My Bromance // Thai Film Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to talk about My Bromance the film.

My Bromance is a movie from Thailand from 2014 that starred Teerapat Lohanan and Pongsatorn Sripinta.

Golf (played by Lohanan) grew up in a rich but emotionally broken household. In addition to the fact that Golf’s father is often on business trips, Golf himself is angry towards his neglectful father and the world for taking his mother away from him.

It’s then that his father suddenly appears with  a new wife and teenage son nicknamed Bank (played by Sripinta). While Golf is hot-tempered, Bank is sweet-natured and hopeful. These two at first are at odds, but slowly accept each other and eventually fall in love.

My Thoughts Before Watching

People have been telling me countless times to watch this movie and the tv series that follows it. This is apparently a very good romance drama, or at least that’s what everyone’s telling me. Because of that, I’m naturally going into watching this film with high hopes. Let’s hope I’m not expecting too much.

Also, I do have to say that before I read the premise of this story I assumed that bromance wasn’t actually about brothers. I thought it was a fun titled that hinted toward two friends in a bromance that evolved into a romance.

I do have to say that I kind of cringed when I realized its a step-brother romance. Those who’ve followed QF for a bit know that I LOVE Addicted the Web Series, but find the whole step-brother romance something I’d rather forget. I feel like I’ll think the same thing about this film and the following series.

This is My Bromance.

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

I will be honest from the start, after watching the entire film I’m not happy with it. The first 2/3rds of the film were wonderful. Everything from the directing, to the main couple, the friends, and even Thom were all interesting and dramatic (in a good way).

The third act of this film however was over-dramatic, and horribly delivered. (Again, SPOILERS) It’s not even that it was a sad ending. I’m totally ok with sad endings, its just that this film didn’t present that sad ending well. I’ll expalin that in a moment, but first let’s talk about what I did like.

Good Directing At The Start

At the start of the film I was in love with the directing and camera work. I thought, “They must of used top notch cameras, ’cause the shots in this film are absolutely beautiful and crystal clear!”

The multiple shots of the two boys like the one in the classroom were great. I can imagine the pain of editing the song so that the piano played just as Golf cried. Those shots added to the emotion of the film and filled in some of the unspoken thoughts of the characters.

I’m sure professional people who know films better will be like, “The directing was amateurish at best and uninspired,” but for me I thought it was pretty good.

Golf and Bank

As for the main couple, I loved them. All of the things that I hated about the film have nothing to do with the characters or their actors. Lohanan and Sripinta, who played Golf and Bank respectively, delivered two charismatic and enjoyable characters.

At the start I loved the contrast between the hostile and skeptical Golf with his darting eyes as he met the doughy eyed and innocent Bank. Part of me hoped that Bank would fight back against Golf’s bullying at some point, ’cause I thought I couldn’t take another Uncontrolled Love-esque relationship.

What I got instead was a fast paced (but not rushed… yet anyway) romance between the two characters.

Golf especially was an interesting character who flipped from start to finish. Just seeing him give that loving speech in front of the classroom showed me how much the character had developed throughout the movie. Honestly, I would say he was the real lead and star of the film.

The Breakup

Don’t worry, we haven’t gotten to my negative thoughts yet, but I do wanna talk about the couple’s breakup. I was expecting the typical dip in the story by its 1 hour mark. So, I wasn’t surprised when their step-brother romance was revealed to the family and quickly shutdown.

Honestly, the confrontation scene with the aunt was corny to me. That was the worse acting in the entire movie (besides the Thom/Golf fight). That said, the table scene with all the adults and Golf was much better. That was very intense and realistic.

At that point, I was still with the movie and was planning on giving it 5 stars. The hate, the love, the joy, and the sorrow filled up My Bromance and flipped your stomach almost as much as Golf flipped from a jerk to a tear-jerking hero.

And the hallway scene with Bank running after Golf and their friends holding him back? Tears. Waterworks. A new world ocean was formed.


