Carmilla Season 2 Episodes 1-18 // Canadian Web Series Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about Carmilla Season 2 Episodes 1-18.

If you aren’t familiar with Carmilla, it’s a Canadian web series by Kinda TV. The show is based off of a novel by the same name about a girl who was hunted and seduced by a female vampire. The web series takes that idea and modernizes it.

Laura is a university freshman who’s roommate one day dissappears before a new girl named Carmilla barges in claiming to be her new roommate. With the help of her friends and her vlog, Laura investigates the mysterious disappearances of girls in her school before finding out that her new roommate is a vampire! And then (of course), falling in love with her.

If you would like to start from the top of our conversation about this series, feel free to click here to my post about the first half of season 1.

My Thoughts Before Watching

All I really hope for is that the show will continue with the formatting from the Season 1 Christmas special. I loved that the show did away with the over dramatic acting by the two leads. In addition, I was thrilled to see the end of the constricting vlog setup. I pray that this new season will keep those two improvements up.

In addition, season 3 of the series just started airing on the 15th of this month. I want to make to catch up. When season 3 gets to 18 episodes hopefully I’ll be ready to review it.

This is Carmilla Season 2 Episodes 1-18.

Where to Watch:

The Review (Spoilers Ahead):

Listen to more of my thoughts on his property in the Youtube Video.

Set and Vlog


That’s a way to start! …

Sadly, it looks like my fears have come true. I wanted the show to continue with the multiple angle, action shots instead of me just staring at this one room for all eternity.  I guess the Christmas special was special because they did away with that format only for that one episode.

That said, the set is beautiful. The room is gorgeous and crafted very well. It’s rusty yet luxurious, which I think was the goal of whoever designed the room. In addition, while it’s sad that all of this season was shot from only two angles, I appreciate that the show worked with it. The different placements and blocking in each scene and episode show great directorial work in my opinion. The way actors are placed just right to be seen and then sometimes using the angle for a dramatic reveal was very impressive.

The Bad


I do have to mention though the one really bad effect of the vlogging/writing. The point that I don’t know what is being recorded and what isn’t. I fear that the convenient setup for a low budget web series not only hinders the possibles of the story, but also takes me out of the realm of believably.

Are Laura and her friends just recording during the news segments (a notably nice new addition to the show), or are they doing it throughout the series. I just wish the show would clarify this fact more, because sometimes I’m busy wondering that and not watching the show properly. It would be awkward if all these personal scenes and moments are happening with thousands of people watching online.

The School


Lastly, I do have to note that I love the excitement that has sprung out of the school (even though I don’t get to see most of it). I love that this school that used to seem normal has just spiraled into this mystic, magical mess. It’s not just that vampires and creatures have popped up out of nowhere, but the students have changed too.

The Summer Society which seemed like this great outdoorsy/camping society for women has now turned into basically the amazons. Students are dying left and right and everyone’s thinking nothing of it. And apparently they’re all still going to classes!?!

I would both love and hate to go to this school. It’s like Hogwarts. There’s danger and adventure everywhere you turn. I would love that for the excitement it would bring, but at the same time it would be a scary existence. You could die at any moment. I think what’s really appealing is the freedom of it. The fact that you can do anything and you and your peers are the ones with the power. That’s great. That’s the fantasy.

In Conclusion

I enjoyed Carmilla Season 2 Episodes 1-18. I will never be a fan of this vlog setup, but I do enjoy the story for what it is. It’s fun and wild and a joy to watch (but sometimes cringe-worthy). I also enjoy watching the characters and think they are handled well both by the actors and the writing. So vlog setup be damned, I’m still gonna watch this show.

My rating for Carmilla Season 2 Episodes 1-18 is 4 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?