New York City and Got7 #FlyinNYC1 (Story Time)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Today I’ve got a story time for you about my recent trip to New York City to see Got7’s #FlyinNYC1 concert. And get ready, it’s a long one.

Youtube Channel

First off, I have great news to share. That’s right guys, there is now a Queer Fudanshi Youtube channel! Now keep in mind, this is kind of a soft opening. I’m still working my way around Youtube. Doing all the graphics and stuff, but I wanted to get a video up and out there so here you go!

And yeah, this Youtube Channel has always been planned. I had planned for it to become a reality since the creation of this Blog. I hope that both forms of Queer Fudanshi can grow and work together. At the current moment the plan is to have the Youtube channel post every Monday and Friday. Then sometimes I will post on Wednesdays. So from now on the blog posts assigned to those days will also have a video coming with them!

I hope you guys are as excited for this as I am. I’m no Youtube professional, as you’ll see in a moment, but with time I’m sure this channel will grow in structure and talent. I’m happy to have you guys take this journey with me.

Before I start with the story, I just want to clarify one last thing. The blog and the Youtube Channel are two separate properties that work together. Usually what will happen is that whatever content I have on the Youtube channel will be simplified or spoiler free. Then in the blog post I will go into more detail about the topic. This is so you can get a little bit of something from both properties.

Now on with the story!

The Story

Getting There

When SubKEntertainment made the announcement that Got7 was coming to America I. Was. Horrified. I was worried that one of my three favorite groups, a group I have followed since their debut back in January 2014 was coming to America and I wouldn’t be able to see them.

That said, after the announcement was made I told myself and friends that I would somehow make it. I figured I would somehow have to come up with the money to go see the show.

So I started saving. I talked to my friend Emma from High School cause I knew she was an Ahgase (Got7 fan) as well. We linked up and planned out our trip. I was in charge of tickets and she handled the hotel.

I made a big, over-the-top announcement to my college roommates that despite the fact that it was our last semester in college I would not be spending any money to save up for the concert. Of course, that didn’t happen. Little prices here and there like celebratory drinks/parties, tickets to see Batman V. Superman, or paying for graduation fees kept that from happening.

That said, I was so committed to this concert that I actually started showing up to my Work Study job, which I HATED. Guys, you can get money if you actually work. Who knew?

Planes and Airports

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I already miss it.

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Fast forward to July. I decided to take a plane up to New York, which I hadn’t done in AGES. I was about 7 or so the last time.

My family and I were going to Disney World or Land (whichever is in Florida). I don’t remember any of it, but my mother tells this story of how we were in some pretty bad turbulence. Then all of a sudden the flight got silent and then I came out saying, “We gonna die….” My mother tried to shush me, but then another passenger said, “No, he’s right. He’s saying what we’re all thinking.”

That’s my only experience with planes and I don’t even remember it.

So coming into this plane ride I was worried. That said, the security, the wait for the planes, and most of the plane rides were easy. It was shocking. BUT, the last plane ride from D.C. to NYC was bad. We had some turbulence and the plane did a U turn. We were shifting from left to right and I was so freaked out I had my hands on the seat handles.

I seemed to be the only one freaking out though. There were people sleeping by me and I was like, “How are you people ok with this? Y’all must be some frequent flyers or something.”

I landed safely though, and the flight back was much safer.

Day 1

Once I had gotten to the city I went and found Emma. What was the first thing we did? Shop. On that first day I was on a MISSION to spend some of that saved up money. I wanted to buy clothes and I would not stop until I did.

Sadly, we ended up in the expensive clothing area. Burberry, Calvin Klein and the likes. Stuff was EXPENSIVE.

I went into a small Burberry story because I thought, “Why not? I have money.” As soon as I walked in I knew I didn’t belong. It was one of those small boutiques with only two employees who were dressed in suits and looked like they studied how to make rich people pay for overpriced watches.

I saw that the room was dark and there was clothing hung up on a wall when a female employee walked up to me. She asked what I was looking for. I said jackets on an impulse. (I do want a fancy looking jacket, but it’s clearly too soon to be buying one right now). She showed me some and I hated all of them. I guess Burberry isn’t my style.

