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Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about Transgirlnextdoor.

Transgirlnextdoor is a web comic initiative by the artiest Kylie Wu. I always love seeing artists chase after their dreams and I love seeing LGBT representation. Kylie is doing both by pursuing a career of creating trans themed comics.

Under the tittle transgirlnextdoor, Kylie makes about 3 web comics a week and shares them on sites such as Tumblr. In addition, she has a Patreon page where if you like her work, you can support her with a monthly donation.

This is transgirlnextdoor.

Where to Read:


My Thoughts:

My thoughts are that I love what I see. Just like with Her Story, Kylie’s comics really try to demystify the life of a transwoman. While Her Story does that with a slightly dramatic story line, Kylie does it with light-hearted and humorous comic strips.

In addition, it’s not like this comic is just about being a transwoman, but also about just being a woman. This comic really is about sharing moments in Miss Wu’s life. From eating out, to surfing, to dating, to going to the bathroom. Everything is on the table and nothing’s held back.

The thing is, even though her comic strips are light in tone, it’s not like she’s afraid to tackle tough conversations. She easily discusses moments like transphobic conversation with charm and a witty joke.

I think what it really is is that she’s willing to be herself. She’s willing to open herself up to the world and talk about her life and the issues that she goes through. People generally like that type of person. I mean, look at all the people succeeding on Youtube as an example.

Even better than that, she’s helping trans people. She’s helping trans people by writing her own personal trans story and getting it out there which creates representation. As I’ve said before, I think we’re in a sort of trans awareness renaissance at the moment. But from the looks of it Miss Wu was creating her comics and sharing her story before that. She’s a visionary in a way.

In Conclusion

Guys, this is an echo blast, so I won’t rant for long. I just wanted to get the word out about Kylie Wu and her web comic. I’ve just discovered it and already love it. urge you guys to go check it out. Even if you’re not a fan of trans media, just read a few strips and see what you think. Like I said, they’re strips about everyday life and they’re a lot of fun.

And of course, let me know what you guys think. Have you looked at some strips (if not, you should)? Did you like ’em? Did you hate ’em? Let me and everyone else know down below and let’s get talking.