How Jack Thorne’s Cursed Child and Scrobus failed the LGBT community

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk. Today is Monday and that means it’s time for us to sit down and discuss something. Today’s random topics are Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Scrobus.

Before we start, I have some basic info to both keep new readers in the know and to keep people who don’t know about these topics up to date. Every Monday on Queer Fudanshi I pick a random topic to discuss. These could be personal anecdotes which are then titled under the Storytime label or they could be discussions about random topics such as #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend or Scorbus, which would then go under Rambletime.

Lets Get Talking

*Warning: This conversation will contain spoilers for both parts of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. If you have not read the script yet or seen the play continue reading AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The Basic Info


For those who don’t know about Cursed Child and Scorbus, here’s some basic info. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the latest (and final?) installment in the Harry Potter series. The official story is that J.K. Rowling had an original idea for a story with the playwright Jack Thorne. He then asked for her permission to turn the story into a play.

The thing is, the play panders greatly to it’s audience, aka “it’s a cash-grab.” The play tries to be as fun and sensational as possible to appeal to the most amount of people while also not offending the most amount of people.

A lot of people were saying the script reads like a fan fiction (a fan written story based off of an original work) because characters acted differently than they would in the books or the play wrote more for audience reaction than for having a legitimate story. One example of this is Scorbus.


Scorbus is the couple name of the characters Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy aka the sons of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. It turns out that the two of them become best friends and fellow Slytherin housemates (HOORAY FOR SLYTHERIN!!!! -guess my house-).

The thing is that the main focus of the play, which should have been about Harry and his son Albus’s relationship, ended up being about the intense intimacy between Albus and Scorpius. It’s somewhat similar to the intense closeness of the couple from Uncontrolled Love.

There are several scenes that depict this intense cloessness between the two. Albus says that he doesn’t need anyone else because, “he’s [Scorpius’s] all I need.” Snape (yes he’s in the play) tells Scorpius to think of the people he loves. Then he specifically says think of Albus. Scorpius acts jealous when Albus shows interest in a girl. In fact, the stage direction specifically says Scorpius doesn’t like it. Aslo, there’re a couple of scenes where the two act distraught because they can’t be around each other. There’s awkward hugging. And a pretty intense first meeting. These are just the examples I can think of on top of my head!

My Thoughts

When I was reading the script, the two met on the Hogwarts Express and there was an instant connection. When I started reading I was like, “what if they were gay?” I was thinking I would be so happy and that I would be running in the streets.

It got to the point that I started taking notes of the play and anything that could be construed as gay. Then I started to doubt myself. It got to the point that I was like, “am I putting my own Queerness on the text?” “Is this really here or is it me trying to see it?”

Later on though, it appears that other people and other people have seen it and believe it’s there too. I’m not alone in this.

The Problem


Sam Clemmett as Albus Severus Potter

The problem is that though the play could have very well confirmed these very intimate feelings, it did not. The play instead shoehorned in heterosexual crushes for the two characters. The thing is these crushes were only mentioned 3-4 times for either character in a 6 hour, 2 part play.

My general belief is that this happened because of commercialism. The play wants to make the most money as possible and including a main LGBT focus can offend a lot of people. The play may have changed directions because of this.

Another reason would be because the play never intended to confirm a same-sex relationship. Either this was a mistake or Thorne purposely queerbaited the LGBT community. I hope the latter isn’t the case, because he is a queer writer. If it was done accidentally, Jack Thorne needs to realize that he included very intimate shows of friendship that could be argued as homosexual in nature. Let’s be honest, if we took away the word friends their relationship can be construed as more than platonic.

The problem is that this not only fails the LGBT community, but it teases us before showing us that we’re not as important. My thing is that the play had the opportunity, basically placed it there but then didn’t do anything with it. It’s like placing out a pie and then leaving it there to get old, dirty, and covered in bugs.

My Solution


Anthony Boyle as Scorpius Malfoy.

There aren’t many ways to solve this problem for LGBT fans. The job is done, the play is written, and is being performed. Unless my hopes are right about #KeepTheSecrets, the producers probably won’t change the play to make Scorbus real anytime soon or ever.

So, I’ve come up with my own solution. I’m going to write a continuation of the story. That’s right, I’m going to write a fan fiction. I just feel so unsatisfied with where the story left off the two and their relationship that I want to add to it. I want to add to the Queer content of the world and make the Scorbus story that some of us wanted. As a writer it’s the only way I know how to fix this situation. This won’t be official, but it will be something.

So again, I, DEVIN JACKSON RANDALL, WILL BE WRITING A HARRY POTTER: NEXT GENERATION STORY WITH A FOCUS ON SCORBUS. I will be writing the story in play form in honor of Cursed Child and my own experience as a playwright. That’s all I know about it so far. I will keep you guys informed when I’ve thought about the story more and know when I’ll start releasing it. It will be free of course and I’ll distribute it on websites such as This will be my and Queer Fudanshi’s first project. I hope you’ll all like it.

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script over all? What are your thoughts on Scorbus? Do you think the gay undertones are there or not? Would you be excited in reading my Scrobus story? Let me know yours thoughts below and Let’s Get Talking.