I’m Going to BishounenCon 2017!

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about BishounenCon 2017.

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So Let’s Get Talking.

This week’s random talk is more of an announcement with some information thrown in. The announcement of course being that I’m going to BishounenCon 2017! (Oh, and as always, you can view this conversation either here on text or on the adjoining Youtube video).

What’s BishounenCon 2017?


It seems like there are conventions happening everywhere and at everytime nowadays. That said, there aren’t a lot that focus on Yaoi, LGBTQ media, and hosted in the United States of America. Luckily, there is YaoiCon and BishounenCon.

YaoiCon is a convention all about the love of yaoi, boys love, and anime in general. Usually this convention is a mix of artists sharing their work, panels discussing a wide range of topics such as “Our Favorite Yaoi Couples” to “How to Create Your Own BL Webcomic.” In addition, there are always cosplay events and screenings of popular anime.

While YaoiCon has been going on for 15 years now, BishounenCon 2017 will be in it’s first year. YaoiCon is usually held in California and BishounenCon is for now going to be esentially YaoiCon, but in the East. This event will be very much like YaoiCon, but is expressively being sold as Yaoi+ meaning that it celebrates LGBTQ media just as much as it celebrates Yaoi manga. If you are interested in checking out more and maybe buying a ticket, feel free to click here.

(Also, keep in mind that both conventions are made possible by June Manga, one of the two biggest Yaoi manga/translating publishing companies in the US. SuBLime Manga is the other biggest, and if you guys didn’t catch it I did an interview with an Editor from SuBLime two weeks ago).

What Am I Doing at BishounenCon 2017?


I’ve been interested in going to BishounenCon 2017 for a couple months now. When I heard that June Manga would be discussing their new Yabara genre I was interested. When I heard that tickets went down to only $35 I was interested, but a little worried that the convention attendance was low. But, I’ve only just now decided, “Heck, let’s just do it!”

I won’t just be another participant at the convention however, but an active member of it. I’ve already signed up to participate in four (that’s right four) panels, and am considering making a presentation of my own. The four panels that I’ve already signed up to participate in are:

  • LGBTQ Video Games: A discussion where we share our favorite video games involving LGBTQ themes or characters.
  • LGBTQ Webcomics: A discussion where we share our favorite webcomics involving LGBTQ themes or characters.
  • Intro to Blogging: Tips and advice from current bloggers on how to create and run your own blog.
  • Writing Sex: Advice from writers and readers on how to make your steamy NSFW scenes just a little bit steamier.

Keep in mind that if I do make my own presentation I may have to drop out of one or two of these panels. That said, I’m very excited to be a part of these conversations and I look forward to them.

Will I See You There?

So, the whole point of this blog post is to say, “Hey, I’m going to BishounenCon2017. Will you guys be there?” I’ll be at those panels, I’ll be walking among the Dealer’s Hall and the Artists Alley, I’ll be at the hotel sippin’ tea and talking to cosplayers. So, if you guys are in the Rhode Island area, thinking about going to this convention, or are already going let me know! We can even have a little fan meet!

Also, let me know down in the comments below if you guys have ever gone to a convention like YaoiCon or BishounenCon. Have you gone to YaoiCon specifically? Are you interested in going to one of the conventions now that you’ve heard about them more? Let me know down in the comments below and let’s get talking.

(Oh, and of course, I will be sharing my experiences at the convention through a Random Talk blog post and video. Look forward to it!)