November 2016 // Last Month’s Queer Reviews

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk! Today is the first Monday of the new month meaning it’s time for the Last Month’s Queer Reviews (LMQR). November 2016 will be the focus of this LMQR.

As you can probably figure out, the Last Month’s Queer Reviews is a list of the media that I’ve reviewed in the past month. This is to help LGBT people and fans of LGBT media, such as BL manga, be able to find the Queer media they deserve and talk about it together. If you have read, watched or played any of the media below make sure to comment on them. Let others know whether you think they are good, bad, or worth seeing.

Heads up:

  • As always, if you would like to head to the spoiler conversation about each medium you can click on the bolded/italicized/numbered title.
  • While the blog post is covering LMQR, the Youtube video for today is answering a viewer question and talking about a few updates.

This is November 2016’s Last Month’s Queer Reviews.

Let’s Get Talking.

  1. Uncontrolled Love 2‘s Happy Ending


First on our November 2016 list is Uncontrolled Love 2‘s Happy Ending. This is the alternate ending to the Uncontrolled Love and Uncontrolled Love 2 drama/romance film series from China. The story follows a childhood friendship turned romance with a twist. Shu Nian has lived his life as a servant and best friend to Xie Yan, the heir to a wealthy family. The two grew up together and as adult men start to realize that their close bond is no longer platonic. Problem is, Xie Yan is a little bit homophobic and his family would never accept their love. What will they do?

Personally, I enjoyed watching all of the movies and endings of this film, and I wasn’t the only one. My posts on the Uncontrolled Love franchise (can I call it a franchise?) are one of the most viewed posts on this site. Does that say enough for you?

  1. Part Time the Series Episodes 12-13


This is a tv drama from Thailand about university life. The show follows a large cast of characters, most university freshmen, as they struggle to find a job, dorms/apartments to rent, love, friends, and some extra time to study. The show has a wide variety of characters like the broke yet kind and hardworking Mong (seen second from left), the rich, bisexual ladykiller Hall (seen right), the gay, boxing wannabe Ti (seen second from right), the lesbian model Melon (not in picture), and more.

I love this series. Not a single episode has disappointed me yet. That said, not every episode is exciting or amazing. This is a solid enjoyable show, and I recommend you watch it.

  1. The Real O’Neals Season 2 Episodes 3-4


This is an American tv comedy about the life of a Catholic, Irish, American family. The family at first was the picturesque image of a wholesome and troubleless household. Then suddenly the parents are getting a divorce, the eldest son is anorexic, the youngest daughter is a con-artist, and the middle child is gay. The family then deals with these reveals and learn to love each other as their true selves.

Despite some issues I had with Season 2 Episode 3, I love this show. It is funny with a great message, great actors, and great characters. If you’re looking for a fun comedy try this one out.

  1. Will and Grace 2016 Election


Next on the November 2016 list is Will and Grace. While Will and Grace was an America tv comedy that ended a decade ago, though it may be coming back, the actors returned to record this viral video. In order to start a discussion and arouse more voting interest in the 2016 American election, the four actors of the late ’90s/early 2000s show recorded a quick 9 minute video of the characters discussing the election in a funny video.

All I have to say is, if you’re a Will and Grace fan why wouldn’t you wanna watch it? If you’re not a fan, it’s only 9 and a half minutes long. All you have to do is know about the election and you’ll enjoy the video. Give it a watch.

  1. Westworld


This is a new American sci-fi thriller that’s released by HBO’s streaming channel. The show is based off of an ’80s movie of the same name. The story is about a futuristic amusement park where people spend thousands of dollars to enjoy a immersive cowboy experience. They can be the cowboy hero or the villain. The problem is, the robots in the park are starting to gain consciousness, and they don’t like all of the crimes that have been committed against them.

I just finished the season 1 finale of this show and I can say that it was enjoyable. The show however has a very slow buildup and is very confusing at parts. That said, don’t look up theories for the show because every single twist the season had will be ruined for you. Sadly, that slow buildup and predictable twists make the show not so great in my eyes. That said, it has that certain “it” factor that makes me want to continue watching despite those facts.

Warning: there are only lesbian kisses with extras in the show and one possible bisexual character who ends up being very minor. Maybe season 2 will double down on queer characters.

  1. 19 Days Chapters 56-100


This is a Chinese Webcomic by Old Xian. The story follows a gay teen and his best friend. There’s really no other way to explain it.

This story starts off as a gag comic that then grows in seriousness later. The story also follows two other friends, but neither appears in the first 100 chapters. Essentially, this is a wonderful story about boyhood, friendship, and possibly the start of love (though the ruling’s still out on that one). This is a fujoshi/fudanshi favorite, and is a MUST READ!

