Sense8 Season 2 // International Streaming Show Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to be talking about the Sense8 Season 2.

Sense8 is a Netflix original sci-fi series about eight people from around the globe who suddenly find out that they are connected to each other’s thoughts, feelings, and skills. They all have their own personal lives and drama going on, from Kala getting married to a man she doesn’t love, to Wolfgang who’s going to war with the Russian mafia, to Sun who’s in jail for crimes her brother committed, and more, but they also have to worry about an evil corporation called BBO that’s out to kill them off.

If you haven’t checked out my thoughts on season 1, make sure to go do that.

My Thoughts Before Watching

I’m very excited to watch more of Sense8, so I’m glad to see that Sense8 Season 2 is already up and running. Nothing else I really need to say. Let’s get started.

This is the Sense8 Christmas Season 2*.

*Warning: there are some intense sex scenes in some episodes. Due to this, I’ve tagged this post as NSFW.

**Note: The Christmas episode counts as episode 1 of Season 2.

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The Talk (Non-Spoilers):

Sense8 Season 2 is wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of messy moments writing wise, but the vision that the Wachowskis had for this show still shines through.

There’s intense action, shocking deaths, heart wrenching emotion, beautiful romances (with two LGBT romances playing center stage), and so much more.

Honestly, Sense8 Season 2 a must watch in my opinion. If you have access to it on Netflix, you should be watching it.

The Talk (Spoilers):

Episode 2

The episodes starts of very violently and very confusingly. I had no idea what was going on honestly, and that was very much the point.

I loved the Nomi/Angelita scene at the start. Very scholarly. It made me miss college for a second. (A lot of things are doing that lately…)

As for the Capheus/Lito scene, it was dramatic and beautiful, but I don’t have much to comment on (other than WOW Jamie Clayton [playing Nomi] really just stood in front of all those people naked). The thing that I really took away from it was shipping Zakia and Capheus. So, I was happy to see that’s really where the story will be going.

I’m happy that in this season we can just get into it. Everyone understands what’s going on. They all know that they are connected to each other and how it works. Seeing Kala just have a conversation with a coworker and then be “visited” and switch gears into Sense8 mode was thrilling. I was like, “Yes, we get moments like this for the whole season.”

My absolute favorite part of this episode, and of the Christmas episode, was the scene between Will and Whispers. It’s like a dark and heavy chess match. The ending especially was so villainous and dramatic. GOD, that was good. From the writing, to the directing, and the acting. Beautiful from start to finish.

But that was nothing compared to the ending! I clapped. I actually clapped. This season is off to a great start for me.

Episode 3

I think a great example of how well this show has done to make me care about the characters would be my face when it Sun was attacked. The look of her hanging body had me so scared that I was thinking, “Omg, did Sun actually die? Is this a Game of Thrones type of show? Can characters die at any second?” It was like I was re-evalutlating my entire perspective on Sense8.

As for the rest of the episode, I was amazed that Sun broke out of the prison that easily. I just don’t buy it. It can’t be that easy, even with expert hackers on your side. Also, that art museum sequence was quick, violent, and shocking. I also didn’t trust the guy who died (’cause why would you?), but it was surprising to see him get killed like that.

Episode 4

I think the success of the last episode was that it made me really aware of the fact that the 8 sensates could die at anytime. So, during the mob/car chase scene, I was thinking, “What if Amanita dies?” I’m really worried that by the end of this season one of my beloved characters won’t be with us anymore.

With that, the scene was intense. It wasn’t scary per say, but there was the feeling of danger and risk to the characters. That’s especially true for Kala and Amanita. For Capheus, it was more about danger to his image. Will the people still see him as a hero after this incident is over? I think the show really does well of connecting these different situations happening with the characters and combining them to make these emotional scenes. They are crowded with things happening, but not in a distracting way.

This episode had a few leaps of judgement writing wise. For instance, the fact that the reporter Raoul’s father at first didn’t know who Lito was, but then gave Lito a video, hidden behind a poster of Lito, that was meant for Lito. Plus, once they watched the video Will went, “That’s Todd.” But how does he know what Todd looks like? Yeah, he knows Todd existed, but not what he looked like.

Also, I EXTREMELY ship Sun Bak and the detective guy who used to know her. I feel it down in my soul. (It helps that the guy’s cute too).

