Grey Rainbow Episode 2 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to talk about Grey Rainbow Episode 2.

Grey Rainbow was a thai tv mini-series about the love between Nuer (played by Nut or Nutchapon Rattanamongkol) & Porsche (played by Karn or Kasidej Hongladaromp). Nuer is the son of the owner of an elephant camp while Porsche is a law student. While in university, they were roommates and close friends, each fighting against the feelings that one has for the other.

My Thoughts Before Watching


I just reviewed the first episode on Sunday, and I’m back to watch another one. There really isn’t much else to say.

This is Grey Rainbow Episode 2.

Where to Watch:

The Official PPTV Youtube Channel

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):


I’ll talk first about Nuer’s ex-girlfriend Jane, because I have the least to say about her.

Honestly, I haven’t said anything about Jane before because there wasn’t much to say about her. There isn’t anything new with the character that I haven’t seen before. The understanding girlfriend, the busy girlfriend, the jealous girlfriend, the cheating girlfriend. Nothing new. So honestly good riddance.

My thing is, why did she bring him all the way out to her hometown to breakup with him?

Buddhism and Homosexuality

The conversation Porsche had with the Buddhist Priest caused me to look up what is the Buddhist perspective on homosexuality and gay life. (Note that I am not Buddhist, so this is based off of only quick research. If you know more about this topic, please comment on it below).

It seems the Buddhism is a lot like Christianity on this subject as the text focuses on gay and lesbian sex like it would when the text was created. (Aka, not ok with it). Then, there are some sects of the religion that accept gay members/life and some who are strongly against it.

In addition, it seems the Dalai Lama (much like the Pope) is trying to find a non-offensive middle ground. This is an interesting conversation and topic that I might have to look into further.

That said, it seems that Grey Rainbow didn’t want to have that conversation as they instead focused on karma instead of homosexuality in Buddhism.


On the bright side however, there was a lot of great moments in Grey Rainbow Episode 2 concerning friendships.


For instance, I like the relationship between Nuer and his workmate. They brought some nice humor to the episode. The lines, “Have you done anything,” “I’m gonna be your first close friend,” and “Let’s fight outside” were my favorites.

Then there was the quick but pleasant Ice scene and the Tae’s boyfriend scene. Speaking of, I thought the reveal that Porsche’s friend was dating the guy who tried to rape/beat him, was too convenient. That said, the aftermath of that reveal was worth it to me.

Seeing Nuer instantly get mad for his best friend was great. Also, the idea that neither of them could tell the truth was also true to what would happen in that situation. So, I’ll forgive the convenience. In fact, I admit that sometimes over-convenience is worth it for the story.


Friends No More

As for the couple, I honestly think it’s too soon. I understand that there’s only four episodes in this mini-series, so they need to speed things along. But, I don’t feel like we should have gotten there yet.

For instance, I was surprised during the shower scene because I didn’t think Nuer showed any indication to really liking Porsche enough to hug him in the shower.

That mentality continued later in the episode when the real get together scene happened. (Though I will add I liked that Porsche nearly rejected him before accepting the kiss. I was devastated and then happy).

Like with Entangled With You however, it’ll take me a moment to wrap my head around the idea of the two as a couple. It won’t take that long because the two were very close and I could see some hinting of romance forming. That said, the immediate acceptance of Nuer’s love for Porsche felt a little too fast for me.

The boxing match at the end of the episode tried to reason Nuer’s sudden flip by saying, “I’ve always felt this way but tried to ignore it.” I don’t believe that. I could believe that Jane’s breakup forced Nuer to take a look and see that he had feelings for Porsche, but I don’t believe that he has been conscious of those feelings this entire time.

In Conclusion

I’m both happy and a little put off. I thought this episode was well crafted from start to finish, but I just can’t shake the fact that I don’t believe Nuer’s statement.

That said, I understand that there are only 4 episdoes to work with, so the show just wants to get the two together fast so it can move on to their dating drama. I guess we’ll see if it was worth it.

My rating for Grey Rainbow Episode 2 is 4 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • They hit all the classic notes of a BL in Grey Rainbow Episode 2. The scenic get away, the jealous girlfriend, the cheating girlfriend, the classic sleeping head shoulder.
  • I wonder what the production budget was, because they really got to spend a lot. Nice clothing, nice sets, nice equipment.
  • I loved the piano song that played while Nuer and Porsche walked in the street at night. That was a good song choice.
  • I was embarrassed for them during the boxing scene. They were having this very personal conversation, and kiss, with at least 30 people watching them.