Interviewing Trans People, Lesbian Valedictorian, & TeeXFuseXRodtang? (LWQR)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi and to another Last Week’s Queer Reviews! Every Wednesday I write a list of the LGBT themed media that I reviewed in the past week. For this week I’ve got a pretty diverse group of media. Interested in shows interviewing Trans People? Up for a little love rivalry? Looking for a little school love between two women just on the edge of discovering their sexuality? Tired of love stories and wanna watch an epic sci fi story-line?

I’ve got all that for you and more!

So without further ado, here are Last Week’s Queer Reviews!

  1. Sitting in Bathrooms with Trans People Episodes 1-3

Fab Lawyer Bitch

This is a web series created by Seriously Tv in which host Dylan Marron sits in bathrooms interviewing Trans Poeple. Yeah, it’s a pretty self-explanatory title. This show is a response to the multiple state bills being passed that target Trans People. It’s used as a way to show that trans people are just normal people.

The videos are quick 3-4 minutes videos. They’re easy to absorb and process, and can be done if you have 30 mins to spare. The show itself, while produced to have childish gag scenes, is very helpful to the cause and the the community. It’s important to show that Trans people are just normal people Interviewing trans people makes it easier to show that. Dumb formatting or not, it’s worth a watch.

If you are interested in this show interviewing trans people feel free to click the link above.

  1. Eventually, I Will Become Yours Volume 1


This is shoujo ai manga. If you don’t know what some of those words mean please refer to the Important Terms page. This comic book follows the lives of two girls in high school. The main character Yuu is a freshman who’s absorbed too many love stories and love songs. Because of this she has these high expectations of glittering love. Feeling that she will never know that feeling she meet’s student council president Nanami who feels the same way. But then suddenly Nanami confesses her love to Yuu.

This manga is interesting because of it’s concept. A girl who is emotionally stunted because of her absorbing too many love stories. I think that’s an interesting topic. In addition, it’s handling the whole aspect of Nanami falling for Yuu and Yuu not knowing how to deal with that, very well.

This is the first volume in an ongoing manga series. If you are interested feel free to click the link above.

  1. Make it Right the Series Episode 4

Rock on Rodtang

That’s right, yet another episode of Make it Right the Series. This web series is the current boys love property to watch. It’s about a bunch of high school boys, who act like middle school boys (never letting it go), in Thailand. While it seems that there will be four gay male couples right now the show is focusing on one and will be slowly bringing out the others.

Right now the show follows Fuse who finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him. He drinks his worries away and wakes up in his friend Tee’s bed. The two then face their feeling as Fuse struggles with his evolving sexuality and Tee struggles with guilt of bedding his drunk friend.

This current episode again follows Tee and Fuse, but adds something new with a sudden love triangle. Rodtang who appeared in episode one shows up again and is clearly crushing on Fuse (which is noticed by Tee, but not by Fuse). This was genreally a good episode, though I might be biased cause I’m kind of in love with Rodtang.

If you’re interested in this show feel free to click this link to my review of the pilot or to the link above to the most recent episode.

  1. Sense8 Episode 4

You're murdering me

Sense8 is another ongoing show is currently being reviewed on this show. It is a Netflix original show with a sci fi/drama aspect. The show follows eight individuals around the globe who one day find that they are connected to each other. They find that the start talking each other’s languages, sensing each other’s feelings and more. Of course, this then leads to a random evil organizatio to pop up out of nowhere who wants to try to kill them.

This episode is great in many ways. It pushes forward the sensate overarching story-line well with both Nomi (seen above) and Will. All the other characters are living their own lives and going through they’re own problems. This show sometimes feels more like one very long movie chopped up into sections than a tv show. It’s very interesting and I couldn’t recommend it any more.

If you’re interested in this show feel free to click this link to my review of the pilot or to jump in from the fourth episode with the link above.

That’s it for this week’s reviews. If you liked or disliked the media that was reviewed this past week feel free to comment below. As always, I hope you’re all doing well.