Transrealities #1 // Review of the American & Trans Superhero Comic

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s talk! In this post, we’re going to talk about Transrealities #1.

Transrealities is an American superhero comic (which I’ve actually talked about in a Weekly Update about a month ago).

The story follows shapeshifter Liz who works under the superhero name Whoever and is incidentally a transwoman.

Liz works with a team of quirky superheroes and one day the group confront a villain who attempts to time-travel. This adventure forces Liz to face her past before she transitioned.

This is Transrealitlies #1.

Where to Read:

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The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

I liked Tranarealitlies #1. Keep in mind that it’s short, but it is just the first installment of a 5 part series. Plus, it’s a regularly updated comic series. What else would I expect?

As for the story, while the main focus is very much a serious matter, the writer Abigail Bradley chose to approach it by surrounding that with humor.

Transrealities is a great mix of humor, superhero adventure, and serious storylines.

For example, the story starts off wonderfully with a great joke abut British cooking. When I read it I was just like, “Ok, I’m gonna like this comic.”

In fact, while reading I was reminded a lot of the Young Protectors webcomic due to the mixture of humor, heroics, and queer content.

Powers and Time Travel

Going with the comedic angle, the creators chose to use superheroes with un-flashy powers.

The power to be late? The power of smithing? I feel like if powers were real they would actually be like this. Nothing amazing like the power to control lighting. Something more humbling like the ability to make toast without a toaster.

Also the Days of Future Past storyline adds an interesting way to introduce the main story and force the Liz character to not only face her past but also face having to come out to the people around her.


In Conclusion

Again, the comic was short and only the first in a set of 5, but I’m interested in seeing more and understanding where the story will go from here.

My rating for Transrealities #1 is 4 stars out of 5. What’s yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • Love the Captain America Parody.
  • I wonder what it was like when he first went abroad and realized his powers change by the nation he’s in.
  • I also like that his costume changes too.
  • What’s the Smith’s power? Knowledge over tools?
  • Where do you guys think the story will go from here on?