Next, I wanna talk about some of the other characters. First, Thom who’s played by Withawat Thaokhamlue.

When he was introduced I was like, “Of course there’s a love triangle. There couldn’t not be.” Then I thought, “Why does he look like a grown man taking two years off from college when everyone else looks like realistic high-schoolers?”

That said, his existence in this story is actually justified. The good thing about a love triangle is that it helps you root for the main couple. Especially if the other person isn’t a good option, and Thom certainly isn’t because he turned into a creepy stalker.

And by the way, dating someone for a little bit doesn’t mean you have to love them or have sex with them. ‘Course, the third act of this film was so rushed that I don’t know how long they were dating (but more on that later).


Other People and Things

As for other characters, I started the film hoping the story wouldn’t forget about Tara. I hoped Golf didn’t just go, “I fell in love with the brother, but I don’t care about the mother at all.” That’s why I was happy when near the end he started referring to her as mother. Also, good on Tara for accepting Bank as gay.

As for the father, he was terrible. I love (translation: hate) how the father just dropped off a new mother and brother on Golf and was just like, “this is how it is.” He had no consideration for the boy. At that point the story set up Golf to be an understandable protagonist and the father to be an inconsiderate jerk.

As for the friends, I love that they were so important and supportive in My Bromance. The film heavily focused on their friendship. Fun fact, Naradon Namboonjit who plays classmate/friend Tued in this film also plays classmate/friend Oak in Sotus the Series. Also, the most hilarious scene in the movie was his happy birthday song.

Lastly, back when I posting about Make it Right, the first Thai tv show I ever watched, I was confused if the students were high schoolers or middle schoolers. Being completely foreign to Thai culture, I couldn’t pick up on the cultural hints towards their age. Honestly, I had that same problem with My Bromance.


Finally… When Things Went Bad

First, is this story based off of a book? The transition between the 6 months was the beginning of where thigns went wrong because it wasn’t done well. It felt like a rushed translation of an earlier text. Because of that, the time skip felt jarring and hard to keep up with.

Literally, everything was great about this movie until the third act. The last third was rushed to the point that it honestly became unpleasant to me. The story forced over-dramatic confrontations and situations, time went by without any indication of how much of it was flying, situations and relationships were thinly explained, and viewers were just meant to go with it all.

Granted, perhaps that was the point. Perhaps the audience was meant to be confused in order to empathize with Golf and Bank. That said, I honestly feel like that’s not the case and that it was just bad delivery by the writing and directing.

That’s another thing, I’m amazed that I was constantly in love with the directing of this movie with concerns to the cinematography. Then, the directing and writing took this major shift that made me sick of watching the film.

Some Examples

For instance, the brain tumor. I understand more than anyone that tumors/cancer can just pop up out of nowhere, but honestly the reveal in My Bromance‘s context made the plot twist cheap and it became the last straw to me.

The third act literally went, “I’m leaving. 6 months later. I’m back. I have a girlfriend. You’re dating him? I love you, so let’s do it! You had sex with him? Car crash. Dying Bank. Surgery. One Year Later. Happy Bank. Unnecessary and badly placed flashback. Brain Tumor. He died. Bank Lived On. The End.” And all that was in 30 minutes!



In Conclusion

During the first 2/3rds of My Bromance I was going to give a rating of 5 stars out of 5, but then the time skip happened and the film got so bad I downgraded it to a 4. Then the car crash happened and it was so over-dramatic that I honestly feel like I have to give the film a 3.

After finishing this movie, I’m not happy. It’s not because this is a sad ending, but because the third act was so terribly delivered. Honestly, I’m ok with the film ending this way and with a death, but the journey towards getting there was just so bumpy that I feel travel sick.

My rating for My Bromance is 3 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

PS. Keep in mind that I still intend to watch the tv series, and would be totally fine with it having a sad ending. I only hope the story and directing gets to that ending with some better delivery.