The Parking Spot by Gaby Dunn, Trans Panic by the Daily Show and more (Film)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Today I have a collection of short films, shorts, and a tv show segment for you to enjoy.

Usually, I post reviews that focus on one medium and a specific segment/episode of that medium. Today, I’m going to review a few short films and one tv show segment for your viewing pleasure. Each one of these media focuses on LGBT issues/life or it is made by LGBT creators.

So, let’s get started.

  1. Gaby Dunn’s “The Parking Spot”

If you haven’t heard of Gaby Dunn, shame on you. Gaby Dunn is a Youtuber/blogger who used to work for Buzzfeed. In addition, she is now one of the creators/hosts of the Youtube channel Just Between Us. Gaby Dunn also has her own separate Youtube channel which is named after herself. Gaby often posts vlogs as well as short films for her fans to enjoy, and this is where she posted this short.

“The Parking Spot” is a 3 minute short about two women who have an altercation with a man who takes up the wrong parking spot. The two then retell the story with two very different perspectives. I honestly can’t tell you more than that. The clip is 3 minutes after all.

The Review (Spoilers Ahead):

As for my review, I enjoyed it. This clip was simple, but very effective. I did not laugh out loud too often, but I was smiling the entire time. I love the fact that the two women remembered the event differently and that lead to a fun video. Also, the editing of the second scenario with the orange tint was nice. The acting over all wasn’t great, but it was sufficient enough for keeping me invested.

Ultimately, I enjoyed it and would love to see more. Maybe this could be made into a web series. (You all know how much I love web series).

Middle Finger Gaby

“The Parking Lot” by Gaby Dunn gets 4 stars out of 5.

  1. “The Trans Panic Epidemic” by The Daily Show

While the Daily Show hasn’t been exactly the same since Jon Stewart left, this video proves that they can still make some good material. If you don’t know, the Daily Show is a Comedy Central tv show that acts like a news show, but presents that news through comedy.

This specific segment titled “The Trans Panic Epidemic” is another medium, like Sitting in Bathrooms with Trans People, that has emerged as a reaction to the transphobic multi-state bills. This video, while honestly biased towards a left agenda, attempts to show how trans people are just normal people. It also tries to get the audience to laugh while doing the prior.

The Review (Spoilers Ahead):

I liked this one. I do have a slight bias towards the Daily Show, because I have seen episodes and segments before. In my high school government class my teacher used to show us videos of the Daily Show. That’s how accurate, relevant and approachable the show is.

In addition, this host for the segment, Jessica Williams, is also known to me. I remember when she had the famous “bleach line” for the show. She is just as funny in this segment as well.

My only problem is with the writing/editing. What I mean is that I’m aware of the fact that the report is too biased. While yes, clearly these bills are wrongly targeting trans people, this video just goes for the, “conservatives are hateful idiots” argument. It clearly edits the interview with the pastor to make him look stupid. And the writing itself does nothing to hide it’s bias.

I guess I’m expecting too much from a comedy news show, but some more balanced reporting would be nice.

Popcorn laugh

“The Trans Panic Epidemic” gets 3 stars out of 5.

  1. “In Too Deep” by Three out of Five Stars

This last short film is another project found on Youtube. Three Stars out of Five is a Youtube channel created by Nick Davies, Sarah McCarthy, and Thomas Newman. The channel focuses on creating Sketch Comedy videos of varying themes and topics.

The summary for “In Too Deep” is, “When Kyle Branthwaite (played by Nick Davies), a total loser, is mistaken on the street for a gay porn star, a new world of possibilities opens up for him – if he can just make himself take the plunge.”

Note: While this doesn’t have any graphic aspects to it what-so-ever, some should remember that the topic of this video is about porn. Remember that if such things bother you.

The Review (Spoilers Ahead):

Well that went downhill very soon. Basically, all I’ve gotten from this is that there’s a Dickipedia (though I think that was faked). This video isn’t all that exciting and not that funny. It was a little funny when it got to the “film shoot” and you could see how wrong this situation had gotten, but other than that this short really had nothing of value.

It’s not terrible, but it’s not that good. It’s pretty mediocre at best. Thomas J. Newman who played the porn director Michael Boss was the best part of this video to me. Newman really sold his character and the scene just from his commitment to both. He was more the star of the video than Nick Davies.

Taking the Cat

“In Too Deep” gets 1 star out of 5.

That’s all I have for you guys today. If you liked Gaby Dunn’s video or any of others feel free to comment below with your thoughts. As always, I hope you guys are doing well.


Cheers Gaby