Make it Right the Series Episode 12 (Season Finale) TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s talk! Today, we’re going to be reviewing Make it Right the Series Episode 12 or the Make it Right Season 1 Finale.

New to Make it Right? Well, don’t start at the end! A brief summary is that this is a MCOT tv show from Thailand about a bunch of high school boys falling in and out of love. Our main couple are Tee and Fuse (TeeFuse). Fuse found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. In his drunk despair he ended up sleeping with his friend Tee. The two then dealt with their feelings after the fact. If this premise interests you, head on over to my review of the first episode.

My Thoughts Before Watching

I’m excited guys. I’m excited to see how this story will end. First off, I of course want a resolution for the Jean issue. Will Fuse pick his old girlfriend or stick with his new boyfriend? At first, I assumed that Fuse would just dump Jean, but if he’s so attached to her perhaps he’ll go the other way. Certainly that would leave us on an interesting cliffhanger for the end of the season.

Also, I have to say, what is Jean thinking? Throughout all of this how is she not connecting the dots? Just two episodes ago she was basically sharing her boyfriend. That said, do we want her to find out? What if she becomes like the girlfriend from Uncontrolled Love?

As for the other characters and couples. I’m interested to see the after affects of the love triangle between Tan, Fing, and Mook. I also wonder what’s up with Yok. Will he get some resolution or will we have to wait for the next season? Perhaps he’ll be the main character in that one. Also, there’s always Rodtang. Will he and Nine finally have a confession?

This is Make it Right the Series Episode 12. 

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*Translated by Chola D. and Chocomail Caralat

My Review (Spoilers Ahead):

So apparently this episode just turned out to be adorable, adorable, interesting… and a little melodramatic.


FrameBook Cheek Kiss

These two were adorable from start to finish. That’s mostly because their drama ended in the last episode. That made it easy for them to just be cute and happy and pleasant. Seriously, there’s nothing to complain about here.

Of course, you could make an argument and say that there’s nothing to complain about because there’s basically nothing there. Just a few smiles and kisses for fanservice and that’s it. Like I said however, they are having some happiness after some (melo)dramatic episodes. Let’s let them be.

Also, this scene had some great shots. I took a good few gifs and pics that you can expect to show up on my Tumblr page.



Again, I might have asked for too much from these two. No confessions were shared, but the two seem closer than ever. I can accept that. Of course, I’m totally biased with these two and want to see fanservice, but the writing was smart enough not to listen to me. Long game Devin, remember the long game.

Yok, Mo, and Praew

Mo and Praew

This group has me the most baffled out of Make it Right the Series Episode 12. In the first scene with Mo and Praew I was upset caused I liked them as a couple. In the few scenes that they were in I actually thought that Mo and Praew seemed great. Even in that last scene. They were both crying and Praew tried to push Mo away by telling him she didn’t love him (like he’s a horse that needed to be free).

That said, then later it’s revealed that Praew is actually now hanging out with Yok at Yok’s mother’s request. I feel like she’s just an f-hag in training based off of the Yok scene. That seemed fun, but also it was very weird.

I feel like the only reason these scenes were included would be to set up Mo and Yok in the next season. I say this because the promotional pictures of this season had Mo and Yok together. This set up the idea that they would be a couple. Perhaps, all of this is set up for that in season 2.  Honestly, I’m just at a loss with this particular group. I’ll wait until season 2 to see if it was all worth it.

Tan and Fing

Sad Tan

Oh Tan, how did you turn from the cool guy character into the Jerky loser character? As I stated earlier, Tan’s problem is that he obsessed over Fing. Once he found out she wasn’t interested he then turned depressive (which is understandable), and then angry (which is not so ok).

His argument is that Fing strung him along and knew his feelings. While I understand his mindset in feeling that way, I know that he is wrong. She doesn’t have to go, “Oh, I see that you’re into me, and I need you to bring it down.” That’s not her job. That’s like saying women need to dress more conservatively because men can’t control their sexual urges.

Ultimately, Tan is the one at fault here because he was obsessive when she gave no indication that she was interested. She may have noticed his feelings, but she never flirted back. Also, good on Fing and the actress for their speech at the end. She defended herself and she did it well.

As for Mook, she didn’t do anything in that situation, which is bad because she’s a part of it. I will say that I’m still reflecting on the last episode. I’m still not sure what Fing’s feelings are toward Mook. I’m still waiting for her to express her own feelings instead of others pushing their feelings onto her. Perhaps that’s why I was so into her defending herself.

Lastly, what was with that Timbum situation? Either it was Fing in a wig or it was the actress playing a different character and the show was being quirky. Someone please explain that to me, because I still don’t understand it.


Sad Fuse Make it Right the Series Season 1 Finale

Oh our wonderful main couple. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about these two. There really wasn’t much going on with them at the end. First off, Jean’s still waiting in the wings. I understand though that she does bring a lot of drama for these two and that will probably be important for season 2.

Other than that, this episode was mostly just montages and shots of Fuse being sad. They did have a nice ending with that hug at the end, but that’s all it was… nice. To quote the witch from the musical Into the Woods, “[It’s] not good. [It’s] not bad. [It’s] just nice.”

That said, they’re the main couple so they got to be this post’s featured image. lol.

In conclusion

I’m satisfied with Make it Right the Series Episode 12, but I’m not happy. I think this episode was mostly good, but it had it’s down moments too. That said, it has left me interested in what’s to come in season 2, so I guess it did it’s job. Now when’s that season coming out again?

My rating for Make it Right the Series Episode 12 aka the Season Finale is 4 out of 5 stars. What’s yours?

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