But then I saw this one twinge trench coat that screamed “Devin!” I wanted it. But then I looked at the price, and the thing was $176!!!!!! I quickly said a nope and high-tailed it out of there.

Luckily, later Emma spotted a two-for-one shoe sale at Clarks. I bought two beautiful black shoes. Btw, all of that walking around ended up hurting both of our feet, and it turns out I brought terrible shoes with no support. Luckily, the shoes I bought were very supportive.

The Bar and End of Day 1

After shopping we went and got something to eat and then went back to our room to relax. We decided not to go bar hopping or see the fireworks because we were just that tired. My one regret for this trip was that we didn’t go see the NYC fireworks… Oh well, I’ll see them in the future.

We did decide to drop in the bar on the first floor of our hotel. It seemed like a pretty chill spot. The name of the place is Salvation Taco and it’s a Mexican restaurant and bar (that Emma wrongly thought started with the word “Los” when we first got to the hotel).

We sat and had some beers and immediately regretted it. Now I know that I’m not a fan of beer (at least American beer). Mine was especially disgusting, and Emma’s was ok. We ended up buying Rum and Cokes too to try to wash down the beers.

Then we went back into our hotel room and spent the rest of the night talking. As much as I regret (which really isn’t that much of a regret) not seeing the fireworks, I was happy with how the night ended. We just ended up talking until 1 am about life, relationships, goals, careers and stuff. It was nice.

Day 2

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It's over 🙁

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I’m not gonna talk much about Day 2 because most of it I discussed in the video. We ended up waking up a little later than we would have liked. We got up, walked around for a bit, and ate breakfast.

Then I was getting some messages from other friends who were going to the concert saying the line was getting long. So Emma and I went to the line and got there around 12:30. We then spent the entire day in that line. No fun.

I will say though that the concert was great. I enjoyed myself IMMENSELY. It was also great to see the boys in person. It was weird cause I’ve been watching them on screens for years and to see them in person it was like, “You’re real… I don’t know how to feel about this.”

After the concert I went out with Emma, and two friends I know from an facebook group. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of pictures or videos of that part because my phone died. That said, know that we went to Maru Karaoke Lounge in Koreatown. It was very chill, cause it was a Tuesday night, but a fun place. We ended up just having drinks and bar food (and a lot of it). Plus, the waitor was really nice (and cute. Let’s be honest).


I took the photo, so I feel like I have to apologize that it’s so blurry.


The trip wasn’t all smooth sailing. There were quite a few mistakes made.

First, I was totally direction impaired during the trip. I could not find my way around for the life of me. I almost got Emma and I lost several times. In addition, Google Maps was like in a different language to me. I could not understand it no matter what I did. Weird.

Second, I was losing/forgetting everything. Before the shoe store I bought Japanese candy, mochi. Then I forgot the candy in the shoe store after we left. I had to run in to get it.

Then, I forgot my ticket to the concert. As soon as we got to the Playstation Theater I went to Emma, “Where’s my ticket?” which was basically me saying, “Omg, I forgot my ticket.” Luckily, they let me use the PDF on my phone.

Then, I dropped my hotel key at the concert, but someone was nice enough to pick it up for me before I even noticed it was gone. Then lastly, on the last day Emma and I had brunch in the Mexican restaurant and my Metrocard fell out my pocket. While I’m sure I would have picked it up cause it was laying next to my suitcase, I’m thankful the waitress picked it up for me.

Departure and What’s Next

Sadly, the trip had to end sometime. I had a lot of fun on this trip. I love New York City and I hope to move there within the next 2-3 years. In addition, seeing Got7 in person was one of the highlights of my year (next to graduating college and creating this blog).

Next, I’m getting read to leave for another trip. Don’t worry, I’m not a big traveler, it just happened to be that I had two trips in the same month. Once this one is over I won’t be on any exciting trips for the foreseeable future.

I will be going on a cruise to Bermuda with one of my college roommates and his family. I will of course be recording that and will have a video/blog post up for you guys the following week or two.

As always, I hope you are all doing well.