Make it Right: The Series Season 2 Episode 1 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s talk! Today, we’re going to talk about Make it Right: The Series Season 2 Episode 1.

Make it Right: The Series is a Thai tv show that premiered in the Spring of 2016. The series followed a bunch of energetic high school boys and specifically on two couples.

The first couple, were  Tee and Fuse. Fuse found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. In his drunken despair he ended up sleeping with his friend Tee. The two then dealt with their feelings after the fact.

Then there was Book and Frame. Book is the academic type and Frame is the class clown. Book, having gotten away from a bad boyfriend, has a one-night stand with Frame that evolves into more. But, problems arise for the couple.

If this premise interests you and you want to start from the top, head on over to my post about the first episode.

In addition, this second season also seems to not only be bringing in romantic rivals for both couples, but there also looks to be a third relationship forming.

My Thoughts Before Watching

I liked the first season of Make it Right: The Series. It was my first Thai tv drama, so there I was kind of lost on Thai culture for a few episodes. That said, I liked the characters, after I accepted that they all act pretty childish, and I want to see where they go from here. Let’s get started.

This is Make it Right: The Series Season 2 Episode 1.

Where to Watch:


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The Talk (Non-Spoilers):

Make it Right: the Series Season 2 Episode 1 is absolutely cheesy and is absolute fujoshi clickbait. Part of me’s bothered by it, and part of me’s SO INTO IT. There’s everything from the very cheesy opener, to the classic falling over each other and climbing out of a pool scenes, to immature boys, and couple shirts. All of that adds to the very cheese-tastic feel of the show.

That said, there are some steamy parts as well, which makes Make it Right: the Series Season 2 Episode 1 feel somewhere between being very immature and adult with talk about developing sexualities. While at times, like when I reported on the threesome marketing campaign, the story’s mixed tone feels off, I generally enjoy this show anyway.

Also, this series is helped and hindered by the fact that there are so many characters. (Plus, this season introduces a new couple and two romantic foils for two of the already established couples!) All of these characters and stories make it hard for the writing to focus on each equally. And, it feels like the writing isn’t trying. Instead it focuses on one or two couples (one of which has a very tired out storyline) and then everyone else fights for the pieces of scenes left.

That said, I enjoyed the episode, as cheesy as it was, and look forward to watching more.

The Talk (Spoilers):

The Beginning Scene

The episode starts off cheesy. Really cheesy. I was actually cringing while watching. I like the idea of, “Here are the couples if you’ve forgotten or are new!” But the boys, all hyper and happy, comes off as children.

Second, the “Nooo” at the end of the dream sequence just came off as really weird. Also, during the arm grabbing part, the mic was really sensitive. It was picking up on the actor’s breathing.

So again, I like the attempt and I won’t think too badly of it, but the entire scene made me cringe from start to finish.


After watching all of Make it Right: the Series Season 2 Episode 1, I can say that I’m tired of the main couple.

I like TeeFuse, but they’re storyline is boring and repetitive at this point. Fuse is confused about Jean and Tee is confused about Fuse being confused. Cool, we did that for a whole season. Either shake it up or focus on a different couple (preferably the latter).

I’d rather focus on RodNine or YokMo (what I’m calling them) than watch Fuse be confused about Jean and Tee again. Of course, the new romantic interest for Tee will spice things up, but I really just want the main focus to be someone else.

I mean, why is Fuse even still with Jean? She’s cheated on him and he’s cheated on her. Just end it already!

Also, I don’t like that Tee is saying, “You should talk to [Jean]. You guys are cute together,” and “I don’t want to be the reason you two break up,” when during all of Season 1 he was trying to get Fuse to break up with her.

Tee didn’t like that Fuse was with her. That’s what started their fight at the end of the season (before Fuse then found a way to make it about him). So, that writing seemed to be betraying what the show set up in season 1.



Ohm (who plays Frame) changed a lot, but this time its just a new hairstyle and I think he’s gotten taller (as opposed to Nine who I talk about below). Actually though, both boys seem to have changed a bit. They’ve both become more muscular (as the pool scene so obviously pointed out).

Also, while TeeFuse brought the cheesy/loving moments, BookFrame brought the cheesy yet sexy moments. Seriously, that glamour shot of Book climbing out of the pool was hilariously cliché…. but also effective. Plus, Ohm is really giving Frame’s sexy lines his all. In a few years, that boy could be a sex icon.

My only problem with their scene though is, how did Frame not know that Book had a red birthmark on his shoulder? Haven’t the two been dating and having sex? That brought be out of it for a second.


At the start of the show (while they were getting dressed and ready for school) I was like, “Why does Nine look different? Did the actor change is hair or something?” I then looked it up, it’s a totally different actor named Win. I’m interested in seeing how he does with the character.

Also, this episode was greatly lacking with this couple. Hopefully, they’ll get more soon.


I am horrifyingly invested in this YokMo couple. Just their small part in Make it Right the Series Season 2 Episode 1 excited me. I need more of them! No more TeeFuse! This is the age of YokMo!

But honestly, I already love the dynamic between them. I was wondering how Lukmo would react to the very queer conscious Yok. Would they make it a sort of culture shock storyline, for instance?

But, it turns out that the writing’s going for more of a bad mouthed lover with an adoring boyfriend. Yok is mean to Lukmo because he doesn’t know how to express himself, and Lukmo, the romantic, thinks of Yok like a prince(cess). I know that sounds cliché, but for some reason I love it. Maybe it just pulls at my trashy fudanshi sensibilities.

Also, the reveal that Lukmo got dumped so his girlfriend could date Yok will make for interesting drama.


I forgot all about the sister honestly (and sadly, ’cause I liked how she took control of her storyline at the end of season 1). When I saw her I started to wonder if her story will continue in this season or if she’ll be pushed out to make room for the new couple and love triangles. That’d be unfortunate, since I feel like her story still had life in it.

I also forgot about the Christine character! I was happy to see her back. Though, I wish that gender fluid characters weren’t always played up for jokes in Thai dramas. But, I suppose that’s just the culture of them for now. I hope in time that’ll change.

In Conclusion

Make it Right: the Series Season 2 Episode 1 was cheesy, a little spicy, and very nice. I enjoyed it, despite the cringe that I got a few times in the episode. I’m looking forward to seeing more YokMo of the story.

Extra Thoughts

  • Fuse has such a nice room. And its different from the one they had before. Maybe that house upgrade is why his family’s on a strict budget….
  • I love how they have to wear long sweaters for winter wear, but still have to wear short shorts.
    • Reminds me of how girls have to still wear skirts for their uniforms even in the winter. It’s just stupid.
  • I also love how I could even find humor in the sex scenes. That part when Frame and Book were making out after the pool for instance. Toey (who plays Book) tried to grab onto Ohm’s butt, but he couldn’t cause it’s so small. I died.
    • Also, apparently Toey is 21 while Ohm is 17. They’re actors so no big deal, but that surprised me.
  • I kind of miss Wit’s glasses…