Make it Right The Series Season 2 Episode 2 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s talk! Today, we’re going to talk about Make it Right: The Series Season 2 Episode 2.

Make it Right: The Series is a Thai tv show that premiered in the Spring of 2016. The series followed a bunch of energetic high school boys and specifically on two couples.

The first couple, were  Tee and Fuse. Fuse found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. In his drunken despair he ended up sleeping with his friend Tee. The two then dealt with their feelings after the fact.

Then there was Book and Frame. Book is the academic type and Frame is the class clown. Book, having gotten away from a bad boyfriend, has a one-night stand with Frame that evolves into more. But, problems arise for the couple.

If this premise interests you and you want to start from the top, head on over to my post about the first episode. Or, you can start from the top of this second season.

In addition, this second season also seems to not only be bringing in romantic rivals for both couples, but there also looks to be a third relationship forming.

My Thoughts Before Watching

YokMo (Or MoYok… however you wanna call it). That’s all I care about. I’ve long stopped caring about TeeFuse (mostly Fuse). I want more YokMo and I want it now. That’s all I have to say.

This is Make it Right: The Series Season 2 Episode 1.

Where to Watch:


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The Talk (Non-Spoilers):

I love the developing new couples and want to see how they play out. They are interesting because of the situations developing around them, like Yok dealing with his mother/”girlfriend” and this random boy Lukmo flirting with him. In addition, there is another couple that got attention in this episode, which surprised and pleased me.

That said, the story is currently bogged down by a main couple that is on a constant repeat. Nothing new is happening with TeeFuse, and I honestly don’t care for it any longer. Just as Tee is getting frustrated with Fuse (again), I’m getting frustrated with the couple (but mostly Fuse). Sadly, they brought down my interest in this episode.

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):


I love, love, LOVE that Make it Right: the Series Season 2 Episode 2 (the title’s starting to get long), started with this couple. That said, that joy quickly disappeared once all the poop and fart jokes started.

This show loves to show us boys with bowel problems doesn’t it? And I really want the show to stop that. Yes, its a natural part of life, but making jokes out of it just comes off as disgusting and immature.

And this again adds to the feeling of Make it Right skirting the line of being immature and very sexual. At the start of the episode YokMo have superhero pickup lines and poop jokes, and then towards the end they had that risque crotch grab scene.

I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and Shamelessso I’m used to adult scenes. But, the line skirting on this show makes stuff like that feel much bolder.

Also, I kind of love Praew. She’s so cheesy. Its as if she’s like, “Yeah, I’m just here to get paid, but I might as well have fun too.” The way she bopped her head to the side while Yok was rambling was great.

Also, I get why Yok wants to freak out his mother, but why not let Lukmo in on the plan and not lead him on? Is it because Yok doesn’t trust Lukmo yet? The deception seemed a little cruel.


“Eww.. our main couple.” Yes, that was actually in my notes when first saw TeeFuse.

Honestly, I don’t care for these two at all at the moment. I care more for Tee because he’s really being lead on by Fuse, but the couple’s storyline as whole has tired me.

I’m just so tired of the TeeFuse back and forth, and the FuseJean back and forth. I want something new with the story or for them to get less screen time. In fact, bring in the love triangle. Clearly, TeeFuse’s story needs it.


FrameBook were short and sweet in this episode. Not much to talk about other than the fact that Frame was walking around in an apron and underwear and nothing else.

At first I was cringing, but then I was like, “Huh, I get it. It’s a classic fantasy.”

… No really, that’s all there is to talk about with that scene.

Willy (Working Ship Name)

At the start of the episode, I was still mourning Witt’s glasses. I just think he looked better with them. Then I was reminded that Witt’s a perv. Then, I was suddenly surprised to see that he’s getting his own romance storyline.


I was like, “Wit gets a romance? Yay! Straight love!”

As for his romantic partner, I like Lily’s clothing sense and I think she’s an interesting romantic foil/match. Wit is a pervert and a know-it-all, but he’ll be at his “Wit’s end” with Lily (proud of that joke) who’s more authoritative then him.

Its another interesting pairing that has more pop to it than TeeFuse’s story. But, all they have right now is the fact that they’re an interesting pair. What will their storyline be like?


In Conclusion

I am beyond tired of the main couple’s storyline. It never changes and its stretched out to the point that its just bland as can be. That said, I’m interested in seeing how the other couples are forming and flowing, so I’m happy that a good enough amount of time is being given to them in Make it Right: the Series Season 2 Episode 2.

I look forward to seeing more of them, and hope that TeeFuse won’t bore me again in the next episode.

Extra Thoughts

  • RodNine’s scene wasn’t that significant, so I didn’t talk about it but I have to say:
    • Nine’s new actor is so much shorter than Rodtang’s actor!
  • Did Praew’s actor change?
  • Did I mention I’m tired of the Fuse/Jean story?
  • There was someone else besides Wit right? Es? Where was he in this episode?
  • Everything at the start of the season is cutesy. Boys playing & in love. Before shit gets real I hope.
  • Silver_Silphy

    I like the Mo character. He’s a good friend and deserves to be happy.
    The producers are trying to milk Tee Fuse for all they are wort and the cash cow kinda rode the bus out of town long time ago. Still popular, apparently, with the target audience in the home country, apparently.
    Willy is an interesting mix. Hopes he goes for it 🙂
    The new Nine is not as forceful as the old one. He wasn’t the best replacement.
    I still wanna see Fing/ Mook/ Tan from S01! That story line seems to have gone down the drain.
    Interesting episode. It set up a good bit for the rest of the season. It still manages to keep my interest.
    Teefus can’t go on this way too long. Let’s see what develops.

    • Hopefully that love triangle starts soon, because it looks like that’ll be the only thing that’ll change TeeFuse’s story.

  • Jennifer Haag

    I haven’t watched this series because I think the actors/couples are very young in this series. My personal preference is that it’s hard to watch kids be romantic, even though I know they do. I like Sotus because they are college aged students. Are there any other web series with adult actors portraying bl? I just started the first episode on YouTube of the web series called the magical book. It’s a story, so far of adults who are struggling with their real life, and I like the main characters quite a lot. I found it on the Boys Love channel. I’m curious to hear your opinion, if you have time to pick up a new show.

    • Silver_Silphy

      Part Time, which is not strictly BL, but as realistic as a drama could be.

      • Jennifer Haag

        I’ll give that one a shot, thanks 🙂

        • Seconded with Part Time. In fact, it’s my favorite Thai drama that I’ve seen in the past year.