Sotus the Series Episode 10 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s talk. Today, we’re going to talk about Sotus the Series Episode 10.

If you’re new to Sotus the Series, the tv show is a romantic drama from Thailand. The series specifically focuses on two university students. One is Arthit, a junior who’s in charge of the SOTUS system. This system acts as both a welcoming event for the incoming freshmen and as a training session to prepare them for the multi-university “sports day” competition.

Kongpob is a freshman who doesn’t like the way Arthit and his friends are treating Kong and his friends. He constantly acts a hero and stands up against the upperclassmen. This puts the two at a sort of rivalry, but as they engage more with each other… other feels start to arise.

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My Thoughts Before Watching

I’ll keep it short and sweet. I know a straight out confession scene is coming based on last episode’s preview section. I want that scene all the drama that’ll come from it. Whether that is, “Dude, I’m not gay… but maybe, like, if we get to know each other first?” or “Let’s get gay married!” or a mix of the two. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens.

This is Sotus the Series Episode 10.

Where to Watch:

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Romantic Kongpob


This episode played so hard to my romantic fudanshi heart. As much as I like to say, “Oh, Kongpob you’re such a hopeless flirt!” I do appreciate and emphasize with him. He’s hopelessly in love and as a fudanshi and a romantic, I liked watching be lost in it all.

Specifically, the bedroom confession scene and the aftermath were handled well. The confession scene had a wonderful use of silence to add to the intensity of the scene. As soon as the music echoed out I knew that things were gonna get serious. It also added to Prachaya Ruangroj’s delivery of the confession. Though, I gotta say that the flashback montage ruined it a bit. I’m not a fan of those.

Also, I loved seeing Kong’s confusion once Arthit started ignoring him. The poor guy was like a dog without his master, which begs the question, “Who’s the one leading whom?”

Shocked Arthit


As for Arthit, well… at first I was sad when Arthit didn’t automatically react to the fact that he and Kong live in buildings right across from each other. When he walked in Kong’s room and said nothing about it I thought the show was just gonna skip that reaction all together. That said, apparently they live in dorms and not apartments? If so, I guess it wouldn’t be surprising that Kong lives in the dorm across from his. For those who are in Thailand or more familiar with Thailand’s culture, are those typical “dorm rooms?” If so, I should have studied abroad!

Anyway, eventually Arthit realized that their rooms were directly across from each other. I’ve gotta say, his reaction wasn’t that amazing. It was so un-amazing that I really have nothing else to say about it. What I do have to comment on is the aftermath of the question and confession scenes.

Honestly, I don’t blame Arthit for freaking out after the confession scene. Thinking back on it, if that were a real life situation that outcome would be understandable. Think about it, if you were in bed, platonically, with someone you know and the other person whispers a confession how would you feel? For me, it would be awkward. Though, depending on the person… we’d see where things go.

In Conclusion


This was a simple but sweet episode. While the confession scene was handled well, I can’t say that the episode excited me too greatly. I think it’s the overall story of Kong and Arthit that’s interesting and not particularly any one specific part of it.

My rating for Sotus the Series Episode 10 is 3 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?


(Here are two bonus pictures. I couldn’t fit them in this review, but I wanted to share them anyway.)