The Young Protectors Chapter 4 // American Web Comic Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s talk. In this post we’re going to talk about The Young Protectors Chapter 4 (and the two bonus comics before it).

The Young Protectors is an American web comic by Alex Woolfson, Adam DeKraker, and Dandini. The story follows a team of late teenagers and early twenty year old superheroes. The story starts off with Kyle, who’s super hero name is “Red Hot,” a closeted gay man. At the start Kyle finds the courage to enter a gay bar and accidentally ends up flirting with a supervillian. The story blossoms from there.

My Thoughts Before Reading

I’ve enjoyed reading The Young Protectors and talking about it with you guys here. Of course, that means I’m sure I’ll enjoy this latest blog post. That said, when I scheduled the blog post I forgot that there were two bonus comics before chapter 3. Because of that, this’ll be a pretty long blog post. You have been warned.

This is The Young Protectors Chapter 4, the Truth or Dare Bonus Comic and the Flyboy Bonus Comic.

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*For the Truth of Dare Bonus Comic: Make sure to read the text at the bottom of the first page to fully understand this bonus comic’s story.

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The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Truth or Dare Bonus Comic

First, the artwork is very different in this bonus comic, but that is explained in the first page’s description (along with the intro to the story). As for the artwork for this comic… it’s alright. I’ve raved about the beauty of the artwork in prior chapters. Because of that, this comic and artist have some big shoes to fill. Honestly, I find this artwork more cartoonish than the normal work. But that said, I’m majorly biased to the prior work, so no matter what I’d be a little put off. That’s no fault of the guest artist.

As for the actual story… Spooky Jones in his underwear? I’m down. No, but seriously, I thought this was a fun, character focused chapter. The whole cursed to tell the truth, but will forget in the morning is a fun idea. It lets the characters have an honest truth or dare game, but it has no consequences. Good job on the writing for that one Woolfson!

Plus, I loved most of the reveals. The whole Kyle and Spooky sleep over thing was hilarious, endearing, and a little sad. The fact that Kyle’s closeted and holds in any thoughts of liking the sleepovers for “other reasons” is a dynamic thought. It’s both cute of Kyle and also sad to think that he has to get his excitement from that alone. I feel like just the idea of that could be relatable to men (or women) who’re still in the closet.

As for Commander, my Spooky and Commander ship is sailing hard and fast. In fact, it confirmed that they were dating. Now, all I need is for the two to start dating again in the main story. One can hope I guess. Also, the fujoshi reveal made my day. I had a big loud laugh when her “secret” came out.

Lastly, Flyboy’s secret was heavy, and it led me to assume his bonus comic would be about the secret. The panel where he dropped his secret was intense and of course the reaction from Tsunami matched that.

Flyboy Bonus Comic

I was right, this chapter focuses on Flyboy’s secret, moonlighting as a crime fighter. Honestly, I didn’t like Flyboy in most this bonus comic. I don’t hate him, and I understand why he was out crime fighting. That said, I see the stupidity in his working alone, and clearly he was in over his head. Basically, the “boy crime fighter” angle, while fun, didn’t make the character get any brownie points from me.

That is of course after he got the kiss. I was noddin’ my head in approval like a groomsman at a wedding. The interaction between Flyboy and Cory was sweet. The best friends (and lovers) reunited bit was a nice read. Speaking of Cory, the shot of Cory holding his dead brother and the going all power crazy was some powerful stuff. Also, he has a very cool and showy superpower. I would love to read more of him, but I don’t know how that could happen. Shame.

Lastly, I liked the cop character. She was fun and dynamic. A villain with a heart you know? Who can resist that? Plus, I liked the confidence and self-acceptance that she carried with her. “A girl like me,” and all that.

Chapter 3

Surprisingly, this chapter was the one that I felt least interested in commenting on. Don’t get me wrong, this chapter is a lot of fun. I just don’t have much to say about the majority of The Young Protectors Chapter 3 because it was just a fun, action-y read.

This Annihilator conversation was hard. Hard meaning it’s hard on the character, but fun for me to read. I loved reading Kyle dig into Duncan, especially after what the jerk did to him. Plus, it was pretty obvious that the Platinum Priestess had some sort of evil plan going. I’m glad Kyle pointed it out to Duncan.

In Conclusion

While I had more to say about the bonus comics than The Young Protectors Chapter 3, I enjoyed all three installments. This comic never ceases to be fun and engaging with wonderful character moments. Sadly, besides a very short interlude chapter and a few pages of chapter 5, I’ve now caught up to the comic. Since the comic updates so slowly, I can’t say when the next time I’ll post about this comic will be. When it happens, I look forward to talking about The Young Protectors with you guys.

My rating for The Young Protectors Chapters 3 (and the two bonus comics) is 5 stars out of 5 (mostly for the bonus comics). What’s yours?