Owaranai Fukou Ni Tsuite No Hanashi // Japanese Comic Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s talk. In this post we’re going to talk about Owaranai Fukou Ni Tsuite No Hanashi.

Owaranai Fukou Ni Tsuite No Hanashi is a Japanese Yaoi manga created by Ogawa Chise. The official premise goes:

One day, at the party Takayuki attends, he meets Kiyotake – his old classmate from high school 8 years ago. Kiyotake’s girlfriend in highschool was stolen by Takayuki. What will happen when the two meet? What will happen when one of them is drunk? Will Takayuki painful feelings of unrequited love come to an end or will there be a happy ending?

My Thoughts Before Reading

I’ve been meaning to re-read this manga as I remember really liking it. Keep in mind that this manga is actually a spin off of another one. The main character in this story has a brother named Udou who is one of the main characters from the manga “Gosan no Heart.” Udou and his boyfriend appear in this manga, so it’s important to know of their existence. That said, if you read this story without knowing who they are, you wouldn’t be lost or confused at all.

Once again, I’ve read this story before, I really liked it, now I want to read it again, and thought, “Why not share it on QF?!” So, let’s get started.

This is Owaranai Fukou Ni Tsuite No Hanashi*.

*Warning: There are sex scenes in this manga. As such, I’ve added a NSFW tag.

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

The Fashion

One thing that I always love about Ogawa Chise is her character designs. I love her artwork in general, but her characters always look so stylish or at least each one of them has their own individual look.

She’s much like a theatre costume designer in that she gives each (important) character their own look. Plus, her attention to hair styles and clothing are wonderful. Even some background characters are afforded trendy clothing.

The Rape Scene

Ah, and here we have it. The major romance fantasy/yaoi cliché, rape. Now, of course I have to go into a whole talk about why the situation in chapter 1 is not ok. First off, doing anything with anyone who is knocked out is not ok. I don’t have to elaborate on that.

Next, doing anything sexual with someone who’s drunk, even if they’re conscience and consenting at the time, can later be legally proven as rape. So, tread carefully if you or your loved one has been drinking. And if it’s someone who you don’t know so well, well you’re walking on thin ice for a whole bunch of reasons.

Does Context Change It?

Like with The Tyrant Falls in Love, I hate that this love story started off with a rape scene. Why do some good love stories, like this or Complex, start off with such taboo/toxic situations? Why?

Though, I think there are a few things that make Owaranai Fukou Ni Tsuite No Hanashi different than The Tyrant Falls In Love such as the fact that it doesn’t excuse the act. In chapter 2 Takayuki admits that he raped Kiyotake and then states why he did it while expressing remorse.

This is clearly different that the situation in Tyrant when Morinaga first apologized but then showed that he really didn’t care in the end. That made it so that the story presented the rape scene as a normal way to start a romance. This story is at least honest in saying that it’s problematic.

In addition, this story is more emotionally charged as opposed to Tyrant‘s sexually charged nature. The entirety of Chise’s work is wrapped in this emotional turmoil that Takayuki lives in whereas with Tyrant it was more about Morinaga’s pent up urges.

Of course, I am biased and trying to find a reason to support Owaranai Fukou Ni Tsuite No Hanashi, whereas I had no bias when reading Tyrant. If you think that’s true or have other thoughts and opinions that you wanna share on this topic, please feel free to share them down in the comments below.

Takayuki Made It

I have to say that a lot of what makes this comic great is the main character Takayuki.

There’s almost something poetic about the turmoil that Takayuki had concerning his crush. I feel like if Ogawa Chise had disguised it better for most of chapter 1 then the “he likes short girls with long hair” would have been more powerful. I feel like that could have been a twist/turning point page in the story.

That said, everything else about the writing for this story, besides the rape scene again, is great! I find Takayki compelling to watch. His insecurity makes him relatable and interesting as a character in a romance. That also then makes a great contrast for the honest and energetic Kiyotake.

Though, his constant pulling and pushing could also be seen as annoying. I suppose I would be a terrible romantic option for someone like that since I see it that way.

Very Romantic

Perhaps what’s really appealing is what’s at this story’s core. This story is about someone who feels totally unloved, by the world and by himself. He then finds someone who totally accepts him and gives him unconditional love. That’s a very sweet image.

The reason that I like this story is that it’s just beyond romantic. Most of this is because of Takayuki. He is over dramatic, visually stunning, and horribly scarred on the inside. All of this makes him such an interesting character to watch.

Watching him put himself through all these problems and then seeing Kiyotake fight to be with him is so romantic. It’s to the point that if I could I would add them to my top 10 couples with chemistry list.

In Conclusion

I loved it. The story held up with the second read, and I promise you that as soon as it is licensed in English I will be buying this manga. It’s truly one of my favorites.

That said, I do recognize that the story starting off with a rape scene is problematic towards the noteworthiness of its tale. I choose to accept this manga despite the start, but once again I do admit that I am biased.

My rating for Owaranai Fukou Ni Tsuite No Hanashi is 5 stars out of 5 and a QF Star*. What’s Yours?

*Just as a reminder, a QF star is a special rating I give to LGBTQ or BL media that I deem as great representation or a personal favorite of mine.