Upcoming Reviews & First QF Giveaway? // QF Update

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today is Monday and that means it’s time to talk about a random topic. Today, I have a list of the media I plan to review in the near future as well as some info about the first QF Giveaway.

New to Monday Posts? Every Monday I pick a random topic to share and talk to you guys about. In addition, each topic can have a varying category.

There’s Story Times which are more personal anecdotes about my life such as my trip to New York City to see a Got7 concert or my cruise to Bermuda. There are Ramble times like this where I discuss topics in a more casual fashion such as Why #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyFriend is Plausible, but not Possible, or How Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (AKA The Scorbus Play) Failed the LGBT Community. Lastly, there are Character Studies such as the ones I did for The Mindy Project and Ugly Betty where I discuss Queer characters from media with detail. Are they great representation? Are they not? And why.


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So Let’s Get Talking.

Again, today’s topic isn’t so much a conversation as it is an update to let you know what’s to come. Down below you’ll find a list of the media I want to review in the near future. This list does not include info, but simply just the names of the properties. Also, I did note that there’s way more gay male content than anything else. Don’t worry, I will review other media that are inclusive to the other groups within the LGBT community.

  1. Sotus the Series

Sotus Poster

  1. About Him

About Him God Damn

  1. Carmilla Season 3


  1. Inhuman Condition


  1. Love Sick the Series Season 2


  1. Ryu Route for No, Thank You

Hiroyuki, Ryu, and Haru

  1. Totally Captivated


  1. View Finder


  1. The Tyrant Who Fell In Love


  1. Frida


  1. Bukiyou Na Silent Vol. 3-5

Bukiyou Na Silent Volume 1 Review

  1. My Gay Roomate Season 3

Gay Roommate handshake

  1. Ugly Betty Season 1 (and eventually the rest of the series)

Fat Carol BAM

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Seasons 1 & 2

Kimmy and Lilian

  1. Like Love 1 & 2


  1. Counterattack


  1. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


  1. Part Time Ep 11 & 12

Part Time Roommates 2

  1. Will and Grace Season 1-5


  1. Bad Romance


  1. Swap


  1. Love is More Than a Word


In Conclusion

Let me know down in the comments below if you guys know of any media that you would like to talk about and for me to post about. In addition, share your thoughts on any of the properties in this list. Share your own thoughts or recommendations down below and let’s get talking.