Broad City Seasons 1-3 // American TV Signal Boost

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about Broad City Seasons 1-3.

Broad City is an American tv show. The comedy, which started off as a web series, follows Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer (who are also the creators of the show). The two are 20-something best friends and New Yorkers who go on crazy, hilarious, and uncensored adventures.

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The Talk:

This post is actually more of a signal boost than a review, because I honestly have no idea how I could every talk about all three of these seasons coherently. Part of that is because I love the show SO MUCH and the other part is because I watched all three seasons so fast (because I loved it) that I wouldn’t be able to remember it all and post about it.

One of the major reasons that this show is such a success is that it is entirely and incredibly hilarious. I have died several times while watching this show, because I’ve stopped breathing from laughing too hard.

In addition, the show is very candid and very uncensored. What I love is that the show is just honest and open about the lives of 20-somethings living in New York city. They are political without having to be outspokenly political. Though, Ilana will talk to you about rape culture whenever she can (and good for her for doing it!).

The show addresses topics like sexuality, drug use, partying, employment/unemployment, immigration, and more by just showing the everyday aspects of these issues.

The Gay Aspect

In addition, the show is largely in support of LGBT people. Broad City Seasons 1-3 have two important and reoccurring LGBT roles and also one of the main characters is bisexual.

Ilana’s roommate James “Jaimé” Castro (played by Arturo Castro) is a confident and dynamic gay man. On top of that Jaimé is also trying to legally gain citizenship in the US and deals drugs on the side.

In addition, there’s Ilana’s brother Eliot (played by the actress’s real brother) who is a dog owner, businessman, and loving family member.

Lastly, there is the hilarious Ilana Glazer who steals the show constantly. She believes bisexuality to be the future for humanity, she is the connection between the existences of Jaimé and Eliot in the show, and she has a lesbian romance in a season 3 episode.

The Gifs

Because I don’t really know how else to explain why this show is so great, I’ve decided to just include a bunch of gifs below. Enjoy.

In Conclusion

Broad City is a great show and Broad City Seasons 1-3 are drop dead hilarious. Go watch them. And if you have seen the show, make sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.