Part Time the Series Episode 9 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudashi! Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about Part Time the Series Episode 9.

New to Part Time? It’s a tv show from Thailand that’s then distributed online through Youtube. The series is at about 30+ episodes, but is only translated in English at about 9 or so. The show follows a bunch of university freshmen as they struggle to find jobs, find places to sleep, find love/friendship, and find their way in life. If that sounds interesting to you, click on this link to our talk about the first episode.

My Thoughts Before Watching

I mostly want to see the two friend groups. I want to see more of the guys moving in together and settling into their new home. There’s an  adjustment period of moving in with new people. I’d like to see the boys learning how to be comfortable with each other as roommates. That said, I feel like the show will skip over most of that and move back to their individual situations.

Also, I’d love to see the girls. The last time we saw them some pretty surprising stuff was happening. I want to see the fall back to that one drunken night. I’m wondering how the show will address it.

This is Part Time the Series Episode 9. 

Where to Watch (Official/No Subs):

Where to Watch: (English Subs):

DailyMotion video subbed by Part Time the Series International, Just BL Things, and Nancy Ji.

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

I asked for groups, but I got a Ti-centric episode.


Ti and Mong

I actually really like Ti now. I didn’t have a great first impression of him, but his character has really grown on me. In an earlier review, I made the statement that I didn’t like how Ti was being portrayed. I thought the acting and directing was making him too over-the-top.

While certainly that hasn’t changed, I’ve ended up liking the way the character is. He may be over-the-top, but he’s kind, hardworking, and a good person. I like how the character has evolved in the past 6 or so episodes since his debut. (Now, if only he could win a fight or two…)


TiHall Jump Rope

Next, we must talk about the budding couple (though right now it’s one-sided). These two were given a lot of corny shots. The “hands grasping for a hat placed too high” shot. The “car seat making them fall on top of each other.” Even the “passenger’s sleeping head falling on the driver’s shoulder” cliché.  All of it was super corny and cliché. And I was kind of really into it.

Also, the shop scene seemed to be shot in a different way than usual. I noticed when the shop owner, who’s name is so unimportant that I don’t need to look it up, showed up at the end of the night. The footage seemed more like a comedy show’s set up. It reminded me of how Friends used to look with it’s camera set up. Note a big note, but something I noticed.



While I didn’t get a lot of focus on the groups of friends, I did get some. The thing that I really took away from the group scenes though is how great of a guy Mong is. I’m often amazed at how nice all the characters are, but Mong stands out the most. Mong really is the center of the five friends. He’s not only a hard-worker, but he really cares about each of his friends. I was reminded of that in this episode and it was really nice.

The Girl’s Room

As for the girls, there really wasn’t much of them in this episode. It seems the situation from two episodes ago isn’t a problem and more of a “we’re figuring it out/hiding it” situation. I just wish the show would focus on that instead of giving me only 3-4 minutes with them.

In Conclusion

TiHall Store 2

In a series that never really has a bad episode, it’s no shocker that this is a solid one. While I didn’t get what I asked for, I was happy to get what I was given. Ti has grown on me to be one of my favorites, and I’m emotionally invested in his relationship with Hall. I look forward to seeing more.

My rating for Part Time the Series Episode 9 is 4 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

Note: As of the publishing date of this post, I have now caught up with the English Translations of Part Time by Part Time The Series International and Just BL Things. As soon as they translate more episodes I will review them.