September 2016 // Last Month’s Queer Reviews

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk! Today is the first Monday of the new month meaning it’s time for the Last Month’s Queer Reviews (LMQR). This particular post will focus on September 2016.

As you can probably figure out, the Last Month’s Queer Reviews is a list of the media that I’ve reviewed in the past month. This is to help LGBT people and fans of LGBT media, such as BL manga, be able to find the Queer media they deserve and talk about it together. If you have read, watched or played any of the media below make sure to comment on them. Let others know whether you think they are good, bad, or worth seeing.


  1. Click on the conjoining QF Youtube video to hear the premise/description of each of these properties. This blog post will only share my non-spoiler thoughts.
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This is September 2016’s Last Month’s Queer Reviews.

Let’s Get Talking

  1. Heroin/Addicted the Web Series


Gu Hai's Such a Creep

I reviewed all 12 episodes of Heroin/Addicted in this month. I have to say, after watching the series a second time, it still holds up. Mind you, I wasn’t totally in love with it this second time around. The beauty and newness of it wore off. That said, the show was still top notch to near perfection. The acting was great, the writing was great, the cinematography was either passable or beautiful. For the most part, all 12 episodes of the series gained a 5 out of 5. All that makes it so much harder to accept there will probably never be a season 2…

If you haven’t watched this series yet I would HIGHLY suggest doing so. You can find it all over Youtube.

  1. Doukyuusei

Doukyuusei in the rain

This gonna sound bad, but I actually forgot all about this anime movie. When I was looking at the list of things I reviewed in September 2016 I was like, “Oh yeah, that.” That said, this movie was pretty good. It wasn’t great, but it was definitely worth watching once. I found the main couple adorable with the whole “two idiots in love” aspect. One character was more confident and outspoken while the other was more unsure of the relationship. In addition, the art style of this film was beautiful. I could instantly tell this film had an artistic vision and it made the film all the more atmospheric.

Like I said, not a favorite but definitely worth at least one watch.

  1. Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Yaoi Manga

Yamamoto Kotetsuko Yaoi Manga Review

This post wasn’t so much a review as it was an Eco Blast. In the post I shared my thoughts on the mangaka and some of her more notable work. Honestly, this is one of my favorite mangaka out there, so I HIGHLY suggest you guys check out her work. From the adorable and representative couple in Hanto Yajuu (seen left) to the great family drama with some questionable love relationships in Bokura No Negai (seen right) and more. What I really love about her writing is that often it’s about gay men who are confident and open about who they love. Several of her stories START with a confession.

Again, I say these are great reads.

  1. Trangirlnextdoor


This is another Eco Blast that I did in the month of September 2016. Transgirlnextdoor is great fun and great representation. I read through several of the strips and quickly lost track of time as I read though her blog. I find Kylie Wu’s comic so much fun and so real. She shares a lot of her own personal stories, so you can feel more connected to her and her other followers. I laughed at strips about eating habits, dating experiences, and the struggles of being trans in America.

Whether you are queer of not I suggest taking a moment to look through this web comic. It’s fun and insightful (and a little addicting).

  1. Sense8


finally finished watching all of Sense8! If you guys haven’t been around from the start, I’ve been very slowly reviewing Sense8‘s first season. That said, the long fought battle was totally worth it. This is a great show, and the Wachoski’s did a wonderful job making it a reality. The show has fun and compelling characters and great representation for Queer people. From the wonderful lesbian couple above to the star trans character seen on the right to the heartfelt gay couple that’s revealed a few episodes in. In addition, the series really speed up and escalated as the season went on.

If you have access to Netflix and this show, GO WATCH IT!

  1. Sotus the Series


Sotus the Series is a Thai tv show I picked up reviewing again in September 2016 and will continue reviewing this current month. I’m enjoying the series as I watch each episode. While I don’t think the series is a home run, I do enjoy watching it. The man couple are fun to watch as they bicker and slowly fall for each other, one faster than the other. In addition, the conflict between the freshmen and the juniors is compelling to watch. Also, this show has sparked conversation and cultural lessons that Make it Right and Part Time, which I watched before.

I honestly don’t say you have to watch this show, but I do say it is watchable from start to finish.

  1. The Real O’Neals



The Real O’Neals is great. Next… No, but seriously, the Real O’Neals is great. The show and characters are funny and also relatable. What really impressed me about the show was the closeness of the family. The siblings cared for each other and were especially there for the recently out Kenny. I mean, the boys went to prom together (and in a solidarity way not a creepy way). If that’s not being a great brother I don’t know what is!

If you’re looking for a laugh, go watch it.

