October 2016 // Last Month’s Queer Reviews

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk! Today is the first Monday of the new month meaning it’s time for the Last Month’s Queer Reviews (LMQR). October 2016 will be the focus of this LMQR.

As you can probably figure out, the Last Month’s Queer Reviews is a list of the media that I’ve reviewed in the past month. This is to help LGBT people and fans of LGBT media, such as BL manga, be able to find the Queer media they deserve and talk about it together. If you have read, watched or played any of the media below make sure to comment on them. Let others know whether you think they are good, bad, or worth seeing.

Heads up:

  • As always, if you would like to head to the spoiler conversation about each medium you can click on the bolded/italicized/numbered title.
  • From now on only the blog will be uploading a Last Month’s Queer Reviews. Due to the Youtube Channel having a new schedule, there is no need for a monthly list as viewers get one once a week.
  • The Youtube video for today is a Random Talk with the topic of Blackface. If you’re interested in a brief history on this topic feel free to click this link.

This is October 2016’s Last Month’s Queer Reviews.

Let’s Get Talking

  1. Yume No Kuni in My Darling


Yume no Kuni in My Darling or The Land of Drams In My Darling is a Japanese manga or comic book within the genre of Boys Love or Yaoi. The volume follows Shiro who has pined for his high school friend Shohei for years. Because of this, he coddles and enables Shohei’s lazy behavior. Shiro cleans Shohei’s house and cooks him meals while Shohei focuses on trying to become a novelist. After years of this, and finding out that Shohei has been seeing a sex worker, Shiro’s feelings finally explode.

Generally, I enjoyed this comic. I really perfered the first two chapters and wish that the mangaka had kept that story going. That said, I understand why she didn’t. The story is very simple and didn’t need more than two chapters to complete it. That’s sad, but true. As for the other stories. The third one was just smut with an interesting concept and the second one was nice, but also bland.

I would recommend this first two chapters. The rest is forgettable.

  1. Part Time the Series


If you’re new to Part Time the Series, here’s a description of the show. Part Time is a tv show from Thailand that follows the lives of several university students. All of these students struggle with trying to find work, a place to sleep, friends, love, and some time to study.

There are several characters such as the kind-hearted Mong who’s first day in the city leads to him living on the street, or Ti whose life goal is to become a famous boxer but lately his mind has been more on a certain boy and not a sport. Then there’s Melon who dreams of making it as a model and is known for causing trouble (such as that time she kissed her roommate) Those are just three of the several characters found in this show.

I love this show. It is pleasant and enjoyable in every episode. It is a great show about friendship and the struggle of being a young independent. In addition, it’s very queer friendly with a gay and lesbian romance. I highly recommend this show.

  1. Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme’s Perfect Body


This comic was recently funded on Kickstarter and is the first official project by a new amateur BL story focused publishing company called the Yaoi Army. story follows Misa Nanase, a regular high school student who’s also a proud (and kind of perverted) fujoshi. She one day saves an older woman from getting hit by a car and to thank her the woman gives her a magic pendant. Misa makes the wish to turn into a man to live out her BL fantasies.

This comic honestly was  a letdown (this coming from someone who backed the project). While the artwork was good from start to finish, the story was lacking. The first volume is primarily exposition and the situation that the comic is titled after happens in the very last chapter in about 20 pages. The comic is a good representation of a fujoshi being a fujoshi, so if that interests you go ahead and buy the comic. Otherwise, hold off until the next volume comes out to see if this bad start was worth it.

  1. Finding Prince Charming


Essentially, the Bachelor but with gay guys. If that’s your cup of.. lemonade, then go ahead and give it a try. Otherwise, you can pass.

  1. Sotus the Series


The next series in our October 2016 list specifically focuses on two university students. One is Arthit, a junior who’s in charge of the SOTUS system. This system acts as both a welcoming event for the incoming freshmen and as a training session to prepare them for the multi-university “sports day” competition.

Kongpob is a freshman who doesn’t like the way Arthit and his friends are treating Kong and his friends. He constantly acts a hero and stands up against the upperclassmen. This puts the two at a sort of rivalry, but as they engagemore with each other… other feels start to arise.

This is a fun show. It’s not my favorite, but I like tuning in and seeing what happens. I’ve grown to like the characters and I enjoy watching the show. If you like BL storylines with a little more going on then the boys going, “What are these feelings?” then you might like this show.

  1. Carmilla Season 2


Carmilla is a web series from Canada by Kinda TV. The show is based off of a novel by the same name about a girl who was hunted and seduced by a female vampire. The web series takes that idea and modernizes it.

Laura is a university freshman who’s roommate one day dissappears before a new girl named Carmilla barges in claiming to be her new roommate. With the help of her friends and her vlog, Laura investigates the mysterious disappearances of girls in her school before finding out that her new roommate is a vampire! And then (of course), falling in love with her.

I did not love this season, but it was an enjoyable watch. The directing and blocking for the show is perhaps the best thing about it. The acting is good in some points, especially counting all that the actors are asked to do with the whole fantasy university setup. The main character is deplorable, but her cast of characters distract me enough to not totally hate her. In general, I’d say watch it at least once.

