Lost in the Snow (Complete Volume) // American & Japanese Comic Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk! In this post, we’re going to talk about Lost in the Snow.

Lost in the Snow originated as a webcomic created by Japanese artist Velvet Toucher that was later published into print form by Yaoi Revolution. It’s the first part of a series called The Elduin And Donestan Chronicles.

The official premise for Lost in the Snow goes:

Heavy snow falls over a forest of men, struck down in a bloody battle between noble brothers. The young victor, wounded and near death, is discovered by one of his own nameless soldiers and carried to safety –  an isolated cabin on a lonely mountain. This small comfortable peasants’ home becomes a refuge for the unlikely pair as winter closes in around them.

As their snowbound days and nights pass, the noble recovers and begins to learn that he and this lowly soldier share a forgotten past. Despite their disparity in social status, the two trapped men find themselves inexorably drawn to each other by a force far stronger than the laws of man or nature. Soon they become torn between a sense of duty and a desire to stay frozen in time.

My Thoughts Before Reading

Just like with the Beast & Feast manga, I bought this comic while I was at BishounenCon.

This will actually be my first time reading this story or any Velvet Toucher story for the matter. I know that sounds crazy because of how much I cover her upcoming project Eden’s Mercy, but it’s true. In fact, I did come across the webcomic once before, but didn’t end up reading it.

The plus side of that is that I’ll be reading this comic with a totally unbiased and newcomer perspective.

This is Lost in the Snow.

*Warning: This comic is tagged as NSFW because of several uncensored sex scenes.

Where to Read the Web Comic:

The Official Website

Where to Buy the Print Version:

The Yaoi Revolution Website ($13.95)

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Ladies, gentlemen, and those in-between, Lost in the Snow is the pinnacle of erotica and romance.

Quite honestly, I loved it. This story was sexual (VERY SEXUAL), romantic, dramatic, and heroic in all the right ways. I WILL be reading this comic again and again for years to come.

Arts Style

First the art, I really like the art here.

At first I was put off by the art style as I found it distracting. The artwork is detailed but at the same time its slightly imperfect. For instance, sometimes a face is detailed while another body part is not. I found this both distracting and also important to making the art unique in its own way.

I later pondered that perhaps it’s just that I’ve grown too used to the model-esque yet cartoonish drawings of yaoi. That’s why these realistic (and slightly off) drawings by Velvet Toucher were so different to me.

Then, when I got to the third chapter I realized that her drawings, specifically of Donestan, had gotten better. That’s a great example of just starting even if it’s not perfect and just getting better from there.

Story & Setup

As for the story, setup, and background of the comic, imagine a Game of Thrones fanfiction that turned into it’s own wonderful story. That is essentially what Lost in the Snow is.

Also, the way the story is setup you could either look at it as a bottle scene (which I have a negative connotation for) or dramatic and play-esque (which, of course, I consider a good thing).

Two men in one spot who must engage in each other’s presence. They connect both in body and soul. That setup can be either compelling or bland and annoying.

I’d say that for Lost in the Snow it’s very steadfast in the prior. At first I found it slow and slightly interesting, but by the halfway point I was emotionally invested and by the end I was starstruck.


As for the sex, there’s a lot of it and not one scene is disappointing. ALL OF IT is hot and erotic and makes a steamy read and watch. (And again, I express that younger viewers should not be reading it).

Also, I’m just happy to read a story that comes from a yaoi creator, but has sex scenes where the bottom says “yes” and not “no!” (If you’re a fujoshi/fudanshi, you’ll know what I mean).

Heads up though, if you haven’t read the comic in either form yet, the majority of the story is sex. That said, this comic is still a great mix of erotica and romance. It’s not just one or the other.

The Couple

Then we have the wonderful Elduin and Donestan (who’s names don’t even come up in the story!).

At the start there a great subtlety to the sexual attraction the two had for one another. I say subtle, but honestly it wasn’t that hidden to the reader or even to the characters. That said, nothing was said. It was just shown in their stares and their movements.

Then, that veiled attraction was quickly thrown off and exchanged for a red, hot burst of lust (see the sex section).

Halfway through the story, I became invested in the two and their relationship. When they started talking about swordsmanship and reading lessons I imagined them going back to whatever castle Elduin came from and living together even if as a nobleman and his trusted serf (whom he may share a bed with).

I was like, “They have to be together. They love each other! They had lots of sex and they love each other!”

Then, the story was actually breaking my heart a little when the two were preparing to separate because of societal standards.

I have to say, that’s very in touch with LGBTQ issues. Knowing that, and the work that she’s doing for Eden’s Mercy, I have major respect for Velvet Toucher for really trying to express LGBT issues and life. She goes beyond the status and work of a yaoi/BL creator. She is a creator of legitimate LGBTQ media.

In Conclusion

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this comic. I am now a true fan of Velvet Toucher’s. This comic was great and it is now one of my favorites ever.

My rating for Lost in the Snow is 5 stars out of 5 and a QF Star. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • I’m now going to head over and start reading the Act 2 webcomic pages. Goodbye world. I’m going to my happy place.