Mr. Hare & Mr. Bear // American Webcomic Eco Blast

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s talk. Today, we’re going to have a brief talk about Mr. Hare & Mr. Bear.

Mr. Hare & Mr. Bear is an American webcomic created by artist Kara Leopard. The official premise goes:

Meet Roger Hare. He’s an up and coming novelist and single father of triplets. One night after a long trip he finds a man passed out in front of his apartment door and decides to bring him inside. What kind of sane person does that? Who’s this mystery man and how much is he going to change Roger’s life?

This is Mr. Hare & Mr. Bear.

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My Quick Thoughts:

Since I feel that the story does not have enough length to have a full discussion about it, I’m doing this Eco Blast instead. This is of course to let you guys know that this webcomic exists.

So what do I think? Generally, I have to say that I find the main character Roger Hare to be absolutely adorable. What makes this character so right is that he is wholly himself and extremely expressive. Ms. Leopard has made a wonderful protagonist for a comic and has used the medium’s advantages to do so. The many panels showing the array of emotions that Mr. Hare goes through on a typical day makes that character so much more enjoyable to watch. From his crush on Mr. Bear, to his love for his kids, to his utter shock towards the idea of working, to his dread towards the storyline in the late 20s chapters. All of it makes him a great, goofy, and relatable protagonist.

In fact, his joy and humor bleeds into the first two-thirds of the webcomic so far. The story reads like a fun slice-of-life with a hilarious romantic introduction. Adding to that, the story has a fun and diverse cast of characters that support Mr. Hare in his world.

That said, the artist does have bigger plans for the story as can be seen in those earlier stated late 20s chapters. The story gets much darker, though not in a horrific way, and has an air of espionage. I’m excited to keep reading this story as it wonderfully fluctuates between comedy, romance, and high stakes thriller.

In Conclusion

Mr. Hare & Mr. Bear is a webcomic that I just randomly came across on Tumblr, and I had to share it with you guys. I highly recommend checking this comic out, and then either comment below with your thoughts or wait until the comic gets a little farther. Then, I’ll put up an official “review”/conversation post and we can all get talking.