The Young Protects Chapter 3 // American Web Comic Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s talk. In this post we’re going to talk about The Young Protectors Chapter 3 (and the first bonus chapter).

The Young Protectors is an American web comic by Alex Woolfson, Adam DeKraker, and Dandini. The story follows a team of late teenagers and early twenty year old superheroes. The story starts off with Kyle, who’s super hero name is “Red Hot,” a closeted gay man. At the start Kyle finds the courage to enter a gay bar and accidentally ends up flirting with a supervillian. The story blossoms from there.

My Thoughts Before Reading

After the last post I did for the Young Protectors I am very interested in reading more. In addition, while setting up this post I saw that the Young Protectors Chapter 3 has 122 pages! Chapter 2’s 49 pages felt long, so I know I’m in for a trip with this upcoming chapter. Let’s get to it!

This is The Young Protectors Chapter 3 and the First Bonus Comic.

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The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Bonus Comic

I figured from the title of Bonus comic that this story would be even more out of the general storyline of the interlude from the last read through. I was right. In fact, this comic takes place six years before the main storyline.

Basically, I love this comic. I get backstory on Commander and Spooky. Not only does this drive my ship further, but it’s also making my think that Spooky may be my favorite character in this comic. (But before that, seriously, there’re more Commander and Spooky Jones moments. It’s like the comic creators are sailing my ship for me).

As for Commander, it took me a second to realize that the Lieutenant Colonel’s daughter was Commander, and now that I know it makes sense. Also, it was revealed that her name is Amanda. She seemed pretty confident and experienced as she has in earlier chapters. I suppose this comic was as much her story as it was Spooky’s.

As for Spooky Jones, like I said I love him to death. He’s funny, powerful, and slightly touched with mystery and traumatizing experiences. All of that makes for a wonderful character to route for and love.

Lastly, I have a question for you guys. (This is spoilers for Chapter 2, so if you haven’t read that yet ignore this paragraph). Why didn’t Duncan target Spooky Jones instead of Kyle. Is it because Kyle’s flame powers helped break “the gate” and Spooky’s wouldn’t? Just my thought is that Spooky seems to be able to let demons and monsters into “the real world” with ease, so it might have been an easier process for him than for Kyle. What do you guys think?

Chapter 3 Pages 1-65

The Young Protectors Chapter 3 is so entertaining. I read through it super fast because I was just so enthralled with the story. From the reveal of what happened to Kyle, to the supportive Paul, to the touching Spooky and Kyle scene, to the heated fight on the airship., the Priestess’s wonderful speech. All of it was going by so fast and was compelling to read.

Next, this comic has beautiful artwork. The shot of Spooky, Fluke, and Flyboy flying in the car was wonderful because of all the iridescent background shots. Seriously, whoever did the artwork for the night sky deserves a round of applause and a raise.

Also, this chapter answered my question above. Apparently, Kyle is demon spawn. In the last chapter when the demon called Kyle his son I assumed it meant he was going to make Kyle “his son” by force. It turns out, Kyle’s got a little demon blood in him. Go figure. Though, I wish the last chapter had been more clear on that before.

The Real Issue

Before I talk about the latter half of The Young Protectors Chapter 3, I wanted to summarize “the real threat” for the story. Apparently, the problem is that “the wall” to the demon world will completely collapse and that all the demons will come out.

Some kind of ritual happened that was later called the “Grey Working.” This event caused the deterioration of the wall between worlds as well as made all spell-casters, except the all powerful Priestess, crazy. This happened about half a decade ago.

In addition (and this part is just guesswork), Spooky hasn’t gone crazy, like all the other spell-casters, because he was in the demon world 7 years ago. He came back to Earth a year later, so the effect totally missed him. Spooky also said that he noticed that the walls were thinning. That’s probably the reason that he could slip through to return to Earth.

Duncan and the Priestess fear that all the demons will come out. So, they have decided to let this one big demon take over so that he will prevent the rest from coming through. Then, in time the Priestess “says” that she’ll find a way to close up the gate and kick the fire demon/devil out. (Of course, I have a feeling she’s lying). It’s more of a, “worse of two evils” situation.

Chapter 3 Pages 66-122

Can we talk about how beautifully Marvel-y this page is?

Now back to my thoughts on the story. It was at page 66 of The Young Protectors Chapter 3 that I almost quit writing this post in favor of splitting it up into two. This chapter is LONG, and it feels like it. That said, as I said earlier it is all fun and engaging. In fact, this later half got even more entertaining because things got SUPER superhero-y in this latter half.

The whole plan section of this chapter was appreciated, but also funny. Funny, because I know that next to none of it will work out that way. It’s like Commander said, it will go sideways at some point, but I see it as it will look nothing like they planned. That said, all the action was still there and it was great fun to read, and once again was very in touch with mainstream, American superhero comics.

Lastly, the Flyboy reveal was hinted at based off of the first interlude chapter, so I wasn’t surprised. That said, I was happy to see it. It seems that all of the characters have something I love about them, besides Tsunami who I only have a general respect and tolerance for. Flyboy just gained another reason to like him.

In Conclusion

The Young Protectors just keeps getting better and better. I love reading the story and I love diving into the characters and world. In fact, every read just makes me want to read more, but sadly after the next post I’ll have sadly caught up! What’ll I do?!

My rating for The Young Protectors Chapter 3 (and the 1st bonus chapter) is 5 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?