My Bromance the Series Episodes 5-8 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to talk about My Bromance the Series Episodes 5-8.

My Bromance the Series is tv show from Thailand that’s based off of a film of the same name. Which I talked about, you can click here to check out my thoughts of the movie.

The story is a sort of alternate ending to the movie. Step-brothers Golf and Bank fell in love. After finding this out, Golf’s father sent him to the USA to study, leaving Bank behind. 8 years later, Bank and Golf return home. Bank returns with a fiance named Jackson and must now decide who he truly loves. Golf, his childhood lover or Jackson, his boyfriend of 2 years. 

The story follows the two during the present day, while also showing multiple flashbacks depicting their relationship when they were students.

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My Thoughts Before Watching

It’s been a month since I last took a look at My Bromance the Series, and the show’s already finished by now. I’d decided that along with Part Time the Series I would binge watch the show so that I could have my thoughts up for you guys. I hope you like them.

This is My Bromance the Series Episodes 5-8.

Where to Watch:

Channel 9 is a Thai Tv channel that runs the series. They have an official youtube channel that they usually upload their shows to once the series has ended. If that happens, I will share a legal link.

My Thoughts (Spoilers Ahead):

Episode 5

I love that that included the Pokemon Go scene at the start of the episode. Too bad that fad died just as fast as it got popular. I wonder if that joke will make sense 10 years from now.

Also, just as in the last episode, I really like the chemistry between Golf and his father, if you can call it that. The air between the two is purposefully uncomfortable. Though they’ve forgiven each other, they still aren’t the perfect father and son. I think the two actors have done well to show that relationship in the past few episodes.

I also really enjoy the childhood scenes. They just have a lot of energy to them while the adult scenes are more about the slow/emotional drama. Both are good, but the childhood scenes are more entertaining to me.

Also, at the end… did the father just approve of Golf and Bank being together?

Episode 6

The more I watch this show the more I think that the past sequences and present sequences are two very different worlds. The past sequence is so happy and energetic while the present one is so dramatic yet sometimes stiff.

That said, Golf’s call to Bank’s fiance Jackson was absolutely immature and absolutely hilarious. Thank god for that. That breathed some fresh air into a starting to be a stale time period.

Speaking of men who love Bank, it was interesting that the story chose to focus on Tom’s family life. It’s a sad, and sadly common, story of a child stressed out by bickering parents. What I really liked was the idea of a room full of paper cranes. It gives an almost magical image.

Lastly, Bank’s father is an absolute psycho and he gave me the creeps. That’s a great job on the actor’s part and even on Kai’s (Bank’s) acting too. The atmosphere of the cafe scene was wonderfully intense. Plus, that fake out of the fighting couple was well played.

Episode 7

Yup. His father is psycho. Again, good for the two actors for really giving the scenes their all though. Also, while Golf showing up at the exact moment he needed to was a little much, the fight scene with the family against the father was well done.

Also, while we’re talking about fathers, can we talk about how inconsiderate Tom’s father was being? His mother was just trying to thwart the father, but the father was being careless with Tom. He planned a party weeks ago, but only chose to tell his son he had to perform a day before. Then, the day of he tells him to change which song he’ll be performing? Really? And then locking him in?

He’s still miles away from psycho killer dad, but he’s bad in his own way.

One thought that I actually have for the present storyline is about Bank and Pang. Why are they being given their parent’s medical info as if they’re the guardians. Both parents seem lucid enough that they can make their own decisions concerning their healthcare. That came off as weird to me.

Sadly, that’s all I have to say about the present storyline. The past storyline is just way more entertaining. The present needs to step it up.

Episode 8

At the start, I loved seeing the two boys clicking and connecting. Poor Tom never had a chance. Bank is like a territorial dog who’s claimed his prize.

I also really appreciate the inclusion of Ko’s mothers. The scene of them comforting him was very sweet. Also, while its sad that people really feel this way, I do appreciate the drama for having other parents try to cause trouble for them. It’s very real to life.

Lastly, why did Golf have paint over the posters (and punch Tom)? That was very childish of him. But then I had to laugh because he didn’t remember to clean his shoe off. That was a nice touch.

In Conclusion

As I watch more of this show I can’t help but feel that I like the past way more than the present. There’s just not as much going on in the present as there is in the past. The characters are more lively and more interesting there. As such, I both feel like the present is bringing down the quality of the series overall, and I’m also interested in seeing if the present will get more interesting in these last four episodes.

My rating for My Bromance the Series is 3 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • Is the actor playing the Ko (Vice President character) the same one who played Chon (Tong’s friend) in Part Time the Series?
  • For some reason I really like the actress who plays the aunt. She has a very cool look about her.
  • Also, you;d think the aunt would know the story of Bank and his mom being abused.
  • I am dubbing Episode 7 as “Psycho Father” and having it’s theme song as “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads.
  • Why was the coach’s storyline included? I’m interested in seeing how that’s significant to the story later on.
    • Based off of the Ep 9 preview. I have an idea.