Part Time The Series Episode 1 (TV)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Today I’m going to be reviewing Part Time the Series Episode 1.

QF is a blog that focuses on LGBT media of all kinds, or tries to, but Boys Love series are at the heart of the blog. That said, sometimes I come across stories that are of Asian origin, contain LGBT characters, and aren’t just Gay male love stories. And I like that. (Note: This post has been edited. The earlier post had a speech about not being able to review YanDai XieJie No. 10, and replacing that with Part Time the Series. As that is no longer the case, that section has been taken out of this post.) On with the review!

Thanks to the viewer/commenter named NS for giving me the heads up about this show. Because of that, I’ve decided to review Part Time the Series Episode 1.

Part Time the Series is a 30+ episode story from Thailand, like Make it Right the Series. The series runs on TV through MCOT, and then is uploaded online on Youtube. And then of course the wonderful people of the internet translate the videos for free (make sure to thank them). In addition, I have done some research and it looks like there will be not only Boys Love but also Girls Love, which is something that I love about Sense8.

The story is about the lives of teenagers in the country. Specifically, the start of the story focuses on Mong, played by Anupart Luangsodsai “Ngern,” as he moves to Bangkok to go to college. Quickly, things go south for Mong, and he finds out that he has to get a job to supply for his daily life. The story evolves from there.

This is Part Time the Series Episode 1.

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The Review (Spoilers Ahead):

I think what this first episode has done well is that it’s made me truthfully care about Mong’s story. I 100% am interested in his plight and want to see where he goes from here. I think that’s good and hopefully I’ll still feel that way as I continue through the story.

That said, what I like ends up being the story and the circumstances. I am not too attached to Mong yet, but we have 30+ episodes, so that will probably change in time. I do appreciate that he’s a hard-worker and good natured. He seems like a nice guy, and a good protagonist to get behind. So far, he’s a Hufflepuff.

Messy Room

You see messy room. I see free furniture.

Also, I personally liked the realness of the show actually filming Mong as he traveled. During college I took a lot of trains between breaks, so I especially appreciated seeing that aspect of life. Simple as that as it was.

One other thing that pulled me in was Mong’s sister Aw. Just a few minutes in and I was emotionally invested in Aw’s story. The two were sitting in the car and she looked as if she was going to cry. That was heartbreaking. While I thought the fight scene at Aw’s house was badly acted, that car scene made up for it.

That said, after finishing the hotel scene I’m not sure I like Aw as a person and a character. I totally understand her position of being dumped and kicked out on the streets, but now she’s put her brother Mong in an even worse position. I hope that later on in the series she’ll come back, and if she can’t support him financially hopefully she can at least support him emotionally.

Mong and Aw

I mean seriously? He couldn’t even sleep on the bed?

Next, there’s Jod. Can I just say though that the fish scene was messed up? I’ll give Mong a pass because he was starving. That’s understandable, but my privileged butt couldn’t do it. Also, Jod seems like a nice guy and a nice friend for Mong. He brought a lot of humor and lightness to what started out as a sad episode.


Lastly, I like that this story has a lot of female characters. Too often do Gay Asian stories just have male characters. Then when females are the stories, these stories often write the few female characters as terrible people. This show seems to be trying something different.

Cute Girls 1

Guys, they’re gonna have a purpose in this story!

As I finished up Part Time the Series Episode 1 there were a lot of things that I liked, and not a lot that I didn’t like. I liked Mong as a protagonist with an interesting story, but I didn’t know him enough to like him as a person. I liked that Mong made a good and funny friend so fast. And I liked that this isn’t just a Boys Love story, but in fact a story about teenagers living their lives that happens to have Boys (and Girls) Love in it. In fact, I don’t even think we’ve met the queer characters yet (and I don’t mind).

I’d like to see where the rest of this story is going. This episode had no WOW factor to it, but it teased me with interest.

Part Time the Series Episode 1 gets 4 stars out of 5.