Episode 5

I find it weird that Lito’s sensate life hasn’t bothered his regular life yet. Besides the crying driving scene in season 1, there hasn’t been a moment when he has had his life disturbed by sensate happenings.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this episode. Part of that might be because I’m bingewatching episodes and they’re starting to blend together. Part of it might be because there really wasn’t much to say about it.

I’m still shipping Mun and Sun, I liked the idea of broadcasting an SOS to other sensates, I liked the callback to the “What’s Going On” song from season one but hated hearing it in that specific scene didn’t work, I loved that the bar guy got to come back, and I thought the news guys in Capheus’s story were douches. That’s about it.

Episode 6

So basically, I’m loving all of the relationships forming in this season. I loved the idea of Mun and Sun. And now I love Zakia too.

Not only is Zakia a nice romantic interest for Capheus, but she counts as pansexual representation too? I was right there with the random passerby (which was a little weird by the way) and bus riders who all cheered when the two kissed.

And when she said, “Not tonight we don’t,” I was sold. She’s a keeper.

What also got me emotional was seeing Lito welcomed by his fans. If only all fans were like that, and not like big pop star fans who swarm and attack the celebs “they love.” And that was nothing compared to the emotions I felt when I watched Lito’s speech. Tears.

Though, one complaint I have about Sense8 Season 2 as a whole is that it gets a little convoluted with its mechanics. Specifically, how can Will visit Wolfgang who’s visiting Lila? Is Will at the same place that Lila and the visiting Will are? The show is just going loosey goosey (yes, I really did just say that) with the way these powers work.

Episode 7

But while the show is getting loose with the mechanics of being a sensate, the words that they are saying are SO POWERFUL! There were several lines in this scene was amazed me or struck an emotional cord.

The line, “I was raised to believe in this company as people are raised to believe in god” was strong. Even stronger was the conversation about mass shootings. When Amanita’s parents said, “It’s always a man. Violence has a gender.” I. LITERALLY. COULD. NOT. EVEN. That line was DAMN POWERFUL! I still think about it.

Speaking of, this episode subtly was a lot about parentage. First there was the Mamma Mia-ness with Amanita’s fathers. Then there was Dani’s parents bothering her, Lito, and Hernando. And finally, there was the talk of Sun and Capheus’s mothers. And I love that Capheus’s mother, Shiro, plays such a huge role in his life. I also love that she lives her own life outside of his. Shiro’s dating, and she works as a dance teacher. She’s her own person.

Also, I love that D came back. Didn’t realize how much I missed him. Though, I found it a little off that he so easily accepted the “Will’s in my head” concept. Yes, Will was acting off when he left D, but is D that perceptive to be like, “brain talking? Yeah, I can dig it.”

Two other complaints, Will’s hair in his takeout scene with Riley was different between the two locations (only time I’ve seen a continuity error). Also, seeing Nomi woken up by Amanita made me realize, “How are they all awake during those visitng moments? Are the 1-on-1s because the others are asleep?”

32:21 (Feat IMg!!!!!!)

Extra Thoughts

  • Mun is so freaking hot.
    • I want him.
    • I want him for Sun.
    • Sun literally rocks his world and I love it.
  • Mun got a hit in. Good for him!

Episode 8

Sadly, this episode was fun and exciting, but also incredibly terrible from a writing point. There are a lot of holes to poke through.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the effects in Sense8 Season 2 and the story overall, but there were lots of moments in this episode when I was just like, “What?”

Honesty, this episode was incredibly convoluted, confusing, and convenient. First, the start of the episode was all over the place. Jonas is alive. A chairman. Professors died. Confusing. Yes, it was feasible enough that you got the jist of what was happening, but overall it was a mess.

The writers were even aware of this by making one of the characters say that it was all confusing. Hopefully they really meant it to be that way, but that doesn’t stop it from being off-putting.

Next, there were little slip ups like the fact that Will can apparently use blockers to block out only Jonas and not all sensates in his head. Or the whole Lito in Nomi’s loft thing. Lito flair bartended at Nomi’s but Nomi did not physically do anything. So, how did a figment of her imagination touch anything in the room? The writers are either forgetting the rules they’ve setup or blatantly ignoring them.

Plus, there were other things (though not as important) like the fact that Wolfgang went through another shoot out unscathed. These mafia guys must be on a star trooper left of bad aim.

