Shameless Seasons 1 & 2 // American TV Signal Boost

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk. In this post, we’re going to talk about Shameless Seasons 1 & 2.

In the last week or two I had some technical difficult which made me incapable of posting youtube videos and made posting blog posts irregular. During that time, I binge watched A LOT of Shameless (and another show called The Magicians which I talk about in a different post).

This is not my first time watching the show, but my first time actually committing to watching more than a few episodes. And, I’m glad I finally committed. This show is great with wonderful, compelling characters with real drama and heartwarming scenes. I loved the show so much I blasted past two seasons in one week, and I had to talk about it with you guys here.

So what is Shameless?

It’s an American dramedy found on the pay-per-view channel called Showtime. The show follows the dysfunctional Chicago family the Gallaghers. Fiona, the eldest child (21 years old), raises her 5 younger siblings because their mother left them (to be with a lesbian lover) and their father is a drug abusing, alcoholic, scam artist.

She and the other kids then fend for themselves and try to make something out of their terrible circumstances, while dealing with their father’s crazy antics. As for the other kids, Lip is a know-it-all genius, Ian wants to join the marines and is in the closet, Debbie is sweet and innocent but also a scam artist in training, Carl is destructive, and Liam is a baby (and black).

Where to Watch It

Like I said, the show is found on Showtime, so if you subscribe to that channel you can watch Shameless. 

That said, the first 6 seasons have now been uploaded to Netflix. So, if you subscribe to that check to see if Shameless is available to watch. (The site changes some program availability based on where you live).

In addition, you can always buy the DVDs on sites like Amazon ($12.24 for S1 & $12.48 for S2) or Ebay.

Or, you can watch the first episode for free on Showtime’s Youtube Channel.

Episode 1

(Warning: Rating is TVMA. Episode contains Violence, Drug use, and Sexual Content)

Why I Love It So Much

The show is a true-to-form dramedy about a family that’s a complete mess… and strong for it.

First, the series takes a candid look at growing up in rough parts of town. There’s a lot of fighting, drug and alcohol use, sex (it’s a pay-per-view show so expect graphic sex scenes and nudity), and more. While I’m perfectly comfortable watching this (and celebrate it) some people might not be as pleased. Heads up.

To add to all that is this deep closeness that the family shares. These people truly look out for their own. It’s not just with the siblings. They even care for their deadbeat parents in a complicated, therapist wet dream, kind of way.

Also, they have their two neighbors (back right in photo below) who are another part of the family. Plus, bless her heart, Ethel. Then there is the very close nit community feel where everyone in the neighborhood knows everyone.

On top of that, the show has lots of heartwarming and comedic scenes. I have laughed just as much as I have yelled in anger from events happening in this show.

I’ve even taken away moments from this show and related them to my own life. Having remembered that 3 people have come into the Gallagher home to fight within the mass of Shameless Seasons 1 & 2, I’ve gotten a little timid at answering the door for takeout.

Ian Gallagher (And other LGBT characters)

Note: I go into slight spoilers here

I mean… come on…

In addition to that, the show is very LGBT friendly. First off, Ian Gallagher (the third eldest child) is a gay character. He starts off as a high school sophomore who works at a corner store owned by a Muslim couple. It’s revealed in the first episode that he is having an affair with the male owner.

On top of that, he has a whole bunch of other things going on with him included engaging in a beard relationship (having a fake girlfriend to hide the fact that he’s gay), his close friendship (and sometimes rivalry) with his older brother Lip, his goal of getting into the marines, and getting in a love triangle.

There was a scene in season 1 when Ian confessed all of this to his brother Lip. Both Lip and I then realized that Ian literally has a whole other life going on outside of his family.

Other LGBT Aspects

Adding onto Ian, the show also has other LGBT characters. For instance, the Gallaghers’ mother returns with the reveal that she’s in a lesbian relationship, Kevin’s assistant bartender in season 1 is gay, their father mentioned engaging in gay sex before, and there’s probably more I’ve forgotten.

In Conclusion

This is a great show. I have blasted through the Shameless seasons 1 & 2 and I fully intend to watch the other 5 just as fast.

Primarily, that’s because of Ian and his boyfriend (whom, to save you of spoilers, I didn’t mention). Search for Shameless and most likely you’ll just find images of Ian and his boyfriend. They are what the internet loves, and i want to join them in that love fest.

Will you be joining me?