  1. A Chorus Line


A Chorus Line was originally a musical that started as a talk session with New York “gypies” (a term for veteran Broadway performers). That then turned into a workshop, an off-Broadway, and then a Broadway musical that then became this movie from 1985.

The story follows the audition process for a new Broadway musical. The film depicts the stories of the dancers and the choreographer. Specifically, the choreographer asks the actors about their lives and the events that lead to their choices to become dancers. And of course, because it’s a musical they sing and dance along the way.

This movie was fun from start to finish. Now I’ll be honest, I’m totally biased. I am a theatre geek and playwright myself, so I completely get the idea of loving art and loving theatre. That made this story that much more interesting to me. If you are incapable of watching the musical in a stage performance, this movie is a good enough adaption of that original format.

  1. Legend of Rune Demo


How many times have I talked about Legend of Rune on this blog already? And the game’s not even out yet. Anyway, the next medium on our October 2016 list is Legend of Rune but this time its the Demo.

Legend of Rune is a Bl Game, a visual novel (a text story with some interactive gameplay) with gay romance options, about Rune (seen at center) a young mage with a terrible prohesized future. Rune tries to escape said future and meets four mages who all have some plan for him of their own. Will Rune escape his deadly fate? Will he fall in love with one of his companions and who?

This demo was interesting, and short. It was a very simple intro to the story, but what was really fun was the “puzzle” section. Give it a try. It’s only about 15 minutes.

  1. The Real O’Neals


If you don’t know what the Real O’Neals is, it’s an American tv show released on ABC. The show follows the Catholic, Irish-American O’Neal family. One day, they are the perfect looking family with their faces on the bible weekly magazine (literally). The next day, they have fallen apart. The parents are divorce, the daughter is a con-artist, the eldest is anorexic, and the middle child is gay. The show follows the family as they adapt to their changing lives and stick together as a loving (and dysfunctional) family.

This is a funny and fun show that talks about gay life and important family matters with wit and grace, and a good laugh. Halloween mistakes be damned, I still like this show.

  1. Radar.TV


This wasn’t a review as much as it was an Ecoblast for a new LGBTQ themed app. The app is the first LGBTQ focused live streaming app. It advertises itself to be a host for anyone to find community and representation. I found the app to be a mixed bag depending on the streamers. You could get the naughty fools acting dumb for attention or you could interesting people to hear stories and connect with. A few Youtubers have even used the app to connect with fans. Try it out once and if it displeases you you can instantly uninstall.

  1. The Tyrant Falls in Love


University study Tetsuhiro Morinaga has been in love with his homophobic, violent and tyrannical sempai Souichi Tatsumi for more than four years now. Even though he’s told Tatsumi how he feels and even managed to steal a kiss, expecting anything more seems like nothing more than the stuff of dreams… That is until the long-oppressed Morinaga gets his biggest chance ever. Might his unendingly unrequited love finally be returned?

Not gonna lie, I really didn’t like this one. The romance starts off with a rape scene. I ended up rooting for the homophobe and hating the selfish “I’ve always loved you” guy. I’ll probably continue reading to see why so many people love this comic, and why it got 10 volumes, but right now I’m not a fan. The mangaka however does seem to have storytelling skills, so I feel like she might have a chance of turning that around.

  1. #Adulting


Next on our October 2016 list is #Adulting. #Adulting is a passion project created by and starred by Ben Baur and Thandi Tolmay. The two wanted to create a show for themselves instead of sitting around waiting for their big break to come to them. The way this show works is that it’s kind of like a mix between Seinfeld and Will and Grace. The web series is a show about nothing (in a good way) where a girl named Faye and her best friend, a gay man named Max, live their daily/funny lives.

This series is fun and funny and definitely worth the watch. Its on Youtube. Go check it out.

  1. Megane To Koi To Aoi Tori


Kei, who loves to read shoujo manga and romance novels, is a high school student yearning for love. However, he understands that his unpopularity doesn’t make him fated for love. If he were just as handsome as his childhood friend, Kiyoshi, love would probably come easily… Thinking of this, Kei gets envious of Kiyoshi.

This story had its good and bad moments. While I appreciated the artwork and the two main characters, the story itself is very shallow in its topic of appearance. Overall, I can’t recommend this story because of that, but then on top of that it was also pretty forgettable.

  1. My Gay Roommate Season 3


New to My Gay Roommate? The first season of the web series was about the friendship between Nick Cohen and James Thatcher. The two were two college freshmen living in New York City and though they had different lives (and sexual orientations) they became best friends. If you’d like to look into this show more click on this link to my review of the pilot episode.

This third season sees Nick moving in with a new straight best friend as Nick decides to take a year off from college.

This season was weird. It had a highbrow concept that was nice on the page, but came off weird when played out. That said, the acting was pretty good and got a laugh out of me despite my feeling ostracized by the story. If you are interested in this show, watch the first three season for sure. Season three, while still watchable, is not really worth it.

In Conclusion


That’s it for this Last Month’s Queer Reviews. I feel like October 2016 month had a lot of low ranking reviews. Here’s hoping the next month gets better.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Make sure to let me and any other readers know down below and let’s get talking.