The Young Protectors Chapter 2 // American Webcomic Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s talk. In this post we’re going to talk about The Young Protectors Chapter 2 (and Interlude 1).

The Young Protectors is an American web comic by Alex Woolfson, Adam DeKraker, and Dandini. The story follows a team of late teenagers and early twenty year old superheroes. The story starts off with Kyle, who’s super hero name is “Red Hot,” a closeted gay man. At the start Kyle finds the courage to enter a gay bar and accidentally ends up flirting with a supervillian. The story blossoms from there.

My Thoughts Before Reading

I really enjoyed reading this comic the first time around. It was fun, action packed, and a little romantic. While I was distracted by the age difference between Kyle and Duncan, I’ve chosen to let that go and trust the creators of this webcomic. In addition, I’d love to see more action packed, superheroing. While yes, I want to see the romance, I want to also be reminded that this is more than just that. This is about high flying heroics too!

This is The Young Protectors Chapter 2 and Interlude 1.

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The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Interlude 1

Upon seeing the first page and seeing the team, I was happy. Plus, the meta topic of fan art was pretty smart and fun. Really, this entire chapter was surprisingly smart. From the meta topic, to talk of gay fantasies, to the serious yet jokingly delivered comments on racial sensitivities concerning Asian men. All of it was real talk, but handled with a light and fun tone.

In addition, this interlude chapter gave us readers a little personal time with the team. It’s nice to see more personality out of the characters. Doing so makes me as a reader not only take more interest in them, but also makes me emotionally invested in them.

Now after reading this chapter I get a little more of the group dynamics between them. Spooky Jones is the joker of the group and the social leader. Commander is the actual leader who’s word is law. Tsunami is more the serious guy and an older brother type to the group’s youngest Flyboy. All of this was delivered in just this sixteen page chapter.

Spooky Jones specifically is a fun and outgoing character whom I instantly took a liking to. His jokes and easy going atmosphere took over the chapter. I also have to say that I loved the banter between him Commander. That’s to the point that I’m lowkey shipping them. I mean, just look at the panel below. How is that not a sign?

Chapter 2

At first, I was enjoying The Young Protectors Chapter 2 a lot. To the point that I was reading it straight through. It took me to get to about 16 pages before I stopped to actually take notes and think about what I was reading.

The chapter was nice and relaxed at first. I think the reason I was enjoying the conversation  was because it was a tool for world building. Kyle and Duncan talked about adult groups, rules, internships, and such. That’s a lot of info about the way  the world in this webcomic works.

It was only at the point when Duncan said “No villain harms children” that I was taken out of my reading. While morally I’m all for that statement, as a reader/writer I feel that’s too easy. The idea that villains don’t attack or kill those underage is just such a “family friendly” concept, and a bit unrealistic in my mind. I’m not gonna make a big stink of it, but it was enough to make me pause.

Of course, all that goes out the window once you get to the next section in the chapter.

The Betrayal

First off, know that I 100% did not see that double crossing coming. I was so shocked because the chapters that led up to this made me believe this would be a simple romance with no betrayals. Lord was I wrong. I didn’t even get what was happening at first. I thought that Duncan had used a spell to make it so Kyle didn’t hurt him while burning everything. Then he started talking, and I’ll be honest guys, I got a little teared up.

Imagine Kyle’s thoughts during all this. He’d been protecting himself from getting hurt all this time, so when he finally opens up he gets majorly hurt? That’s devastating… and a greatly dramatic event to read. Bravo to the writer, Alex Woolfson, for bringing that scene to life. Great writing! My complaint about going the easy route was completely turned on its head.

Then, the reveal of why Duncan did all this was pretty great. This is a big power play Duncan is making and I’m all for it. The stakes have been raised and I’m interested in seeing where the story will go from here.

In Conclusion

Before reading I asked for some romance and a lot of heroics. After reading, what I got was so much more. I got betrayal, heartbreak, and the beginning of a darkly exciting storyline. I can’t wait to read more (seriously, I’m considering reading the next chapter right now).

My rating for The Young Protectors Chapter 2 (and Interlude 1) is 5 HUGE stars out 5. What’s yours?