Part Time the Series Episodes 19-22 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post, we’re going to talk about Part Time the Series Episodes 19-22.

If you’re new to Part Time the Series, here’s a description of the show. Part Time is a tv show from Thailand that follows the lives of several university students. All of these students struggle with trying to find work, a place to sleep, friends, love, and some time to study.

There are several characters such as the kind-hearted Mong who’s first day in the city leads to him living on the street, or Ti whose life goal is to become a famous boxer but lately his mind has been more on a certain boy and not a sport. Then there’s Melon who’s a troublemaker, a model, and the girl who just kissed her roommate. Those are just three of the several characters found in this show.

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I’ve decided to speed up my reviews of this show and My Bromance the Series, because honestly I was updating them way too slowly. As such, I’ll be doing two 4 episode posts for both shows.

As for what I’d like to see in these next four episodes, mostly it would be some Om/Mong development, the usual Ti/Hall time, and see if Jod and Jin will see the error in their ways. Let’s see.

This is Part Time the Series Episodes 19-22.




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Episode 19

Oh my god, a scene when Jin isn’t acting like a jerk to Nich? And see, like I said. All he needed to do was take a step back. Not stop talking to her, but stop pushing her so much.

Next, part of me really feels for Om because I know what it’s like to be roommates with someone who gets absorbed in the person they’re dating with. On top of that, Om has to deal with such close quarters too.

That said, I feel like Om got unrealistically angry at the first site of the dude. Maybe that’s because there’s romantic feelings going on. Honestly, I’m confused by the dynamics between the three girls. There’s so much going on with them.

Lastly, Jod. When the scene was happening I was like, “Jod’s not hurt. That’s just the syrup over him. Jod didn’t die. Jod’s not dead. Ter, stop praying. He’s not dead.” I was in total denial.

While some of the acting was over the top, the atmosphere and feel for the scene was strong. Also, I think it was powerful to have one of the main cast almost die

That said, I think it’s stupid that the reason it happened was a character, who we haven’t seen in several episodes, reappearing. It just feels a little too random. (At the same time, death happens out of nowhere, so maybe it was intentional).

Episode 20

I’ve got to say though that I was tricked by the show. Even though I called the red syrup/blood thing, I really did think Jod had died. (In fact, I almost wish he had died. That would have been pretty dramatic).

A lot of thing’s aren’t going right for Melon. Her roommates have disappeared on her, her male best friend tried to molest her, and her boyfriend confessed his love (when she doesn’t love him back).

As much as I’m confused by the whole girls room situation/dynamics, I do like the Jin/Nich/Tong setup (when Jin isn’t being a jerk). That was actually my favorite part of the episode.

Though, what’s worse? Being pushy or being too shy (alla Ter)? The reenactment of the date was very cute and clever, but I can’t help but feel like the Ter character his handling his crush a little wrong.

Also, Om and Mong is a wonderful thing.

Episode 21

I feel like this episode was just light and happy. Certainly I was happy to see all of these characters out and having fun. Thank god they got two different cars though, cause Hall’s beach party got crashed by heaps of people.

Throughout the entire Jod rant I was just watching Ti fall asleep. I was like, “he’s gonna sleep on Hall.” It was a well planned out scene. Plus, poor Q had to deal with Jod’s stupid ranting.

One tiny complaint I have is the whole fight for View. How does Tong know View enough that he would fight to pair up with him? Unless they really got along on the trip down, I just found that too convenient.

Episode 22

Concerning Nich and Jin, I’m happy seeing the two work out. I wasn’t happy with the way Jin was treating Nich, but at the same time, knowing the struggle he’s gone through makes me appreciate the win.

Also, while most of the truth or dare game was entertaining to watch. The dance and song that came after was so cheesy. Specifically for me to watch.

I also have to comment on the TiHall kiss. When it was happening I was like, “Yes.” But then I thought, “Wait, he’s sleeping. This isn’t ok.” So, I was glad when Ti slapped him. In fact, I laughed hard when it happened. Good for Ti.

What wasn’t good for the show however was the fighting scene. It looked moved well, but the acting side of it came off very badly. With that, the acting for the “Dad! Mom!” scene was slightly awkward (and the fact that he was saying “Dad! Mom!” in the first place) I still felt the admittance that the father was transgender was powerful enough to still warrant a reaction.

In Conclusion

The three great things about this show is that it is dynamic and dramatic in a pleasant way, it has fun and interesting characters, and it keeps me on my toes. I feel like Part Time the Series Episodes 19-22 have shown just that.

I’m always confused with the dynamics between the three girls (I mean, I get what’s going on with them, but then there’s always something new be thrown in). I was all over the place when Jod died and then was reborn. And now I’m thinking, “What if Ti and Hall don’t actually get together” (even though that’s all I’ve been talking about for 22 episodes)!

I look forward to watching the last four episodes and seeing the conclusion of what’s is my favorite Thai drama so far.

My rating for Part Time the Series Episodes 19-22 is 5 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • I love the song that played during White and Om’s kiss.
  • No seriously, I went from denial of Jod’s death, to acceptance of it, to being kind of upset that he didn’t actually die.
  • Why are they all wearing such heavy shirts in the water? Look at poor Q!
  • That water and sand bit was very clever. I wonder how they did that? Just by making the end deeper than the rest of friend?
  • These guys are terrible influences. Having the minors drink.