Extra Thoughts

  • Lito & Sun are a great comedic duo. Lito is so dramatic and Sun’s just so over it.
  • Wolfgang’s friend Felix is underwritten in Sense8 Season 2.

Episode 9

And as bad and all over the place the last episode was, this one was pretty good. That said, it was much simpler and thus I don’t have a lot to say about it.

I both appreciated and was a little bewildered with Nomi’s wedding reception speech. Honestly, it felt like oversharing. Yes it was nice and emotional, but would people really share that much for a wedding speech? Certainly some of it would have made the place SUPER awkward. (I wonder if Lana Wachowski based it off of personal experience).

Also, It’s funny. With Lila, I knew she would always betray Wolfgang, so I wasn’t surprised when she did. With Jay/Ajay, I knew he was trouble, but I didn’t know what he would do. So, I was shocked when he gave Kala the present.

Extra Thoughts

  • Falling asleep on Shiro’s lap? Zakia is officially in. She must marry Capheus.
  • Wolfgang is going to India? Yes please!
  • I’m in tears. I’m in tears because I love Amanita.
    • She literally grandstanded/showboated about Agent Bendix fucking up.
  • The Dani phone call scene was great.

Episode 10

The dressing scene…. wow. Lito really just took his clothes off and people gave him theirs. It makes me wonder if  Lana Wachowkis went to parties like this in real life when she was at the height of her fame. Hopefully not. If so, hopefully this is an extreme dramatization.

Also, Lito’s underwear… Which costume designer chose Lito and Hernando’s underwear? Part of me is thankful and part of me wants to be embarrassed.

Speaking of embarrassed, imagine that there were a bunch of crew people standing there watching these two straight actors make out in skimpy underwear. That must have been a sight.

Second, Capheus’s story.

Can I say that I kind of love Githu (Capheus’s gang “rival/friend”). He’s weird and a little crazy, but for some reason I’m into super it. I hope he shows up in season 3.

And, how did Will know Capheus’s rally was a trap? He was drugged up and not paying attention. Speaking of Will, that character has been through so much. All the characters have gone through hell, but he’s gone through hurdles.

Episode 11

He shot Mun. HE SHOT MUN!!!!!!!!! I ACTUALLY SCREAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was not ok, and I need to watch season 3 now, so I can see that he’s alright.

Despite how upset I was about that, I was conflicted about Jong Ki. I wanted to see Sun kill him and get her revenge, but at the same time I also didn’t because there was no way she’d ever get away with it. She’d go to prison for life.

Also, the whole hacking, “We can get into anything,” thing is starting to seem too convient. It’s like the idea in fantasy writing that if you don’t know how to solve something just say magic fixed it. Hacking is the new magic.

For instance, How did they get two cars to hit each other? A changed light? Neither of the drivers were affected by the hacking. Either hacking is magic, or I just need someone to explain it to me.

And then, after all the excitement and action, this show slows down and reminds me of my favorite couple. Amanita and Nomi  are getting married. They are such a wonder and solid relationship (to the point that I put them on my top ten couples with chemistry list), and I love that Lana Wachowski is committed to making this loving queer couple the center of the story and that they (and Lito/Hernando) never have drama with them as a couple but drama happen around them. They’re like Check, Please in that way.

Overall, this was an intense season finale. In fact, it was a great one, but where’s Wolfgang?! I can’t wait a year or two to find out! I need more now!

Extra Thoughts

  • “My sister is the fucking terminator”
    • Second favorite line in all of Sense8 Season 2.
  • I love/hate that Sun did all of the chase in her underwear.
  • I know what I said about Lila before, but I was shocked in this episode by her betrayal. It really got to me.
  • When Sun, Capheus, Nomi, and Amanita met Jonas, Amanita was in her spy outfit.

In Conclusion

I lovedd Sense8 Season 2. There was some really sloppy writing in the middle of it. But, overall the writing game so much emotion, so much character, and gave way for so much acting. I loved it.

Honestly, I hope season 3 gets greenlit soon so that production can start sooner and I can get the next season in my hands faster. I want it and I want it now!

Other Extra Thoughts

  • Sun’s dog is the cutest thing in this show.
  • Daniella is the perfect example of a fujoshi. She’s into seeing boys go at it (maybe a little too much), but she doesn’t go to the extremes of other fujoshi characters.