Cruise to Bermuda (Story Time)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s have a talk. Today is Monday and that means it’s Story Time (and it’s another long one). Today, I’ll be talking about my cruise to Bermuda.

If you guys are new to QF, these Monday Posts (Story Times and Ramble Times) serve multiple purposes. One, they help you guys get to know me, Devin, more as a person. And two, I hope that the closeness built here will help you guys feel like you’re a part of the community. Then you might feel more comfortable sharing your own thoughts or stories based on the topic.

Before anything else, note that there is no video for this post. I’m currently having video editor issues, but once that’s solved videos will start going up again on Youtube and as attachments to the blog posts.

The Story

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Bermuda Cruise Day 3. The water's so blue!

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Getting on the Cruise

Originally, the plan was that I would have that trip in New York City only, but a month or so ago I got a call. My best friend and former college roommate, Daland (seen below) asked if I wanted to go on a cruise. His parents were taking him as a way of congratulating him on graduating from college. His sister was supposed to go, but she had to cancel because of a job opportunity. That left them with an open spot, which I gladly took up.

I mean really, a free spot on a cruise to Bermuda? Of course I’ll go!

Luckily, I had a lot of money saved up for the NYC trip, so I just split that up for the two trips, bought plane tickets to get to Daland and packed my bags.


Daland and DevinFirst, I have to say that I really enjoyed this trip, because I got to spend it with my best friend (cringe from corniness).

Before going on the cruise I was worried how much of it would be a family trip. I was very conscious of the thought that I was a guest on this trip. Because of that I was thinking I had to be on my best behavior, and that I’d probably have to spend a lot of time with his parents. Turns out, his parents were pretty cool about it all. They understood that we’re two young 20-somethings and wanted to do our own thing. Because of that, I mostly spent my time hanging out with Daland.

That said, we we’re together ALL OF THE TIME. We had a moments where we were like, “I wanna go do this. Are you cool here?” I think that willingness to honesty and communication is what worked with us. Plus, we generally were just interested in the same stuff and able to be around each other a lot.

For example, in middle school I went on this trip for eighth graders to Wildwood. It was a middle school day or something so a bunch of students and their chaperones were freely roaming this one side of the pier. For 3-4 hours I was hanging out with one of my good friends at the time. The things is, eventually we got tire of each other. I was deathly afraid of heights and roller-coasters and she didn’t wanna go swimming. So eventually we were like, “Alright, let’s take a break from each other.” With Daland, I never had that moment during the cruse. At least, I didn’t. Maybe he secretly had grudges lol.

The Food

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Bermuda Cruise Day 2. So much food on the ship.

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Guys, there is food everywhere when you’re on a cruise. I was actually on a Royal Carribean trip, but I’m sure all other cruises are the same deal. Best thing, is that most of it is free. Most of the food comes with the package on your ticket. So, you can go to the buffet area and eat as much as you want whenever it’s open.

You want more fine dining? Daland’s parents booked what’s called “My Time” dining where we scheduled a time to eat the more cosmopolitan styled food every night. I had lamb shank, escargot (multiple times), artichoke crepes, lobster, and so much more. To quote my mother, “It’s a fat girl’s dream.”

Just be careful though, eat all that food and you’ll come off the ship weighing more than you did when you got on.

The Drinks

Most of you probably don’t know this, but I only turned 21 back in March. Because of that, I have very little experience with alcohol. In college, I mostly had vodka mixed with whatever juices were available, and I lightly experimented with whiskey and rum. Then, in New York I had my second experience with beer which told me that I’m not a fan of beer.

Going on this trip, I finally got to experiment a bit more with alcoholic drinks. I tried Pina Coladas, Blue Hawaiians, Strawberry Daiquiris, Whiskey on the rocks, and eventually I discovered that my chosen drink of the moment is a Long Island. Ironically, I was trying to steer clear of heavier alcoholic drinks cause of the taste, but ended up thinking Long Islands, which have five different types of alcohol in them, taste the best.

It’s actually Daland’s favorite drink, and I was like, “I’ll try it.” So imagine my surprise when I liked it. Plus, Daland says he read an article once about “what your alcohol preference says about you.” He says the Long Island says you’re trying to get F’d up, and I was like, “Yeah. Sounds about right.” Funny thing is, while I certainly got tipsy, I never got drunk or hungover. I guess that part of my college education served me well.

Age Mixup

One final story before changing the subject. The first drink I bought was a Pina Colada at the bar by the pool. The guy who I ordered from asked my age to which I replied. I even had my card on hand to show him if he wanted to card me. He said, “You look 16,” but got my drink anyway.