  1. Her Story


Her Story is masterful in it’s portrayal of trans and lesbian women. The six part web series has fun characters, and one absolutely amazing one. I truly believe that this series deserved the Emmy it was nominated for and that it should have won. That said, the series is not a favorite of mine. I think it’s great representation and well crafted, but besides my love of Page I can’t say that I really liked this series.

I didn’t love it (respect it but don’t love it), but you try it out and see what you think.

  1. No, Thank You Koichi Route (NSFW)


First off, I never did share my thoughts on the Ryu route did I? Next, I feel like I’m liking this game less as I go through each route. I liked the Hiroyuki route a lot, didn’t like the Maki route, and now I feel pretty “meh” about the Kouichi route. I appreciate the main story and that I slowly learn more about it each time. In addition, I like that each romance option brings something different out of Haru. Ultimately, I’m conflicted with this game, but am content with having played it at least once. I’d probably play the Hiroyuki route again, but I wouldn’t ever play the other one ever again.

If you are 18 and over and into otome/BL games, give this one a try. Warning: violent & mature scenes included.

  1. Carmilla Season 2 Episodes 1-18


My thoughts on Carmilla are interesting to say the least. First, since I didn’t finish season 2 in September 2016 I’ll make sure to do it in October. Second, I do not like the vlogging setup. I feel it’s too restricting for the show. That aside, I feel the directing for this season was well done and tried to at least work with that restrictive setup. The story itself is fun and fanciful. It’s great seeing the characters so on the fantasy deep end. Amazonian rituals, protests for giant worm monsters, and vampire girlfriends? Sign me up.

Not a necessity, but a good time passer which thankfully keeps getting better.

  1. The Way He Looks


This film was a nice surprise. I enjoyed watching the complexity of the troubles that the main character was going through. He was blind, trying to be more independent, fighting with his life long friend, and falling for the new boy. In addition, I think the performances by the three main characters were wonderful and I loved seeing all of their interactions together.

Give this movie a try. I didn’t think it was fantastic, but it is a solidly good streaming movie/rental.

  1. Love Sick the Series


This was the second full season I reviewed in September 2016. Love Sick the Series was suggested to me by several QF followers, and I now understand why. It’s is such a pure and sweet portrayal of young gay love. Just looking at the gif above my heart swells remembering the sweet and cute love. Really that’s all I can say. It was just so nice to see an innocent portrayal of young kids falling in love for the first with a gay perspective.

This is definitely a must watch. While it wasn’t perfect, it was damn good.

  1. The Out List


This movie was inspirational. I enjoy watching documentaries where you get to hear people’s stories and how their lives have been affected by queer culture. I find it enriching to listen to these LGBT role models and hearing their thoughts on our queer world today. I even took notes on some of their accomplishments and the events they were involved in.

If you have an hour and are looking for queer role models definitely look into this movie.

  1. Katakoi Opera


This comic was just ok. It wasn’t anything that exciting, but it passed the time well enough. With a few days gone from when I read this comic I can say that it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. The biggest impression that I did get was how stunning the two twins looked. They had a model-esque style to them. The story itself was pretty bland and

If you like yaoi manga and you want to read something new try it. Otherwise, you don’t really have to look into it.

  1. Rosaline & The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived


These are actually to separate shorts, but since they are so similar in concept I’m placing them together. I think these stories were great ideas. Having fantasy stories with queer characters is not only beneficial to kids but to adults to. I enjoyed the minutes I shared with these two heroes and I feel anyone could do the same. In addition, these shorts could lead to comfortable and appropriate conversations with younger kids about same-sex relationships. Even more importantly, they can make parents feel more comfortable having those conversations.

I say go watch them. They’re only 4-6 minutes anyway.

  1. Totally Captivated


The final post for the month of September 2016 was actually an Eco Blast. Though, I did do a review of Volume 1 in April 2016. This is my favorite BL comic, so I could rant about it for a good while (promise I won’t). The main couple is fun to watch with their bickering love (much like the couple in Addicted).  In addition, there’s a great ensemble of characters that fill out the world from the other “businessmen” to the ex-boyfriend.

Again, this is my favorite BL comic to date, so OF COURSE I say you should check it out.

In Conclusion


That is it for my non-spoiler thoughts on all of the media that I reviewed in September 2016. Again, if you would like to hear the premise/description of these properties make sure to go to the QF Youtube video. Also, if you would like my spoiler thoughts make sure to click on the numbered titles.

As always, I’d love to know what you guys think. Let me know down in the comments below if you liked or disliked any of these media and let’s get talking.