Boys Love in Thailand, Gaby Dunn’s latest short, and more! (LWQR)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for another Last Week’s Queer Review. The media reviewed last week range from Boys Love in Thailand to Youtuber Gaby Dunn’s latest comedy short and more.

If you don’t know the Last Week’s Queer Review is a weekly post on Queer Fudanshi. It’s a list of Queer themed media that was reviewed on the site in the last week (hence the name). This is list is to help those who missed out on earlier reviews by giving you some info about the media and whether you should watch them.

In addition, I try to make these reviews vary in topics, genre, medium, and section of the LGBT community. So, one week you’ll read about Make it Right the Series (the Boys Love in Thailand web series), the next you may read about the Netflix Original sci fi series Sense8. It’s a fun variety.

So I give you Last Week’s Queer Reviews*.

*If you are interested in any of the media click on the link next to each number.

  1. Make it Right the Series Episode 5

TeeFuse Cheek Kiss

This is an ongoing series that’s popular in Thailand and abroad. This is a story about boys love in Thailand, a genre that’s apparently catching on in the country’s mainstream culture. Make it Right the Series is about… boys love in Thailand. A group of high school boys go through the motions of youth and love.

Specifically at the center are Fuse and Tee (seen above) Fuse found out that his girlfriend was cheating. In his dispair he found himself waking up next to his friend Tee. The two then spend 5+ episodes struggling with their feelings and sexualities.

This specific episode however focuses more on the rest of the characters. I believe Tee and Fuse are at the base of the story, but the show is starting to branch out and develop the other characters. A budding romance is forming between the characters of Frame and Book, and Yok meets up with his crush.

This series is a must watch. The main couple are adorable and have great chemistry due to multiple episodes worth of time together. The rest of the characters are underdeveloped, but the show seems to be running the long game, so I believe it will all be worth it in the end. (If you’d like to start this Boys Love in Thailand story from the top, here is a link to my pilot review)

  1. 19 Days Chapters 1-55

Ch 11

19 Days is a Chinese, online, comic book (manhua) series. The story is about a young gay boy and his best friend.  In addition, there is the added mystery of the gay character (with the grey hair) having gone missing when the two were in middle school. The first few chapters express their lives after the character has reappeared. Then the story goes into a flashback depicting their middle school lives.

The first 55 chapters are either one page illustrations or five pages (maximum) of story. Now, I have to be upfront and honest and say that I am already a fan of this comic. I read every update every week, and I’m emotionally invested in this story. My review of these first 55 chapters was influenced by that.

This is the type of medium that you either take a break to let it get ahead and then binge read to catch up, or you read along every week (as I do). Each chapter is pretty short at about 5-10 pages a chapter (and only one chapter a week). The story however is funny, a little sexy, and a little heart wrenching. These first 55 chapters don’t show that because it’s the beginning. The artist Old Xian was just figuring it all out. That said, this series is a must read.

  1. “The Parking Spot”

Middle Finger Gaby

Do you ever get tired of romances or Boys Love in Thailand stories? Well, sometimes I do too. And when I do I look for other genres or media to watch. That’s where shorts or comedies like the next three media come in.

Gaby Dunn is a Youtuber that’s none for having worked for Buzzfeed and having her own channel called Just Between Us. In addition to that, she also makes vlogs or comedy shorts when she has the time. “The Parking Spot” is one of those shorts.

“The Parking Spot” is a brief short (only 3:15 mins) about a lesbian couple who have an altercation with a man who parks in the wrong place. Both women remember the event differently and comedy ensues.

That’s all I can tell you about the video as it is short, but it is definitely worth it. I was smiling the whole way through and enjoyed the video. The plot was somewhat familiar, but was presented in an interesting way. This is impressive for a random passion project with friends. I hope Dunn makes more.

  1.  “The Trans Panic Epidemic”

Popcorn laugh

This next medium is a segment from the Daily Show on Comedy Central. “The Trans Panic Epidemic” is yet about response to the multiple state bills targeting trans people. This segment interviewed trans people and a pastor to show that trans people are just normal people.

While the the host and the episode were funny, and the issue of trans people being mistreated is very real, I feel the segment was extremely biased. Again, I am of course in agreement that trans people are normal people, but this segment only presented that side. It then belittled the other side and basically had a condescending tone saying that any opposition is idiotic.

I just feel that in order to have a real conversation we need to try to understand both sides. Not mock one side, no matter if they are wrong or not. This show segment is watchable, and enjoyable, but also potentially harmful in a way that’s surprising.

  1. “In Too Deep”

Taking the Cat

This is another comedy short found on Youtube. It’s about a guy who’s dumped by his girlfriend (seen above). In his despair he hangs out by the pier. A woman mistakes him for a gay porn star and he decides to take on the identity of this man to feel special. This of course leads to some “sticky” situations.

Honestly, don’t watch this short film. It’s not worth your time. It’s not funny, and the only entertaining part of it is an actor who shows up in the last 3 mins or so. If you are so bored that you’re just looking to waste your time, feel free to watch it. Otherwise, don’t bother.

Note: Queer Fudanshi is dedicated to presenting you LGBT media (as many as can be found). That said, not all of it will be good.

  1. YanDai XieJie No. 10 Episodes 1 and 2*

Liang Thigh Rub

*Note: The videos with the translations for this series have been deleted due to a copyrighting claim. Apparently the company that owns the rights to the show went copyright happy. Due to this, I cannot legally share a link for a new video (even if there was one).

Lastly, YanDai XieJie No. 10 is a boys love web series from China. There exists a novel under the same name  which inspired this web series.

The show is about novelist Liang Ze, a man with who’s always told he has a “weird” personality. Liang’s pet Chinchillas one day act weirdly, so Liang takes them to the pet shop owned by his internet pen pal Huang Hang. Their love story then begins.

There are only a few episode out of this web series so far. The show has an extremely slow buildup based on the two episodes that were reviewed so far. This may feel worth it by the end of the show, but right now it’s boring. Watch the show if you are free, but don’t expect much. Besides the gym scene (seen above) you’ll waste about 40 mins of your life and have seen basically nothing.

That is it for this Last Week’s Queer Reviews. If you enjoyed my talk of Boys Love in Thailand, Gaby Dunn’s latest short, a gay teen and his best friend and more, feel free to comment below. And as always, I hope you’re all doing well.