Last Week’s Queer Reviews – May 18th to May 25th, 2016

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! This is Last Week’s Queer Reviews! What is LWQR? This is a list of the LGBT themed media or media with LGBT characters that were reviewed on this site for the past week. This is a weekly post that goes up every Wednesday, so if you don’t wanna search the site for a tv show, web series, movie or comic to get into than look through this post or the other LWQR’s to make it easier to find something you like.

So without further ado, this is the LGBT themed media reviewed last week!

  1. Make it Right: the Series Episode 1

Tee Basketball

The first note on this list of LGBT themed media is Make it Right: The Series. This is a Boys Love web series that airs on Line TV. The show is spoken in Thai, but with the help of wonderful people who translate for free we English speakers can enjoy this show too.

The series is based off of a BL novel about middle school boys in Thailand. The main character Fuse finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him. In his despair he seeks comfort from his friend Tee who happens to have a crush on Fuse. The series follows the two (and another couple who haven’t gotten much screen-time in the first two episodes), as they explore their sexuality and love for one another.

A quick review of this episode and the second episode can be found below.

  1. Ugly Betty – Season 1 Episode 6

Her Bitch

The next note on our list of LGBT themed media is Ugly BettyUgly Betty is one of this blog’s continually reviewed shows. With four season to go through there is a review of this show at least once a week. This week episode 6 of the show was reviewed.

Ugly Betty is a tv show that aired from 2006 to 2009. It is about Betty Suarez, a young New Yorker who wants to run her own magazine. She gets an entry level job as an assistant to the Editor-In-Chief of fashion magazine Mode Magazine, but only so her boss won’t want to sleep with his assistant. This leads to four years of friendship, fashion, and fun.

This particular episode is about Betty’s bosses Daniel Meade and Wilhelmina Slater. Daniel deals with the fact that his playboy persona proceeds him. He meets the editor of new magazine at his father’s company and she wasn’t nothing to do with the shallow man-boy. On the other end, it turns out Wilhelmina has a rebellious daughter who will do anything to get the Creatives Editor’s attention.

If you are interested in this show feel free to click the link above or here to start from the pilot episode.

  1. Make it Right: The Series Episode 2

Surprise Tee

The last on this list of LGBT themed media is Episode 2 of Make it Right. This episode follows up on the second one as Fuse (seen above) wakes up in Tee’s bed. Fuse then spends a day recovering physically and emotionally from this drunken night.

This is a good medium to review on Queer Fudanshi because it’s a good depiction of queer life at a young age (at least judging from the first two episodes). Tee is comfortable with his sexuality and is relatable in his crush for his friend. Fuse is also relatable in the aspect that he’s currently having an identity crisis. He’s discovering a new side of his sexuality and is realistically struggling with this change in his life.

If you are interested in this show click on one of the episode links above.

That is it for this week’s Last Week’s Queer Reviews! Feel free to comment your thoughts on these shows or give any suggestions of shows you want me to review. And as always, I hope you’re all doing well.