

Where to Buy:

Juné Manga’s Website

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

The Artwork

I have to comment and say that just based off of the cover I love the art design. Specifically, I love that the two characters actually look Japanese. The cover has them look truly Japanese and not European which has become beyond a cliché and now basically a staple in manga designs (both gay and otherwise).

Also, the details in the comic aren’t as intricate as on the cover, but they are still pretty dynamic. I like that the mangaka really took the time to fill in the details like the lines of the eyebrows, the background scenery, and so on.

Again, I’m no expert in art, but I really gravitate towards the art in the manga.

The Main Couple and Story


As for the main couple, there’s so much that’s typical and cliché about the dynamic between the two. The large and boisterous seme and the lithe and serious uke for example. That said, that also makes the manga hit all the marks for a solid (or at least passable) BL story.

In regards to story and the relationship, everything was easy and simple. There was no dire or overblown conflict. Everything was pretty subdued, and in a nice way.

For instance, at first I thought it was too convenient of a switch for the nearly passed out Kazuha to go, “Oh hey, I’m falling for Hyodo” when there was only one panel of a kiss that indicated such.

That said, the simple ease into the relationship led for a nice and pleasant read. Chapter 1 was like, “Hey, we meet again. Hey, we like each other. Hey, let’s date.” It was confession and then relationship. There was no fake, made-up drama in terms of them liking each other but not wanting to admit it.

Then, the whole setup of Hyodo fighting to become the new leader of his yakuza gang was interesting, but wasn’t a huge and dramatic storyline.

That’s mostly how the plot of this story goes. It’s simple and entertaining, but not a big show stopper.


The Sex

As for the sex scenes… I’ll be honest, they were pretty good.

There’re a lot of sex scenes in this manga, but they’re not overly kinky. Meaning, they’re loving, committed and consensual, and not fetishized. It’s simple, vanilla (but hot) sex between two lovers.

The one sex scene that was most noteworthy (besides that one panel in the bathroom [if you read the manga you’ll know which one I’m talking about]) was the sex scene in chapter one.

While reading that scene I thought, “Of course it’s a non-consensual scene,” and was gonna go into this whole rant about rape fantasies in yaoi. That said, after a few panels of actual communication, confessions were made and consent was given. I just wish the scene had started off like that instead of starting with a person who fainted later waking up with his hands and legs tied down.

In Conclusion

I enjoyed this read. I really did. In fact, I can see myself rereading the manga on a regular basis. Also, I’ve reinvigorated a lost passion to buy physical manga.

I think what I like about Beast & Feast is the beauty and detail in the artwork and the fact that the story and relationship are both simple enough to not distract from that. That mix of detailed artwork and simple plot make for a pleasant read, and if you are old enough to read this manga I highly recommend it.

It’s nothing amazing, but it is no disappointment either. That said, I personally had a good time reading it, so I’m gonna give it high marks.

My rating for Beast & Feast is 4 stars out of 5 and a QF Star. What’s yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • I get it. He’s a big guy who likes sex. Please stop making the feasting pun!