Hanging Out Episodes 5-6 // Filipino Web Series Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to be talking about Hanging Out Episodes 5-6.

Hanging Out is a Filipino web series about David, played by Paulito Del Mundo, a 20-something year old sketch artist. He one day goes out for a Grindr hookup. It turns out that his plans mistakenly get mixed up with a group of friends. This “wrong place at the right time” event kickstarts his love story with the man named Adrian, played by Jox Gonzales.

My Thoughts Before Watching

It’s been a month or so since I last talked about Hanging Out, and this time I’m looking forward to seeing what I suspect is the end of this season.

It looks like Hanging Out Episodes 5-6 are the only episodes that have been released since the last time I checked in, so I’m guess that’s where the season caps off. If I’m right, I hope to see more great friends moments between David and the gang and I hope to see some kind of honest conversation and resolution happen between him and Adrian.

This is Hanging Out Episodes 5-6.

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The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Episode 5: “Transitioning”

In the last episode, the show successfully tackled the topic of getting tested for HIV. Knowing that, when I saw that the title for this episode was transitioning, I figured that Hanging Out was going to again tackle another aspect of LGBT life.

The way the show decided to address drag and transgender life was the idea that everyone wants to just feel comfortable and beautiful. Simple and sweet.

I also liked seeing Jessie being so defensive of Adrian. Those kinds of friends are good to have, though it’s also good to have caution with them. They can sometimes escalate things in their protectiveness.

That said, there were lots of good and simple friend moments all over the episode. Like for instance,  the Hanging Out scene with Fidel, Adrian and Misha looked fun and comforting. Then when David offered to go in drag I was a bit tearful (not really but you get the idea).

As for David and Adrian, I loved the one scene when David came out in drag. David went, “You’re making me turn straight right now.” And David shushed him to listen to Jessie. That 10 second scene was a perfect example of where their relationship is at the moment. (And god was Adrian being aggressively flirty).

This was a quick and simple episode so there isn’t much more to comment on, but I do have one quick complaint. It’s that in this episode the English subtitle text was terribly hard to read with the episode’s lighting. I don’t think there was ever this problem before (at least to this extent), so it was especially distracting here.

Episode 6: “Just Us”

David just randomly walks up to a dude, goes, “Can I get your number?” and gets it? Apparently I’ve been doing dating wrong all my life.

Honestly, I just found that weird. Not only did that random guy give David his number because David asked for it, but then David and Adrian talked about having sex with him as if they knew he was gay.

The writing of that scene was just way too convenient.

Then focusing on David and Adrian themselves, halfway through the episode I thought it didn’t look good for their chances of getting together. They want different things. Adrian wants a committed relationship and David doesn’t understand them.

Then the line, “Maybe I’ll believe in love if some day I met the guy…” made me think that David doesn’t even see Adrian as an option. I think he meant it more as a joke about the “love at first sight idea,” but when I heard the line it carried weight in my ear.

That said, the ending made it kind of look like they could work. Maybe they can both bend a little and ease into a relationship. It reminds me of a line from a play a classmate of mine wrote, “Individuals in couples want to go North and South respectively, so together they go East.” That’s a bad paraphrase, but its a fitting settlement for David and Adrian.

Lastly, I thought the party ending was sweet and charming. David and Adrian were just a drop in the bucket that was the group of friends. This story was really about friendship first and about their relationship second.

In Conclusion

I’m conflicted, I hope this web series gets a season two because I want to see more of these characters. That said, this is a nice ending to a simple but charming series, so I wouldn’t be mad if it ended here.

This web series was quick and nice and carried important messages in a easy to consume format. The friendship in it was heartwarming and the budding romance was confusing but had a hopeful ending. I’m sad, but peaceful, to see it go.

My rating for Hanging Out Episodes 5-6 is 3 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • I loved the song choice for the end of Episode 6. “Twenty Years From Now” by Outerhope. It gave a very “We are infinite” vibe.
  • David and Adrian were the Ross and Rachel of this Friends group.