BL Tropes: Sudden Death Ending

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s talk. Today, we’re going to talk about BL tropes. Specifically for this post, we’ll be talking about the sudden death ending trope. That’s right, today’s all about BL Tropes: Sudden Death Ending.

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So Let’s Get Talking.

The Youtube Video

This blog post, kind of like the talk about Rictor from the X-Men, and the post about the Mass Effect Series was inspired by a piece of media I’d just checked out. But instead of a movie or video game, this one is about a BL live action.

That’s right, this time it was a BL drama that I recently watched that ended in a way that I wasn’t too happy about. Guys, gals, and those all around, I am not a fan of the “sudden death ending” trope. BL has a lot of tropes in them such as the constant “no means yes seme” trope in yaoi manga. That said, the sudden death one is one of my least favorites.

While in the video above I explain my thoughts on the trope, I’ll take some time here to talk about what the trope is.

It’s a pretty simple concept that has terrible effects on the LGBTQ and Fujoshi/Fudanshi communities. Plus, it’s sadly seen way too often to count. The “Sudden Death Ending” trope is when a BL live action decides to kill off one of the main characters in order to give the story, and the other character, a dramatic ending and reaction.

So say for instance we watch a Thai drama about two high school boys named Ti and Ice. The movie follows their story from being virtual strangers, to how they get closer, to how they fall in love. Then, suddenly ice gets hit by a car and dies before he can seek medical treatment. Then the movie ends 5-10 minutes later. This is the “Sudden Death Ending” trope.

If you are interested in talking all about BL Tropes: Sudden Death Ending you can click on the video above to hear my thoughts. Then lets get into the comments below to have a conversation.