  1. Caste Heaven Volume 1


This Japanese yaoi manga is a dark high school drama. The story follows a fictional high school ruled by a mysterious caste system. No one knows who is in charge of this system, but randomly throughout the year classrooms participate in a treasure hunt. A deck of cards is dispersed around the school and students must find one. Once they return with the card they are assigned a corresponding high school role to live out, King card is the popular guy, Joker is the target for bullying, and everything in between.

The story specifically follows two couples, one where the former king is reassigned at he target and is made into a slave by the new king. The other couple is the former target turned a jack, the second most popular guy, and the mysterious former jack who wants to be his friend.

I love this story. Mind you, it’s dark with themes of sexual abuse, a disturbed heirchy and the cruelty of humanity. That said, the story presents itself as being dark, so you know what you’re getting yourself into at the start. I say, if you’re into dystopian stories or stories about the darkness in humanity, give this manga a read.

  1. Yuri on Ice Episodes 1-9


This Japanese anime is ongoing during November 2016 and December. The story follows Yuri (glasses), a down on his luck figure skater from Japan. He one day is visited by his idol and the most successful figure skater in the world, Viktor (green robe). Viktor appears saying that he wants to coach Yuri and help him become an international champion. The two then go through a story of passion for sport… and love?

This anime is great on it’s own, but in addition it carries a wonderful realtionship between the two main characters that even has transcened into a gay romance. I highly recommend you watch this show.

  1. Ginza Neon Paradise


Next on the November 2016 list is Ginza Neon Paradise. Ginza Neon Paradise is a Japanese yaoi manga by Unohana that was released in 2015. The romance story follows childhood best friends Aoi and Takahiko. Takahiko went off to serve in World War II. Three years later Takahiko returns to Aoi who thought his friend, and long time crush, was dead. The two then wrestle with their feelings for one another and how to progress with their relationship.

This manga was a surprise hit with me. I read it on a whim and was surprised to find that the story stuck with me the next couple of days after. It is a sweet and emotional romance, and I highly recommend reading it at least once.

  1. Entangled With You Episodes 1-4


This month was VERY low on the girl’s love, so I found Entangled with You to share more representation. This American web series is about the growing close bond between two new roommates. Alisha (seen left) and Jaliyah (seen right) are going through troubles with their boyfriend and girlfriend. The two move in together and bond in this moment of STD-sharing and jealous exs.

While this show is not a home run, it has some great moments. It’s relatable, incredibly funny at parts, and a nice simple watch. While I don’t think you have to watch it, I say if you’re free give the first two episodes a try.

  1. Victim. Gate of Spirits Chapters 1-9


Victim. Gate of Spirits is a webcomic with a slight fantasy/horror twist. The story follows Io (seen right), a warrior from a village that lives in a mystical swamp surrounded by zombie animals. Io mourns the disappearance of his friend Dragosh for five years before suddenly meeting him again. The problem is, Dragosh is no longer human!

This story was a nice read, but I’m not excited about it. I don’t say you have to watch it, but I didn’t hate reading it. It has a slow pace, but an interesting world and an interesting main couple. Perhaps once the story gets further along it will be worth the read.

  1. Sotus the Series Episodes 9-10


Sotus the Series is a tv drama and romance from Thailand. The show follows a university ruled by the Sotus System. Freshmen in the engineering school go through this pledging/hazing like system to be introduced to the university. Arthit, left, is a junior in charge of this system and Kong, right, is a freshman who’s not sure how he feels about either Arthit or the system. The two fight against each other, but then soon start to feel other things.

I like this story. I liked the friction and conflict brought on by the Sotus system, I love Arthit as a character, and am excited to see more of the romance of the two characters. Honestly, I don’t say you have to watch it, but I do say that if you do you’ll probably find that it was worth it.

  1. The Young Protectors Prologue and Chapter 1


Lastly for our November 2016 list, we have The Young Protectors. The Young Protectors is an American, superhero web comic. The main character Kyle or “Red Hot” (seen left) is a 17 year old superhero who’s a part of a team of heroes and is also a closeted gay guy. He one day finds the courage to go into a gay bar and finds that he’s been discovered by one of the baddest villians around. And then proceeds to kiss him?

I’ve only read the prologue and the first chapter so far, but what I’ve read I’ve liked. This story is definitely an American superhero comic. It reads just like a Marvel or DC comic would. That also means that this is not just about the romance. While yes, the romance was the focus of what I read so far, the story is a superhero story and has a lot to do with the heroing and villiany attached to that. I say give it a try.

In Conclusion

That is it for the November 2016 Last Month’s Queer Reviews. Make sure to let me know down in the comments below what your thoughts are. Have you read/watched any of the titles in this November 2016 list? If so, would you recommend them to others or not? If you haven’t which ones sound interesting to you? Let me know and let’s get talking.