I Moved? // Story Time

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about the fact that I moved and the week that followed after.

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So Let’s Get Talking.

First, I wanna make sure that you guys understand why I am posting about this move. The goal of Queer Fudanshi is to create a place where people can find LGBTQ and BL media and also find people to talk about them. That said, at the end of the day I am the queer fudanshi. I, Devin Jackson Randall, am the face and man behind QF and as such every now and then I like to share story times and random talks about more personal stuff. That’s just so you guys can get to know me more as a person.

Anyway, if you’d like to understand the story of why I moved as well as stories that I won’t be sharing in this blog post, make sure to watch the conjoining Youtube video.

Wednesday (12/28/2016)

Moving day! I had decided to take a train since it would allow me to take more bags with me (and for less) than if I took a plane. The problem was that I procrastinated and started packing the night before I had to leave. Let me tell you, there was a lot of exhaustion and headache medicine had that night.

Once I was actually at the train station a problem arose. My largest bag (full of most of my clothes) was too heavy. I was told to lose 7 pounds or the bag couldn’t be checked and would miss the train. With only minutes to do this I begrudgingly opened the bag, pulled out whatever I could, and got the bag checked in time. It turns out that the things that I grabbed were all of my coats and two (different) small shoes.

I pushed the shoes into my bookbag. Then, I called up my family and had then turn around while on their way home to come pick up my jackets and take them. Luckily, my clothes made it on the train, but sadly until I can get the other jackets shipped to me I have only my duffle coat to wear.

Thursday (12/29/2016)

Thursday at first was planned to be a chill day. That was mostly because I was waiting on the ever mysterious futon package, which I wasn’t sure would shown up. A week before the move, around the 22nd or so, I ordered a futon to be delivered at my new house. I did this because the delivery date was placed as the day I would arrive.

Turns out however that a day or two later the futon was scheduled to show up at the house (a whole week early). I called my roommates and asked them to be ready in case the futon arrived, but it didn’t. I assumed that it must have arrived while the two were at work. After contacting Walmart, the store that I bought it from, and then tracking the package online the futon had no delivery date. Weird.

After a call to UPS, it turns out that the package was just never sent to my house for some reason. Once they realized this they promised to have it to me the next day (the 29th), and they did. I received the futon around 11 am, giving me time to go into the city and do a little job hunting/shopping. It may have taken a week of weird shipping logistics, but in the end futon arrived only a day later than I planned.

Friday (12/30/2016)

Friday was a chill and relaxed day. All I did was try to catch up with my blog posts and finish up the Friday video.

Saturday (12/31/2016)

Oh New Years Eve, what a crazy, drunken night. Ever since the first day I moved I had made plans with one of my roommates to go out on New Years. He, I, and two of his friends took an Uber into the city and went to Woody’s, a gay bar in Philadelphia. The bar was pretty packed, but not packed enough that we couldn’t get in.

Once we got into the club it took a moment for us to find our barings and a place to hangout for the night. My roommate is a DJ and one of the DJs working at the bar is a mentor of his. We held ourselves up next to the DJ booth and commenced our night of fun. Guys, if you wanna know one eternal truth about me it’s that I love to dance. So, of course that’s what we did for most of the night (except also drink).

The Drunkeness

Now, before I get into the rest of the night I want to make a disclaimer and say that you should always drink responsibly. In addition, we had already planned to get an Uber back home, so none of us were driving. Lastly, to make myself look good, I was the least drunk in the bunch.

That said, we were the typical drunk New Years Eve partiers. Once the club ended (at 2am!) I got split up from my roommate and one of his friends. I was stuck with watching over the only girl in our group who had drank one too many trashcans (the name of the drink says it all). To be honest though, girl was a lot of fun. She was the life of the after party as she walked across the city sidewalk while wishing everyone a happy new year with a cigarette in her hand. The air was abuzz with festive energy. Of course, I say this knowing that I was also drunk (though less so) and realize that I could have been confusing fun energy with sloppy drunkeness.

Sadly, the nice moment got, not worse but more interesting, as the other two of our group joined us. It seems my roommate and I were responsibly tipsy whereas the other two were full out drunk. Both were running across streets, trying to publicly urinate, and leaving boots on the ground to be stolen. It took all our strength the sober up enough to corral our two friends into our Uber and safely home.

Honestly… it was great fun.

Sunday (1/1/2016)

Sunday was supposed to be another chill day, but it ended up being more than that. My roommates and I decided to go out to eat and explore University city (the UPenn and major hospital section of West Philadelphia). After eating our food we walked along the streets. Honestly guys, UPenn and University City are beautiful, especially with holiday lights up. Also, we ran into a fellow Cheyney U grad (a med student who’s getting ready to study abroad in Australia… wow).

Then, we found our way to the University City Arcade, and spent an hour or two there before heading home. We would have gone bar hopping, but our bags of leftover food made that too much of a challenge. While Saturday was a crazy party night, Sunday was a nice relaxed night spent with friends.

I Moved

Once again, this post was to share with you a little look into the week I had after I moved. It also lets you know a little about Philadelphia if you aren’t from this area. I highly suggest you check out the U City area and the Woody’s Bar if you ever visit. In addition, as I explore and get to know the city better (which I should have done while in college) I’ll share more with you guys. I’ll spend time every now and then to let you guys know of any good spots, LGBTQ themed or otherwise.

So, that is all for now. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and were surrounded by loved ones. I hope your New Years festivities were exciting, and safe. Also, I hope this new year brings exciting things for both of us.

Happy New Year QF family. I look forward to the year ahead with you!