My Bromance the Series Episodes 9-12 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to talk about My Bromance the Series Episodes 9-12.

My Bromance the Series is tv show from Thailand that’s based off of a film of the same name. Which I talked about, you can click here to check out my thoughts of the movie.

The story is a sort of alternate to the movie. Step-brothers Golf and Bank fall in love. The tv series follows the trials and tribulations the two go through in order to fall in love and stay in it.

In addition, the story also focuses on their life 8 years later.  Bank and Golf havebeen working and living abroad, but have now returned home. Bank returns with an engagement ring on his hand and must now decide who he truly loves. Golf, his childhood lover or Jackson, his boyfriend of 2 years. 

Also, feel free to click here for my thoughts on episode 1.

My Thoughts Before Watching

We’ve come to the end of My Bromance the Series. In this season finale, I’m mostly just looking to see if there will be anything interesting happening in the present to distract me from the ever shining past (there’s a sentence).

We’ll see if that’ll happen.

This is My Bromance the Series Episodes 9-12.

Where to Watch:

Channel 9 is a Thai Tv channel that runs the series. They have an official youtube channel that they usually upload their shows to once the series has ended. If that happens, I will share a legal link.

My Thoughts (Spoilers Ahead):

Episode 9

I feel like this show was hoping to get a second season at this point. We’re at episode 9 and I don’t feel like we’re in the third act of the season. It feels like they’re only getting started with the story, certainly concerning the present storyline.

LOVE Golf when he’s messing with Jackson and Bank. Those are the moments when the character shines (besides when he’s shirtless of course). I feel like Golf and his actor Cooper Patpasit are comedic gold waiting to be mined. I hope the writers/directors eventually realized that and used it more.

Speaking of, as soon as Golf went to shower I knew he would come into the video call with Jackson shirtless. It was obvious. So obvious that it was downright stupid of Bank to say he was alone. I can’t decide if that was purposely stupid of the character or accidentally stupid of the writing for the character.

In general, I really enjoyed the present storyline in this episode. Most of that is because they upped the flirting and I’m BL trash. That said, there’s also a lot of happy energy in this episode and honestly in the past ones the present storyline was bogged down with only slow, dramatic stories.

That said, the past storyline had it’s great moments too. Seeing all the friends get along was good and I like the idea of the teacher and Tar being so close. The whole mentor/mentee or best friends despite their ages concept is nice.

Episode 10

The preview for this episode made it look like it was going to be really good, and I wasn’t let down.

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this show in its later half. This episode specifically was very intense with lots of things happening and lots of emotions flying and still having a lot of energy to it. Plus, this whole topic of gay teachers was very interesting.

As Silver_Silphy (shoutout) noted in the comments of the last post, this show is really good at showing the differences in perspectives in 8 years. The 2008 story is full of misunderstanding and hatred towards gay people and gay romance, while the 2016 one sees gay marriage and dating as everyday. What a difference 8 years can make.

As for some specific characters, I really feel bad for Mr. Letyut, but I also wish he’d defend himself. Why isn’t he saying he isn’t doing anything wrong? (Also, I love how the show didn’t try to explain what he was doing at the dolphin park).

Next, I liked the fighting between Tom and Golf. Love rivalries are cliché as all else, but again… BL trash. But that moment when Golf wanted Tom to stand up against his parents was a specifically good moment. He lost all grounding in the race for Bank.

As for Parn, I have no remorse for her. Yes, she got her feelings hurt, but she ultimately did a terrible thing to Mr. Letyut and Tar. So, I hated that everyone went to comfort her. I know friendship code calls for comforting her, but with the actual situation does she really deserve it?

Episode 11

More sick mother stories, and two this time! Why are they doing this to me?

It’s very easy to feel bad for the cousin Pang. She’s just trying to take care of her mother. (And then Golf had to go and give her a heart attack).

Also, I think the story about Tar’s mother was a good way for the writers to go. It explains the relationship between Tar and Mr. Letyut, it explains the hug, and it gives a sympathetic background to Tar’s character. (Though, they didn’t say how the two met).

While in this season the writers have let a few balls drop (i.e. Mr. Letyut at the dolphin park), they juggled this one perfectly.

My last thought for this episode is that I think the story did a good enough job making me forgive Parn. As much as I don’t like what Parn did, I also think that Jaeb handled it the wrong way at the beginning. Of course, she’s like what? 15 in this? She probably wouldn’t make the most mature decision.

Then, seeing Parn grow from the experience was nice, so I forgive her. lol. (Like she needed my forgiveness).

Episode 12

I like when this show gives us actual humor. The scenes of Golf trying to work were funny. My favorite was the photoshoot scene (and not for what you’d think). Adding Jaeb to the situation made it much funnier. Especially the faces she made with the photographer kept asking for more.

I think the one character I’ll miss the most from this show is Jaeb. She is funny, energetic, and motivated. Besides the moments when Golf is used for comedy, she is the most entertaining character.

I also have to talk briefly about the Tom character. I know he’s a fictional character, but I hope in his future he was able to be happy. Maybe that would mean he found the courage to fight his parents. Maybe that meant he just left them and never told them anything. (Also, poor Ko!)

Lastly, our main couple. First off, good job on the show for going so far as to have a sex scene. It was very sensual, which is something I’m not used to because I watch way too many HBO-esque stuff. (I mean, just think of Shameless. It starts with graphic sex)

In addition, I feel like I’ve only just started with them and not ended with them. This season definitely deserves a second season so that we can see the two growing more. How did it go when the family found out in the past? What are they going to do about Jackson? There’s still more that can be explored with them.

In Conclusion

I looked it up and season 2 has already been announced (And thank god for it). I’m not surprised though as most definitely this show planned for one to happen. A lot happened in the past story, but there’s still some things left to see. Then, there is a A LOT that can be seen in the present storyline. I feel like it was planned out that way from the start.

When season two comes out I will, of course, watch it and hope to see more of the 2016 storyline. In the meantime, I at least enjoyed the roller coaster of emotions in the 2008 story (and the later half of the present too).

My rating for My Bromance the Series Episodes 9-12 is 4 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • The timing doesn’t add up with Bank’s education. He apparently already has (or is getting) his Masters degree. A Bachelors takes 3-4 years. A Masters takes 2-3 years. Plus, he was somewhere between freshman-junior year in the past storyline. I know he’s really smart, but could he really have done all that in 8 years?
  • I appreciated the Got7 reference.
  • Can I just say I loved the deep side-eye Jaeb gave Parn at the start of episode 11?
  • The set for Parn’s home in Episode 11 is the house the boys lived in for Part Time the Series.
  • The lunar eclipse was a nice touch. I looked it up and there was a lunar eclipse on New Years Eve in 2008.
  • I’m imagining Jaeb asked everyone for their measurements before the trip so she could order the hanbok garments. If they refused she forced it out of them.
  • I wonder if Jackson will play a bigger roll in the next season.
  • I also hope to see Wan, Parn, and Tar in the present storyline in season 2.