Back After 3 Months? The “I’m Not Gay” Trope?

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk.

It’s been three months since the last Weekly Update. And besides my post about the video game Let’s Meat Adamit’s been three months since I posted on this blog too. I’m sorry for that.

As I explain in the video below, I started out the months of June and July being busy with two theatre jobs. I had intended to use this 30 minute format of Queer Fudanshi videos to make it so the content we all know and love could still get to you (just in a different way). But sadly, I fell off the wagon of posting. Again, I apologize.

But, today I’m trying to get back on the wagon and get back into the rythym of Queer Fudanshi. So, instead of “a return after 3 months,” this is more of a “this week’s Queer Fudanshi video update.”

QF Weekly Videos

If you don’t know, Queer Fudanshi has a new version of the weekly update. From now on, a single weekly video will cover LGBTQ Media news, non-spoiler versions of the LGBTQ media talk already found on this blog, and conversation about random topics like Korean BL comics, what makes good LGBTQ representation in media, and more.

The stories for this week include a random talk about the “I’m Not Gay” trope found in BL, non-spoiler talk of 2 Moons the Series Episodes 1-2, Sense8 Season 2, Okja and more, and news like Kpop singer Hansol of ToppDogg coming out as gay or Johanna the Mad’s “Fence” comic!


As usual, you can only get the Weekly Update information through the Youtube channel, so click here or above to watch this week’s news.

And again, if you videos from now on will include all three QF Video segments. That means the Random Talk, the Last Week’s Queer Reviews, and the Weekly Update will all go into one video every Friday. So, click above to check out what we’re talking about this week.

  • Silver_Silphy

    Missed you. Lots of Thai drama to catch up on!

    • lol. Give me strength as I try to get through it all!

      • Silver_Silphy

        You have so much Thai to catch up on:
        1. I Am Your King
        2. Project S: Spike. Not exactly BL, but the verdict is out on that. It has, possibly, one of the saddest scenes in Thaidramadom.
        3. Together With Me which is a prequel to Bad Romance (2016) which is specifically geared to the gay couple
        4. Club Friday The Series Season 9: love Needs an Exchange. Based on real stories these Club Fridays are frightening
        There are a few others, but I’d recommend these when you have time.
        Project S is a series of stories and kick Thai Dramas to another level, no pun intended. I still have Part Time as my all time favorite, but I think Project S has, so far, equaled.
        Welcome back and hope to see more from you 🙂

        • Somebody else already messaged me about Together With Me, so it must be interesting. Haven’t heard of the others, but I’ll put them down on my (ever growing) list.