Make It Right The Series and #Adulting (LWQR)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Today is June 1st, 2016 and it’s Wednesday which means it’s time for Last Week’s Queer Reviews or LWQR. The two shows that were reviewed last week were Make it Right the Series and #Adulting.

What is LWQR? Last Week’s Queer Reviews is a list of the Queer themed media or media with Queer characters that were reviewed on this blog in the past week. This weekly post is here to catch followers up on the reviews that they missed or to show newcomers what kind of media are currently being reviewed on this blog.

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So without further ado, here is this week’s LWQR!

  1. Make it Right The Series Episode 3

Waving Fuse

Make it Right the Series is a new Boys Love web series. If you don’t know, boys love is a genre (mostly found in asian countries) where gay male relationships are the focus. This series is based after 2 book series (and as such there are talks of the show having two seasons). It is based in Thailand and is broadcast on the website Line TV. Through the help of some beautiful people on the internet us English speakers can watch English subbed videos on sites such as Youtube.

Make it Right the Series is about a group of high school boys in Thailand. While it looks as if there may be in fact 3 or 4 gay couples, the first three episodes primarily focus on one of them (seen above). So far the story follows Fuse (the one waving) after he finds out that he girlfriend is cheating on him. In despair Fuse ends up in bed with his friend Tee (holding the drink) who has a crush on him. Two then struggle with their feelings as Fuse struggles with his evolving sexuality and Tee struggles with guilt after sleeping with his drunk friend.

This particular episode of Make it Right the Series focuses again on Tee and Fuse. While the first episode was about Fuse’s despair and the second about him dealing with his drunk night, the third is about him making up with Tee and showing his conflicting feelings.

While the writing sometimes writes these characters, and their friends, to act more like children than 17 yr olds, this show is a solid one so far. The main couple of Fuse and Tee are relatable and realistic in their struggles to accept their sexuality and the consequences of it. This show is a must watch.

If you wish to look into this web series feel free to click the link above.

  1. #Adulting Episodes 1 and 2

Faye Running

This web series just succeed on Kickstarter about a month ago. The idea that created the show was that the two founders, who are also the two stars, wanted to create their own work instead of waiting for work to come to them. Only the first two episodes are out so far, and the show is currently in production so more episodes probably won’t come out for some time. That said, I just had to review it.

The setup of the show is sort of like a mix of Will and Grace and Seinfeld. It’s a show about nothing and a show about two friends, a girl and a gay guy, living through their normal/funny lives.

These first two episodes were good, and watchable, but were nothing outstanding. Each episode was only about 5-6 mins long and a nice way to pass the time. The first episode specifically was interesting because of the dynamic between the two best-friends, while the second episode, though having a good ending, seemed kind of cliche. These episodes are quick and worth a watch, but it’s necessary.

If you wish to look into this web series feel free to click the link above.

Well ladies, gentlemen, and them that is it for this LWQR. Comment below if you have any thoughts on these shows or suggestions for media that I should review and as always I hope you’re all doing well.