Part Time the Series Episodes 23-26 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post, we’re going to talk about Part Time the Series Episodes 23-26.

If you’re new to Part Time the Series, here’s a description of the show. Part Time is a tv show from Thailand that follows the lives of several university students. All of these students struggle with trying to find work, a place to sleep, friends, love, and some time to study.

There are several characters such as the kind-hearted Mong who’s first day in the city leads to him living on the street, or Ti whose life goal is to become a famous boxer but lately his mind has been more on a certain boy and not a sport. Then there’s Melon who’s a troublemaker, a model, and the girl who just kissed her roommate. Those are just three of the several characters found in this show.

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I’m almost finished with the show, and I honestly don’t know how to deal with it. I’ve truly enjoyed this show from start to finish, and I’ll be sad to see it go.

In these final four episodes, I look forward to seeing the resolution with Mong/Om/White, Ti/Hall/Q (and maybe Tee), Jin/Nich/Tong, Mint/Ter, Jod/White, and whoever else. (Boy there are a lot of relationship triangles).

Guys, I’m really sad to see it go.

This is Part Time the Series Episodes 23-26.




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Episode 23

I’m pleased to see that this is a TiHall-centric episode.

Good for Ti for being nice enough to forgive so quickly. Of course, Q has a lot to do with that. That said, I feel like Ti led Hall on to believe that he still had a chance. Essentially what he said was, “I’m not into you… but maybe in the future?” (But judging by the stare in car at the end, he totally does have a chance).

As for Ti’s family, when I saw Ti’s mother push a bag of pills under her pillow I was worried. Dear lord, I wasn’t ready for the dying parent storyline. What’s even worse is knowing that Ti didn’t find out about it.

As for the brother Tor, he thought he had to conceal his dream in order to take care of his mom. I found that very poetic.

Episode 24

I liked the business focus at the start of the episode. While it wasn’t exactly entertaining tv, it was realistically formal. I also like the Boss character at Mong’s new job. Though she seems tough, she’s being tough for the business.

I also agree with her that Mong being hired for the job was a terrible idea. It just doesn’t make sense from a business perspective. It was kind act, but a dumb business decision. It’s much smarter to just give him an internship.

As for all relationships going on at the restaurant, there’s a lot to talk about. While I like that P’s wife Arin is assertive, she needs to control herself. Though, I applaud the actress. She really sold that scene. She came off perfectly as an overbearing wife. Conversely, I’m happy to see Ter was finally a little more assertive with his crush on Mint.

As for Nich, I liked her in this episode. I thought that seeing Nich so in love with Jin felt a little out of character, even if she had started to develop feelings for him. That said, the actress really acted well after the Arin attack. She really made me feel bad for her.

Episode 25

Sometimes this show is so LGBT friendly (11 characters and counting!) that I’m surprised by it (surprised yet again!). I honestly never picked up on the fact that Tong liked Jin. I just took it for a great brotherly relationship. When Axe/X started that whole conversation part of me was like, “Eh… they may be doing too much,” but the majority was like, “It makes enough sense and I’m totally down for it.”

Then, the image of Jin sitting next to him. Guys, I got a little emotional. Like, a “my greatest love” emotional. Even the music, which has played hundreds of times before, felt special in this scene. That, in fact, was my favorite scene of this entire show. I loved everything about it.

It sucks though that he’s in love with his sister’s romantic interest (they’re not dating yet). Also, I wish they had said no when Chon said, “Should I reconsider myself too.”

Lastlly, “Love that isn’t expressed is not worth doing.” I might just write that on my bedroom wall. Seriously though, I wish that there was more time devoted to Q and Tee. Sadly, it looks like they’ll never get any development since Q chose Hall in the end.

Episode 26

Seeing Jod’s family was an adorable shot. While the swing shot may have ran long, it was also endearing, so I’ll forgive it.

As for Mong, good for him. While it’s weird that he got a job just after they laid people off, I’ll also forgive that because it does something good for the character. (I’m just in a very forgiving mood since it’s the last episode aren’t I?) Also, the celebration shot after he got the job went long too, and setting up Jod’s shop on the show is a clear conflict of interest. But… you know… forgiving….

What I can’t forgive however are the multiple loose ends story wise. I hate the open endedness the show decided to give some of the storylines. Specifically, Tong/Jin/Nich, Ti/Hall/Q, and White/Melon/Om. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what they went for and the scenes were delivered well, but I wish the writers had just chosen a definite resolution instead of just leaving it all up in the air. Honestly, it’s a let down. (In fact, I just looked at my “Thoughts Before Watching” and the majority of the characters I wanted a resolution for didn’t get a resolultion!)

That said, I do appreciate that the show ended with Mong and Jod to mirror how it started. At least that was a nice touch.

In Conclusion

I’m not ok with this. I’m not ok with this show ending. Make it last forever. Part of the reason I was so slow with uploading this show was because I procrastinate a lot (full honesty), but maybe part of it was me subconsciously wanting Part Time the Series to not end. This is my favorite Thai drama, and I’m very sad that it’s over.

While I don’t like how some of the storylines ended (or rather, didn’t end), I had a great time watching the show, and that is what I’ll remember.

My rating for Part Time the Series Episodes 23-26 is 5 stars out of 5 and a QF star (open endedness be damned). What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts (There’s A Lot Of Them)

  • Hall looks like a totally different person with his hair down. I thought he was White’s brother for a second.
  • The scene with Ti’s family and the traveling Buddhist (?) priest was completely foreign to me, so it was also very interesting. Does anyone have any info about that practice?
  • It’s a good thing Jin didn’t quit, because for a moment there Mong didn’t have a job.
  • I actually counted it and there are 11 LGBTQ characters in this show (not counting Melon and Om who were either drunk or the receiver of a kiss). I might even be forgetting a few characters.
  • It was nice that they brought back the security guard.
  • I love Ti’s hair when it’s tied back.
  • I feel like I’ll definitely end up rewatching this show at some point. What about you guys?