SOTUS the Series Episode 1 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to be talking about SOTUS the Series Episode 1.

What’s SOTUS the Series? It’s another Thailand tv show focusing on Boys Love. Apparently that country is having a sort of renaissance for LGBT tv stories. This is another show that was originally a BL novel. It seems that BL stories are in such high demand that tv stations are going to novels to find already created stories with built in fanbases. This particular show is hosted on GMMTV before being uploaded on LINE TV’s website.

SOTUS the Series is about the love of two university students, one freshman and one junior. At the start of every year, the upperclassmen play a “game” with the incoming freshmen. This “game” is called the “Sotus System,” which has the goal to create teamwork and a hierarchy system between the students.

The problem is freshman Kongpob (played by Singto Prachaya or Prachaya Ruangroj) doesn’t play by the rules. He  repeatedly acts alone as a hero. Junior Artit (played by Krist Peerawas or Peerawas Sangphothirat) takes offense to this as he’s the leader of the upperclassmen.

To add to this, it seems the two live extremely close to each other. Their apartment complexes live right next door to each other, and they each can look into’s each other’s rooms. This starts the two off into what will eventually become a romance.

My Thoughts Before Watching

Bobby, a QF fan on Twitter, requested that we talk about SOTUS the Series Episode 1. I knew about the show because someone on Tumblr kept posting about it in prep of its release. That said, I wasn’t really interested in watching it, just like I haven’t been watching Bad Romance, until being asked.

THAT said, now that I’m looking at it I’m cool with checking it out. Heads up though, it was hard to find a video with English subtitles (but there is one out there). I can’t share a link ’cause if GMMTV gets wind of the video it WILL get taken down. Apparently, the tv station will upload official videos with possible English Subs, but not till a month after release.

(Update 9-19-2016: The official Youtube video has been released. Link found below)

(Update 8-25-2016: The video I watched has been taken down.)

Because of that, I probably won’t be reviewing another episode on QF until late September/early October. Just wanted to let you guys know ahead of time.

This is SOTUS the Series Episode 1.

Sotus the Series TItle Screen

Where to Watch (Official/Eng Subs):

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Boys Over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango Meets BL?

Honorable Kong

So, I need the next episode and I need it now. This is essentially the BL version of Boys Over Flowers minus the moneyOne boy and his friends bully the whole school, and one student stands up to them. They bicker for a while and then somehow a romance pops up out of that.

It seems like this show will take things slowly. There’s no instant love stares and falling over each other like in Make it Right. Perhaps the battle will be getting to the confession scene and not the jealous fighting after it.

Overall, this was a fun episode because I was so mad at the upperclassmen. That is not team building, that is hazing. There is both verbal and physical hazing. At some points they were literally making students run and do push-ups.  I’m just made ’cause I’m like, “Why do I have to be bullied to get my education?” Don’t get me wrong, I understand the mentality behind the process. In fact, I once considered joining a frat, and this roll call process (which is a tradition in Thailand) is very much like the pledging process in America. That said, I didn’t pledge and I’d rather not go through either process.

The Hero and the Bully

Kong and Artit

This episode tried everything in its power to make me love Kong and hate Artit… and it worked. Kong is like this show’s Mong as he is such a great and nice guy (not too bad on the eyes either). He stands up against the bully upperclassmen, and he is always up for helping others. There were moments in the episode where I really wanted to be there and be like, “Yeah! I’m with him!”

Then of course, there was Artit…. I have no doubt this show will make me like this character in the same way that Boys Over Flowers and Hana Yori Dango was able to make me like the male lead of those shows. Right now, I love to hate him. He is a jerk from start to finish. Just as there were moments where I wanted to be there and support Kong, there were moments where I wanted to be there and punch Artit.

How in the world are these two gonna get together? Besides Kong’s weird flirt-to-scare tactic, I just don’t see it yet.

Random Note

Btw, there were those two effeminate upperclassmen. Due to the sounds, it seemed like the show was making a joke of them as if to say, “haha, they’re so not like what men are supposed to be.” But my instant reaction was like, “Yaaasss, be you.” Hopefully, the two won’t become a running gag. I guess that shows that Thailand may be progressing with showing LGBT people, but they still don’t fully understand them.

In Conclusion

Sotus episode 1 ft img

This was a good episode. I hate the upperclassmen right now, but that made this episode even more fun to me. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be reviewing more until the official videos are out. I don’t wanna wait that long, but it is the easiest (and legal) way to get to watch it.

But what do you guys think? Did you find a way to watch the first episode, or are you gonna wait until the official vids on Youtube are out? Are you with Kong or are you supporting Artit? Let me know below.

My rating for SOTUS the Series Episode 1 is 5 stars out of 5.