Thing is, he didn’t put any alcohol in it. My stupid self thought the drink was so smooth because it was mixed well. Plus, I’d never had a Pina Colada before, so how was I to know? Then later that night when I ordered another one from another bar I realized what the guy had done. While I understand that I look young, why didn’t he card me if he wasn’t sure? Also, why did he make me pay full price for a non-alcoholic drink? I’m still mad.

Night Life and the One Bummer Night

Daland and I basically partied every night of the cruise. Not basically, we did.

On the top deck of our ship was a night club-esque room called the Viking Crown Lounge. It was a nice chill area that starts slow, but around midnight becomes a nice dancing room. The DJ wasn’t perfect, but he had enough good songs to keep people dancing, which made me happy ’cause I love to dance.

We ended up making a lot of friends on those nights. For instance, on the first two or three days while I was experimenting with drinks this random girl starting talking to me. We talked about drinks, she suggested some to me, and then one day while Daland and I were sitting at the bar she pulled us over to sit and talk to her friends. We ended up spending half the night with them.

Another example was one night when Daland and I were dancing. “Wannabe” came on and, having grown up loving the Spice Girls, I was amped and singing along. It turns out these two girls and a guy saw us and started dancing because I was so into the song. We then met up with them the two following nights.

Small World

I will say that the ship kind of has a small world feel to it. The first night, after leaving the club Daland and I went to get food at the late night cafe. A girl complimented me on my blue socks (I’m experimenting with colored socks as well). We then started talking and remained friendly for the rest of the cruise.

A couple days after that I went to a seminar about what to do while in Bermuda. Two women sat down next to me, and I offered to go get maps for them. They seemed very grateful for that and after that I would always say hello if I saw them on the ship.

Turns out, those women are friends with the mother of the girl who complimented my socks, and that they all came on the cruise together. This, plus the other meetings just showed how being on a cruise can make a small community out of the passengers and create a small world.

The Bad Night

I don’t wanna spend too much on it, but there was one bad night on the trip. It was the first night in Bermuda. Daland and I went to a night club on the island that our tour guide mentioned on the way back from the beach. The club (seen in the video above) was alright, it was fun at first, but it quickly went downhill from there.

While at this club in Bermuda, sex was on everyone’s minds. It was to the point that now in hindsight, it was almost like there was a haze of straightness around me.

For instance, there was this one couple that everyone around us was looking at. They weren’t grinding, they were having sex with clothes on. The two were humping like dogs while completely bent over. They might as well have been on all fours. It probably would have hurt their backs less.

In addition, Daland was interested in one of the blue sock girls whom we had been hanging out with. I gave him space and encouraged him to talk to her more, but I can’t deny that I felt a little separate because of that. Then there was the guy from the two girls/one guy group who didn’t realize I was gay and tried to hook me up with girls (I eventually told him what’s up the next night).

In general, that club and night felt so hyper-heterosexual that I had to leave early for my own happiness.

LGBT Meetups while on a Cruise

In case anyone else ever feels that way while on a cruise there is a solution. First, get out like I did. It may feel dumb and you may feel like a spoil sport, but you have to do what’s right for you.

Second, look into if your cruise is having a Friends of Dorothy meeting. Essentially, the Friends of Dorothy meetings were low-key ways to say gay meetups/cocktail hours on a cruise. My cruise did not have a FOD meeting, but it did have official/unofficial LGBT meetups. Problem was, they were scheduled every night at 10:15 on the ship club. Either no one was there, or too many people were there and I had no idea who was there for the LGBT meetup.

That said, I was lucky enough to meet a group of people with about half of them being LGBT. We ended up leaving the club at last call and hanging out by the pool until early morning. So, if you can’t find an LGBT meetup, just try to talk to as many people as possible and who knows what could happen. You’ll at least have a bunch of stories like me.


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Bermuda cruise Day 4.

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Now that I’ve said all that about the cruise let me actually talk about Bermuda.

Bermuda is beautiful! Just yesterday, my mother was watching a Hallmark movie and an actress was talking about a dude ranch saying, “Isn’t this the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen in your whole life?” I was like, “You clearly haven’t seen Bermuda.” Bermuda is such a beautiful place.

Since this blog post is so long already and focuses mostly on the cruise, I’m gonna spend most of the video talking about my time in Bermuda with plenty of videos/pictures. Once I solve those editing issues, that video will go up.

In Conclusion

I had a great time. I was happy to have this new experience, to connect with a bunch of people, and to spend it with my best friend. I’m truly thankful.

So what about you guys? Have you ever been on a cruise? Have you been to Bermuda or been on an island vacation somewhere else? If so, please share and let’s talk about it.

And as always, I hope you’re all doing well.